Ultimate Guide for Choosing the right Knife Stand

Any chef who is worth their salt eventually finds themselves in need of a knife stand. However, there are so many different options available for knife storage, it's hard to know exactly what kind you should get.

The most popular kind of knife stand is the knife block, but there are also several other options for knife storage that are available, as well. In this article, we'll be taking a look at several of the options that are available to help chefs organize and store their kitchen knives, including knife stands and knife blocks, magnetic strips, and under-the-counter drawer docks.

What Is the Best Type of Knife Stand?

Choosing exactly what mode of knife storage is going to be the best one for you can be a bit subjective, as it's really up to your own personal taste and needs.

There are many knife stands that leave the blade exposed, which means that the blades of your kitchen knives won't be quite as protected. If you're looking for total coverage of your knife blades, a wooden knife block might be the way to go.

Plastic and metal knife stands will generally include only small slots that cover about an inch of the blade, while knife blocks will completely cover your blades, and look good doing it.

Knife blocks can come in all different shapes and sizes, and with different finishes that allow them to fit in with the various aesthetics of your kitchen.

Their materials are soft, meaning that accidentally banging your knife against the side as you stick it into the slot isn't liable to do too much damage to the blade. However, knife blocks aren't always going to be perfect for everybody, as they can be fairly big and bulky, taking up quite a bit of cabinet space.

Knife blocks can either be angled, or straight. A straight knife block will take up a little bit less room than an angled knife block, but it will still take up a good deal more room than a magnetic strip or an under-the-counter drawer dock.

Are Magnetic Strips a Good Way to Store Knives?

An alternative to the traditional knife stand is the magnetic strip. Magnetic strips are not only novel and somewhat ingenious, but they are also an incredibly effective way to store your kitchen knives with minimal space needed.

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Rack 36cm

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Rack 36cm

A magnetic strip will generally be just that, a magnetic strip that you will attach to the wall or the side of your cabinet. Once your magnetic strip is installed, you can simply hold the metal blades of your kitchen knives up to it and they will stick.

If you're looking for a simple and easy solution to knife storage that requires minimal space, a magnetic strip may be the way to go. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you choose one.

One issue with the magnetic strip is that they traditionally need to be installed with tools, and that requires the drilling of holes in your wall or the side of your cabinet. Not every chef feels qualified to use power tools, and not every chef wants to make a construction mess right in the middle of their kitchen.

Some chefs may be averse to the notion of drilling holes into their beloved cabinets, even if it means that they'll be able to store their kitchen knives much more easily.

Ultimate Guide for Choosing the right Knife Stand

Another issue with magnetic strips is that they simply don't provide much protection for your blades. This may be bad for your blades, and may also be bad for you if you have pets and children around the house.

If your magnetic strip is installed in an improper area, a child or pet might accidentally bump into it and cause the knives to fall, which could result in injury and will certainly result in a damaged knife blade. Still, magnetic strips can be incredibly useful, and many chefs still prefer them to traditional knife stands and knife blocks.

What About Under-the-Counter Drawer Docks?

If you're worried about a solid knife block taking up too much space on your counter yet you aren't all that interested in the prospect of a magnetic strip, you may be interested in an under-the-counter drawer dock.

As with traditional knife stands and knife blocks, under-the-counter drawer docks are often made of wood, or a similar soft material, and will feature slots that will typically fully cover and protect the blades of your kitchen knives.

What sets under-the-counter drawer docks apart from other knife stands and knife blocks is that they can be installed underneath a counter, or in a drawer. They will typically hold your knives horizontally, taking up minimal room in an area where there isn't much competition for space.

Wusthof In-Drawer Organiser 43x11x5cm

Wusthof In-Drawer Organiser 43x11x5cm

As with magnetic strips, they will generally require some mildly intensive installation on the part of the chef, causing construction damage that can't be undone should the chef decide they no longer want it installed. Still, if you don't have the room for a traditional knife stand or knife block, and you want more protection than the magnetic strip allows, under-the-counter drawer docks may be the way to go for your knife storage needs.

What Are Some of the Best Knife Stands?

House of Knives offers many great options for chefs to pick from when it comes to knife storage. Let's take a look at a few!

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

Here's a gorgeous knife block that features magnetic strips on the side, giving chefs the best of both worlds. You can store knives in the slots, and you can also store even more on the sides thanks to some handy magentic strips!

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

This knife stand gives you the benefits of magnetic strips without the need for any installation. However, it will take up a little bit of room on your counter!

Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 26x5.5cm

If you're looking for a magnetic strip, this is one of the best that you can get. It eschews some of the problems with traditional magnetic strips by providing some amount of enclosure to the blades, meaning there will be less risk of damage and less risk of the blades coming loose

Wusthof Blade Guard Magnetic 26x5.5cm

Dick Slanted Wooden Knife Block (Empty)

Finally, if you're looking for a pure and simple knife block without any magnetic extras, this is one of the finest you can get. It features 7 slots for knives of all sizes, and will look amazing on your countertop!

 F. Dick Slanted Wooden Knife Block (Empty)

Many Different Knife Stands to Choose From!

As you can see, there are an incredible plethora of options available when it comes time for a chef to decide how they want to store their kitchen knives. Which option you decide is really up to you, and each one offers unique benefits over the others that make choosing the absolute best one for your needs a bit of a challenge.

If you have the space, an angled wooden knife block is generally considered the best way to go, as it protects and limits damage to the knife blades and will usually offer a generous amount of aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

However, if your room is limited, any of the other options will provide just about the same functionality while taking up much less room on your counters. Check out available knife blocks here or our huge collection of great options for knife storage here!

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