Unmatched Features of the Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife

Shun has a large repertoire of knives, and the Classic series has the widest selection of traditional blade shapes and designs.

Shun cutlery knife is used mostly for precision cutting and not for regular tasks like chopping or stabbing. It is one of those knives an experienced chef would keep with them. Made of high-quality steel and a pretty sharp edge, it is great for works that need highly accurate cutting.

When it comes to innovation, Shun is also at the top of its game. One such innovative marvel is the Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Filleting knife. This blend of the filleting and boning knife is great for people who love both meat and fish.

They don't have to get separate boning and filleting knives to make their favorite meat and fish dishes. Before we get to this knife though, here are some features of Shun Classic knives that make them so agreeable as a kitchen companion.

Damascus Clad Blades

Ever wondered why some knives have swirling patterns on the blade surface instead of just being smooth? It's not a poor finish- it's class. A typical feature of Shun knives is the pattern caused by the Damascus cladding on the blade.

This is made by forging many layers of different types of stainless steel together such that they heat up and cool down at different rates. Usually, a hard steel core is sandwiched in between two softer steel layers. When the metal is finally hammered out, the wavy pattern appears.

In addition to being remarkably beautiful, this type of steel has a number of advantages:

  • The hard steel core is ground out to make the knife edge. Its hardness ensures long edge retention and allows the knife to be sharpened to a high degree without damaging it.

  • The softer layers make the blade more durable as they prevent it from being so brittle that it breaks under pressure.

Shun Kai Classic Flexible Fillet Knife 17.9cm

Shun Kai Classic Flexible Fillet Knife 17.9cm

Proprietary VG Max Steel

Damascus steel is not a single type of steel- it's actually different types of steel alloys forged together. The Shun Cutlery Classic boning and fillet knife are made using proprietary VG Max stainless steel which is corrosion and stain-resistant.

Knives come into a lot of contact with wet ingredients. They also need to be cleaned with water frequently, which puts them at a greater risk of rusting than other kitchen equipment.

The proprietary VG Max steel alloy contains elements like chromium and nickel which enhance corrosion resistance and provide elastic strength and hardness.

Comfortable Handle

Teasing flesh from the bone - whether it's animal or fishbone - is not an easy task. You need to hold the knife firmly in your hand and it has to fit comfortably so that the knife is like an extension of your hand.

Shun Cutlery Classic boning and filleting knives come with the tried-and-tested D-shape handle that fits snugly into the hand.

The handle is also made of ebony Pakkawood, a composite blend of natural wood and synthetic resin. Although it resembles natural wood, Pakkawood is dense and waterproof, which prevents the knife handle from absorbing and retaining moisture from the meat, fish, or just kitchen water. This keeps the knives hygienic as dampness attracts harmful germs.

Shun Kai Classic Boning Knife 15cm

Shun Kai Classic Boning Knife 15cm

The Blade Angle

Japanese knives have a reputation for being insanely sharp. This is partly due to the hard VG Max cutting core which allows the knife to be honed to razor sharpness, and partly due to the small angle of the blade.

A knife is sharpened by grinding its edge to a very fine angle. Western knives are typically sharpened to 20-22 degrees. Shun knife blades are much thinner and harder and can attain angles as small as 16 degrees. That's pretty small and really sharp.

We've seen some general features of Shun Classic series. Now we'll look at what puts Shun cutlery classic boning and filleting knives at the top of the food chain.

The Features

If you like to eat fish, a fillet knife is a must-have in your kitchen. Fish is delicate and it has to be prepared properly to get the most out of it, and a fillet knife is crucial in this. Like the fillet knife, the boning knife is a must-have in a meat lover's kitchen; especially since it helps you get as much meat as possible off the bones. The more meat the better!

With the Shun Classic Boning and Fillet knife, you can kill two birds with one stone. Although fillet knives and boning knives deal with different types of animal products, the rationale behind how they work is the same; to get as much flesh as possible from the bones without tearing the meat or wasting any of it. This knife has features that combine to make it ideal for both filleting and boning. Here are some of them.

Unmatched Features of the Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife

A Slender Blade

Some parts of a fish are difficult to get at using a normal kitchen knife. The knife's slender blade allows it to get to these areas without necessarily having to cut it up first or tearing the meat.

Thick blades cause a lot of friction between the ingredients being cut and the knife. The Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet knife is thin to reduce the drag between the meat and the knife, giving you a smooth, clean-cut.

A Stiff Blade

Sometimes you're faced with a tough customer; a thick piece of meat that defies your flexible boning knives. Some knives are so flexible they can snap as you maneuver the layers of meat.

The Shun Classic boning and filleting knife comes with a stiff blade that can withstand the resistance of tough meats like beef, pork, or even game meat.

Curved Blade

The Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet knife curve upward slightly like a scimitar. This allows it to cut smoothly through layers of fat without having to move the knife back and forth, effectively eliminating the risk of tearing. The curve of the blade also allows it to get close to the bone and tease off the juicy morsels without damaging them.

Firm Grip

Fillet knives are always in contact with wet, slippery fish. They need a slip-free handle to deliver well-prepared fillets, and the ebony Pakkawood handle is certainly up to the task.

Final Words

Shun cutlery is characterized by its thinner and lighter blades as well as harder and great quality steel. They might not be suitable for every task in the kitchen but they are totally worth the money. The Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Filleting knife are one of a kind. With it, you can work on both fish fillets and meat on the bone with great success.