To keep the blades on your kitchen knives sharp, it’s imperative to sharpen them from time to time. Some people choose to buy new knives whenever their old knife set become dull.

But if you want to extend the longevity of your knives significantly and save a lot of money in the process then sharpening them occasionally is the way to go.

When it comes to buying a knife sharpener, you have the option of choosing between a manual or electric knife sharpener. But which one fits the bill?

Furi knife sharpeners

Furi Pro Pro Diamond Fingers Compact Knife Sharpener


The great thing about manual sharpeners is they give the user complete control – over the angle in which you sharpen your knives, and with the right technique, you are guaranteed for a consistent result.

The angle in which you sharpen your knives is critical, and the angle varies slightly depending on the shape and size of the blade. That is why having greater control over the angle you sharpen your knives is a big advantage. 

Manual knife sharpeners are generally less expensive. There are of course expensive manual sharpeners out there, however, you’ll generally find that on the whole, they are cheaper than they’re electric counterparts.

With the right technique and care, they are often safer to use as you in control over the speed and angle in which you sharpen your kitchen knives. And whether you are sharpening using a whetstone, sharpening rod, or some other sharpening device, it is a useful and convenient skill to have.

There is a drawback to manual sharpeners, however. They require a lot more effort on your part and the knife sharpening process takes longer. And generally, it is not suited to sharpening serrated or wavy-edged blades.


  • Gives the user greater control over the angle employed
  • A manual sharpening device is usually much cheaper
  • They are suited perfectly for kitchen knives
  • Safe to use as you control the angle and speed in which you sharpen your knives
  • Manual sharpening devices are usually smaller, lighter and more portable
  • It’s a handy skill to have allowing you to sharpen your knives at any place, any time


  • Requires more effort by the user during the sharpening process
  • Takes longer to perform than electric sharpeners
  • Not suited for serrated/waved edge knives


KitchenIQ Pro Angular Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric knife sharpeners:

For individuals who want a no-fuss/get it done quick approach; electric sharpeners do a fantastic job.

There is no need to do anything manually; these sharpeners work automatically and can provide you great results for getting your blades back in tip-top shape. You just need to turn on the machine and the rest all will happen automatically. These sophisticated and well-engineered knife sharpeners are convenient and very easy to use.

In order to use this machine, simply turn on the system and put the knife into a dedicated slot. You then pull the blade carefully towards you while ending the stroke with the blade tip. This process is generally repeated two or three times to get the best results.

Although they come with a dearer price tag, for the convenience, speed, ease of use, and ability to sharpen all types of kitchen knives (including serrated/wavy-edged blades), they’re the golden key for anyone short or time and wants a no-fuss, great result guaranteed approach.


  • A quick way to sharpen your kitchen knife blades
  • Unless you know exactly what you are doing with a manual sharpener, electric knife sharpeners generally perform better when it comes to reviving the sharpness of a blade
  • Must easier to use as it requires no effort on your part or any technique
  • They work with all types of kitchen knives including serrated/wavy-edged blades


  • You won’t feel as in control as you would with a manual knife sharpener
  • They come with a more expensive price tag

Tojiro Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Manual knife sharpening using a whetstone

In Conclusion

Both manual and electric knife sharpeners have their strengths and shortcomings, which one you use all depends on how much you are prepared to pay and how much control and effort you are willing to put in.

For more information about the process and steps to take when using a manual sharpener, click here.

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