Tojiro Cutlery: What Does It Offer Your Kitchen?

Tojiro is one of the leading brands providing a wide range of quality knives and other kitchen tools. The Japan-based company offers premium Tojiro cutlery made from tough, durable material to give you value for your money.

About Tojiro

Tojiro Co. Ltd is located in Tsubame, Japan. The Tsubame-Sanjo area is known for being a production center of cutlery and knives in Japan.

Tojiro’s first blade was a stainless-steel fruit knife made available in 1955. Since then, the company has gained expertise in the knife industry to provide customers with quality products.

Tojiro goes beyond making super sharp blades. It ensures the knives are comfortable. The brand combines traditional techniques and modern technology to make unique cutlery that matches consumer needs and preferences.

It boasts of having experienced, knowledgeable craftsmen and women who ensure customers get well-built, durable, and comfortable products.

Tojiro Cutlery

Tojiro provides a variety of cutlery in various styles. They are elegant, long-lasting, and have a proper grip to ensure efficiency and your safety when using them. Besides providing quality knives, Tojiro also makes forks, whetstones, shears, cutting boards, and fish scalers.

Tojiro Wakisashi Table Fork White Micarta

Tojiro Wakisashi Table Fork White Micarta


With Tojiro, you get different types of knives to choose from. Your selection includes Japanese style knives, Chinese knives, and western style knives. That way, everyone can get the specific knife type they need for home and restaurant use.

On the list of Japanese knives, there are Deba, Santoku, Soba, Usuba, Nakiri, Tako-Sashimi, paring, and chef knives. With these, you can easily prepare different dishes and enjoy them.

Tojiro DP Series Thick Blade Chinese Knife 22.5cm

Tojiro DP Series Thick Blade Chinese Knife 22.5cm

Tojiro Cobalt Steak Knife

As for Chinese knives, Tojiro provides thin and thick blades made from toughened VG10 stainless steel. The brand also offers 3-layered Chinese knives, if that is what you are looking for. About western style knives, the list includes paring, chef, chicken boning, steak, utility, Santoku, and peeling knives. With the three categories of knives, you can stock up on your collection of knives and have an easy time preparing or trying out different recipes.

Tojiro also makes knife stands and wooden knife blocks that have a magnetic feature. A knife stand offers you a proper place to keep and display your knives. However, a knife block is much better. It has slots into which you place different types of knives for safe storage. The openings protect knife edges to foster their durability. Some blocks have room for sharpening steel as well.

If you need to sharpen your knives, Tojiro provides high-quality whetstones for home and professional use. The brand provides both middle and rough grinding whetstones. It uses ceramic material to ensure you get premium sharpening surfaces for your knives.

Tojiro also offers professional finishing and touch-up whetstones to provide you with the sharpness you need.


As you upgrade your cutlery cabinet, Tojiro offers sleek table forks of different designs. They are available in ebony and moss green, walnut and indigo, white Mikarta, and olive and white styles, among others. These forks add elegance to your cutlery collection and look great on your table.

Other Products

Tojiro makes other kitchen tools apart from knives and table forks. For example, the company provides meat forks and shears (including separable shears). It also makes stainless steel fish tweezers and scalers that ensure you have a smooth time preparing salmon and other types of fish.

If you need cutting boards, Tojiro provides them in small, medium, and large sizes. The company also makes square cutting boards. However, you can also purchase the Tojiro knife pocket or knife bag when you need a safe place for carrying your knives.

Tojiro Pro Kiri Wood Japanese Cutting Board Medium

Tojiro Pro Kiri Wood Japanese Cutting Board Medium

What to Consider When Buying Cutlery- Including Tojiro Cutlery

The first thing to check when purchasing cutlery is quality. Poor-quality products are a disappointment. You do not want to buy knives and forks every other time. Look at the material a brand utilizes in making its items. Ensure it is tough and durable to save you additional costs and ensure your safety. Consider going for cutlery made from stainless steel and other high-grade materials.

Who does not like to have stylish cutlery? They add a fresh look to your home kitchen or restaurant. The market provides knives and forks with different finishing. Whether it is bronze or ceramic, whichever you choose depends on your preference. The industry has what you need to enhance your style in the kitchen and at your table.

Comfort is another factor to keep in mind. Ensure the cutlery you buy has comfortable, anti-slip handles that provide a good grip. That way, you do not have to worry about knives slipping through your fingers, for example. Besides, if you do heavy cutting, you do not want a knife with a hard handle that leaves your palms hurting after work.

Tojiro DP Series Chef Knife 18cm

Tojiro DP Series Chef Knife 18cm 

Check the expertise of a brand as well. A company that has been in business for years has better experience in providing quality, well-made cutlery. It has garnered expertise over time, which allows it to improve its craftsmanship and ensure users get better products as years pass by.

It would be helpful if a company provides accessories for your cutlery. Knives need more care than other cutlery items. For example, consider getting knife sharpeners from a company that sold you knives. The same applies to knife blocks.

That way, you do not have to worry about your knives not fitting in a knife block or a sharpener failing to be efficient. Tojiro is such a company. Besides cutlery, it also provides sharpening steel, whetstones, knife blocks, and knife bags. That way, you do not have to look somewhere else for such accessories.

Tojiro Canvas Knife Pocket 5pc (Empty)

Tojiro Canvas Knife Pocket 5pc (Empty)

Tojiro cutlery is high-quality and made from durable material. The brand provides different types of knives and forks with various finishing. That way, you can get whatever you need from this brand, so you do not mix cutlery from different brands.

The company also makes cutting boards, whetstones, knife stands, knife blocks, and shears. These products are high-grade and look spectacular in any kitchen. Besides, you can buy them as a present for a loved one or your chef friend.

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Tojiro Cutlery: What Does It Offer Your Kitchen?


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