Tojiro DP Chef Knife

Tojiro is one of the most well-known and prestigious Japanese knife makers in the world. They've been around since 1955 and since then they have made their home in numerous kitchens all over the world.

Japanese knives have a reputation for superior workmanship, and Tojiro knives are no different. In fact, Tojiro knives are so good they don't have to go out of their way to advertise their products.

Tojiro combines traditional techniques with modern ones to produce world-class knives. A lot of work done on the knives, particularly the finishing, is still done by experienced master craftsmen.

A particularly popular Tojiro series is the Tojiro DP chef's knife series. It features high-quality workmanship and is still affordable. We'll look at some of its outstanding qualities here.

The Tojiro DP Chef Knife

The Chef's Knife

A chef's (or cook's) knife is a kitchen knife that was originally designed for slicing and disjointing large beef cuts. The Japanese version of a chef's knife is the Gyuto. Modern Gyuto knives are multipurpose and can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables in addition to meat.

The knife can be used to rock-chop stiff food and the tip can be used to make fine cuts. As is common with Japanese knives, Gyuto knives are lighter, thinner, harder, and sharper than western-style knives. The heel of the knife is sloped toward the tip, which raises your shoulder and points your wrist down when cutting.

Features of the Tojiro DP Series


DP stands for a technology called the Decarburization Prevention method. This technology prevents metal from becoming soft due to the removal of carbon when being heated.

DP technology gives Tojiro DP chef knives 60 Rockwell hardness. Hard knives typically break easily, but the molybdenum in the steel confers a degree of flexibility to the blade. The hard blade keeps the knife sharper for longer, so you don't have to keep sharpening it. The hardness can however be a disadvantage when it comes to sharpening it, as it is more difficult and requires more skill.

VG-10 Steel

The blade features a 3-ply design consisting of a VG-10 super steel core encased in two layers of rigid and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. VG-10 is a super hard, sharp, and long-lasting alloy consisting of highly purified cobalt, molybdenum, and stainless steel.

The Blade

Gyuto blades can be quite long, and they range from 180mm to 370mm. This is probably why they are called Gyuto, which translates to 'cow sword' in Japanese.

Japanese knives tend to be much lighter than western-style knives, but the Tojiro DP chef's knife is slightly heavier than most. This is great for if you've been using heavier western-style knives and are just starting to use Japanese knives. Tojiro DP blades often come in a stunning ripple pattern formed by forging two types of steel with different levels of hardness together over and over again. Steel made in this way is known as Damascus steel.

Some Tojiro knives such as the Tojiro Shippu Black DP Damascus Steel Chef Knife have additional black oxide processing on the blade. This gives it extra corrosion resistance and remarkable beauty.

Tojiro DP blades are forged rather than stamped. This means that they are made from a single piece of steel that is heated then hammered into shape, while a stamped knife is cut out from a sheet of steel. Forged blades tend to be stronger and more rigid than stamped blades.

tojiro dp kitchen knife

The Angle of the Blade

Tojiro DP chef knives, like most Japanese knives, can have their cutting edge sharpened to a much finer angle due to their hard steel blades. This results in sharper knives that slice into food with little effort. You only have to apply a little pressure and the knife is through. This literally gives them an edge over western knives.

The Beveled Edge

As is typical with Japanese-made knives, the Tojiro DP chef knife has a beveled edge. This means that the outer side of the blade is sharpened with a sloping edge while the inner side is only slightly concave, giving the knife a similar effect to a perforated knife. Beveled knives are ideal for precise and clean cuts.

The Knife Handle

The Tojiro DP series is full tang, which means that the blade runs right through to the end of the handle, giving the knife more strength, balance, and control.

The knife has a closed bolster collar which allows you to sharpen the whole blade. The Tojiro DP chef knife handles are made from various materials such as:

  • Eco-wood- The Tojiro Flash DP Damascus Chef Knife has a handle made from Eco-wood. This is a material made from a combination of resin and sawdust, resulting in a Reinforced Laminated Material. This blend of materials has great endurance and is environmentally friendly. Its unique curve gives you a firm yet comfortable grip, with no danger of the knife slipping out of your hands.
  • Magnolia wood- The Tojiro Shippu DP Damascus Steel Chef Knife has a smooth, water-resistant handle made from Japanese Magnolia wood. A water buffalo ferrule also keeps the blade from coming loose, rattling, and falling off.
  • Chestnut- The Tojiro Shippu Black DP Damascus Steel Chef Knife has a chestnut handle that is water-resistant with the added advantage of having its surface treated with fire to make it stronger.
  • Stainless steel- The Tojiro Pro DP 3 Layered VG10 Chef Knife has a stainless steel handle with a tornado pattern to prevent your hand from slipping off even when wet or oily. It is also hygienic as it is easier to clean than wood and won't retain bits and pieces of food in little scratches or dents in the wood.


Tojiro DP chef knives come in a wide variety of blade sizes and shapes to suit both western and Asian culinary styles.

tojiro dp kitchen knife

Final Words

The Tojiro DP chef knife is a popular, durable, and easy-to-use series. For such good quality, the knives are affordable and are worth having in both home and professional kitchens. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed with your choice!

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