Tojiro Santoku Knife: Why You Should Consider and How to Pick One?

Shopping for kitchen knives can be quite daunting. You are looking for the right set of knives to match the various purposes in the kitchen and the right kind of quality. You must choose amid a wide array of options from western and oriental styles to different materials and designs. Fortunately, finding yourself a Tojiro Santoku knife easily meets all those concerns and most of the repetitive kitchen tasks.

Difference Between a Santoku Knife and a Chef Knife

When you come across a Santoku knife, it is easy to confuse it for a chef knife in terms of function. It is even common to question whether you actually need it or you can rely on your other blades. Santoku comes Japanese word meaning three virtues that have been taken to mean its three significant roles: slicing, dicing, and cutting.

These are similar uses to the chef knife. However, the design of a santoku knife features a far thinner and lighter blade. It also lacks a blade tip found in a chef's knife. The absence of a tip means that you can only slice through a single downward motion. This method makes it efficient and faster. The design also features a single bevel, which makes the santoku much sharper than the Chef's knife. The ultimate difference is that the santoku is far nimbler and provides finer slices than a chef's knife.

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Distinctive features of a Santoku Knife include;

  • It originates from Japan, unlike the Chef's knife with its western origin in Germany and France
  • Thinner blade provides refined slices.
  • It is light in size and provides for balanced weight.
  • They usually are within the 5 - 7.9 inches size range.
  • It comes with a tip less wide sheepsfoot blade. This shape describes the dull back spine, which curves down, meeting the straight front blade.

They are best used for functions that require thin food slices, including;

  • Cutting meat (though you should avoid chopping of large meat bones)
  • Slicing cheese
  • Mincing meats and herbs
  • Dicing, chopping, and slicing fruits, nuts, and vegetables
  • Creating fine slices of seafood and vegetables

What To Look For in A Santoku Knife

1. Blade thickness and cutting angle

You want a blade that is extremely sharp straight out of the box. Thus, you need a very acute angle under 20 degrees for fine slices and efficiency since you are cutting in only one direction.

2. The sturdiness of the blade

You should look for a sturdy and inflexible blade made from high carbon stainless steel. You can also opt for one that has been hammered into shape from a fully forged steel. The handle and blade ideally should be triple-riveted and full-tang.

3. Length of the blade

If you are looking for a Santoku knife, you want a blade as tall as the food you are cutting. A tall blade provides the needed barrier to ensure thin slices. It can also be used as a scoop for the cut food.

4. Hollow edges

The best Santoku Knives come with a Granton edge blade. These dimples help prevent food from sticking to the blade. You do not have to stop every time to wipe off debris on the blade that affects your cutting and slicing.

Top Five Tojiro Santoku Knives to Buy

Tojiro Atelier Santoku Knife 17cm

The Tojiro Santoku knives in the Atelier series features a cover of VG10 steel for maximum sharpness. Its black finish texture gives the blade an air of dignity. The handle is reinforced and laminated, which adds to its durability and toughness. A metal booster prevents dirt and stain from accumulating in the area where the handle meets the blade. Standout features include;

1. 18-8 stainless steel for the bolster

2. A reinforced and laminated handle with three studs and a full-tang

3. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

4. It is handcrafted in Japan.

Tojiro Santoku - Tojiro Atelier Santoku Knife

Tojiro Hammered Santoku Knife 17cm

The versatile Tojiro Hammered Santoku knife features traditional blades made of VG10 core and a 13-chrome stainless steel outer layer. The hammered finish ensures there is no food sticking on the blade. The unique D-shaped handle traditional wood handle offers balance and fits well in the hands. Other features include;

1. A Kurouchi finish on the blade

2. A double bevel with a polished edge

3. Water-resistant handle

4. Rockwell hardness of 60 to 62

5. The blade measures 170mm, and the total knife length is 305mm

Tojiro Santoku - Tojiro Hammered Santoku Knife 17cm

Tojiro DP3 Series Santoku Knife 17cm

The Tojiro DP3 series is an entry-level santoku knife, an excellent option if you are working on a budget. It consists of two 13-inch layers of chrome stainless steel, which sandwich a core cutting edge made of a carbon cobalt alloy. The handles are made from durable ECO wood and come with forged bolsters. Other features include;

1. A blade measuring 170mm for a total knife length of 295mm

2. The knife is razor-sharp and has a 60 degrees Rockwell hardness rating.

3. The handle is comfortably and properly balanced.

4. Hand-polished high-quality steel

Tojiro Santoku - Tojiro DP3 Series Santoku Knife

Tojiro DP3 Series Santoku Knife 17cm

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Santoku Knife 16.5cm

This series of Santoku Knives match elegance and practicality and are handcrafted in Niigata, Japan. The blade is made of excellent quality stainless steel and with magnolia wood handles. It is a knife that offers you the distinction air of a qualified chef. The blade measures 165mm, and the whole total length is 305 mm. Other features include;

1. Anti-rust and easy maintenance

2. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

3. Hand-polished vanadium compound steel

4. Double-bevelled stainless-steel blade in traditional style

5. Has a 52 rating for Rockwell hardness

Tojiro Santoku - Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Santoku Knife 16.5cm

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Santoku Knife 16.5cm

Tojiro Shippu Santoku Knife 16.5cm

There is a lot that goes into the making of a Tojiro Shippu Santoku Knife. The craftsmen forge two steel sheets of different hardness, creating a graceful and ripple pattern of a uniform core VG10 steel that creates optimum sharpness.

Other features include;

1. It has a water buffalo ferrule, which prevents the blade from coming off or rattling.

2. The blade is made from VG10 steel and 63 layers.

3. A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

4. The handles are from Japanese Magnolia wood.

5. The knife measures 16.5cm.

Tojiro Santoku - Tojiro Shippu Santoku Knife 16.5cm

Tojiro Shippu Santoku Knife 16.5cm


A Tojiro Santoku knife combines the advantages of both worlds in several aspects. In terms of design, it is somewhere between a western-style knife and a traditional Japanese knife. It also combines the advantages offered by a nimbler yet equally versatile knife than a chef knife with the Tojiro brand's trustworthiness.

At House of Knives, we make your search for knives easy. We stock various Tojiro knives and other brands along with the information you need to choose the one that best suits you. Visit our store today and get the chance to enjoy the quality of professional-grade knives.

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