Furi East West Knife: Uses, Features, and Maintenance

Having an efficient knife in your kitchen makes cooking enjoyable. Are you looking for an extremely sharp knife suitable for small and large cutting tasks? Consider purchasing the Furi East West Knife.

It is elegant with a highly innovative, efficient design to give users an easy time in the kitchen. It is a versatile model that gets several cutting jobs done.

What Is the Furi East West Knife?

The Furi East West Knife is a cross between the eastern vegetable chopper and chef's knife. It is sharp, modern, and durable to ensure you get value for your money. The product is 7 inches long and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

However, the east and west terms come from the knife's design combining unmatched west strength and fantastic sharpness from the east. It also has scalloped indentations, which decrease cutting friction to ensure quicker, easier slicing.


The knife is made for professional chefs, but experienced cooks can also use it. It is of premium quality and made to ensure your safety. However, its excellent sharpness is ideal for fine chopping, thin slicing, and dicing different foods. You can use the knife to cut meat, chop garlic, and dice fruits and vegetables.

Furi Pro East/West™ Santoku Knife 13cm

Furi Pro East/West™ Santoku Knife 13cm

Features of the Furi East West Knife

Furi makes the east-west knife with several features to give you an easy time in the kitchen. It is a valuable addition to your knife set and looks stunning.


The Furi East West Knife has a seamless design. It consists of one piece of metal, so you do not have to worry about any part coming apart. The handle and tang will never separate, and the knife has no rivets, which can become loose over time.

The seamless structure ensures that no food particles get trapped on any part of the knife, which enhances hygiene. Besides, the blade edge is honed to an ideal shape to ensure superior sharpness.


With the east west knife, you get to use a high-quality kitchen tool with durable construction. It is resistant to corrosion and stains, so it looks as good as new even after heavy use. Besides, the knife has an innovative design and is built to be long lasting.

Furi Pro East/West Santoku 2 Pc Set

Furi Pro East/West Santoku 2 Pc Set


Furi makes the east west knife using hardened Japanese stainless steel, which provides superior longevity and ensures easy sharpening. Unlike typical, modern Japanese and German blades, this knife is made from a high carbon steel alloy, which is tougher and simpler to sharpen. It also holds the edge for a while.

However, the blade is strong, sharp, and made to ensure less resistance when cutting foods. As for the cutting edge, it is sturdy and designed at 17 degrees.

Chefs and other users find this knife to be between very sharp, fragile Japanese blades and strong, not very sharp German blades.


The east west Furi knife features a reverse wedge handle, which ensures a more secure grip for efficiency and safety. The construction also prevents strain injuries and hand fatigue for heavy uses.

The handle is also anti-slip to prevent your fingers from sliding towards the blade. Besides, Furi makes it with a bolster design that allows you to sharpen the knife fully to the heel while giving you a comfortable finger rest. Nonetheless, the knife has a proper balance to foster comfortable cutting.


For starters, the seamless design of the Furi east west knife makes maintenance simpler. You do not have to scrape off food particles, as there is nowhere for them to get stuck on the knife. Besides, there are no rivets to tighten, which saves you time and effort.

All you have to do is hand wash the knife in soapy, warm water. Have the blade pointed away, and remember to dry the knife thoroughly after cleaning to keep it spotless and looking spectacular.

Furi Pro East/West™ Santoku Knife and Sharpener 3 Pc Set

Furi Pro East/West™ Santoku Knife and Sharpener 3 Pc Set

Furi East West Knife Highlights

  • Provides superior sharpness

  • Tough and has good weight

  • Incorporates a solid craftsmanship

  • Durable, sturdy, and easy to sharpen

  • Simple to use and maintain

  • Anti-corrosion and stain-proof

  • Made from hardened stainless steel

  • Has an innovative, seamless design

About the Furi Brand

Top Australian engineers established the Furi Company in 1996, along with international chefs. The brand has won awards, respect, and popularity for its unique efficiency, durability, and designs. Besides the east west knife, Furi offers other types of knives.

One is the chef's knife, ideal for cutting and chopping meat. It also cuts thick fruits and vegetables easily. However, the blade is 9 inches long, which makes it perfect for large cutting tasks. The brand also makes a sharp, serrated bread knife that has an edge with rounded serrations. This type allows you to slice foods without tearing.

The knife also has a 3/4-inch non-serrated blade tip for cutting through hard crusts and scalloped indentations that reduce friction when cutting. Furi offers a paring knife as well. It has a comfortable handle and is helpful when making garnishes. Use it for cutting jobs such as peeling and slicing small vegetables and fruits.

The company also makes elegant knife sets and sharpeners. You can go for the 7-piece or 5-piece knife block, which gives your kitchen a more professional, stylish look.

With the diamond fingers sharpener, you get to hone your Furi knives to perfection. The sharpener consists of Japanese stainless steel and is coated with crushed industrial diamonds. Besides, it has a sturdy handle, a handguard, and includes six sharpening fingers.

Furi Diamond Fingers™ Knife Sharpener

Final Thought

The Furi East West Knife offers you the sharpness you need to quickly and effortlessly cut various foods. It is suitable for both small and large cutting jobs. However, its seamless design fosters efficiency, hygiene, and easy cleaning.

The handle has an anti-slip design to ensure your safety when preparing different meals. It is also ergonomically shaped to ensure comfort when cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Use the knife to slice, dice, and chop foodstuff, and have an easy time in the kitchen. Remember to hand wash it and dry it properly. However, consider using the Furi sharpener to keep your east west knife in proper working condition. The brand also offers paring, chef's, and serrated knives if you need them. Take a look at our collection of Furi products by clicking here.

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