A good set of knives is important to make your life easier; especially when you are more in love with cooking. If you’re looking for good, sharp knives made right here in Australia then look no further than Furi Knives! These Australian knives are one of the top-rated products for modern kitchens.

Furi has been serving customers in the market for the past 20 years with its revolutionary and innovative knife design. They are a great investment for any chef or the cooking enthusiast as they are designed with high-quality materials and are designed for comfort and precision.

Their sharpness allows you to cut anything with ease, not only saving you from having to put a lot of effort into each slice, cut or chop you do, but also making it safer in the process.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should be using Furi knives when preparing and cooking meals:

  1. Users reveal that these knives are designed with a sturdy and strong finish to ensure long life performance. The uniquely shaped handle fits perfectly into the hand while ensuring a comfortable experience when cutting and preparing foods. A tiny notch is added to the handle that allows users to easily place the middle figure to ensure a perfect fit. Furi states that this ensures the correct grip is used so that you can chop food items at the right angle with greater precision.
  2. The blades of Furi Knives are made of high grade Japanese steel that is considered as the best choice for chopping needs. Furi kitchen knives are known for their higher durability, corrosion resistance, and stain resistance. And all of their products come with a 20 year manufacturer guarantee so you can be rest assured these knives will be serving you well for a very long time to come. Masterchef Kylie Kwong only uses Furi as she loves their precision, versatility and design. 
  3. These knives are super sharp right out of the box and less maintenance is needed to keep them razor sharp as they are created with Furi’s artisan approach that leads to well-bevelled edge blade. 
  4. There is no separate joint between handle and blade. The sturdy steel material runs smoothly across the entire body of the knife. Not only does this make the knife structurally stronger, it also avoids any chance of dirt and food particles building getting stuck and building up between the joint. You will find them extremely easy to clean and maintain for the long run.
  5. Last but not least, the modern and elegant look of these knives will be the envy of any other kitchen. It is not just about comfort and functionality; Furi knives have nailed it with their super sleek design, elegant body, and ultra-cool shape. Whether you are a busy chef or a home cook; Furi knives are a fantastic addition to your culinary toolset.

For more information, view our range of Furi knives and kitchen knife sets here.

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