Is a knife bag necessary?

Unless you are a professional chef, a knife bag is not the first accessory you think about or seek to acquire. However, it is precisely the appropriate tool you need when traveling, and you need to bring your knives with you. It is also a welcome option for anyone who has a house full of kids, and you want to store your kitchen knives safely out of their reach. Any of the following people would appreciate a chef knife bag;

  • Professional chefs and caterers
  • Culinary students
  • Foodies and cooking enthusiasts
  • Campers and backpackers
  • Parents who have young children
  • Anglers and hunters
  • If you are traveling or you will need your knives while on vacation

You cannot just store your knives in any bag. You need to protect them and protect the bag and other items. It is why a specialized knife bag, also known as a knife wallet, is necessary. Using a chef knife bag offers the following advantages;

  • They prevent the knives from rubbing against each other, which can dull and even chip them
  • You get to protect your other items in the package and regular bag
  • The knife bag provides easy access to each knife thanks to the specialized compartments
  • They protect you from cut injuries when carrying the knives or looking among them for a particular knife
  • Knife roll bags design saves plenty of space as they are compact but carry plenty of knives
  • They save time when packing and picking the blades.

What do you keep in a knife bag?

The knife bag is primarily for storing knives though it can have compartments for other tools. Some essential items in a knife bag include;

  • An 8-inch and 10-inch Chef’s knife
  • A 3-inch paring knife
  • A fish filleting knife
  • A carving knife
  • A Chef’s thermometer
  • A cranked spatula
  • A serrated knife
  • A Roche spoon
  • A cranked spatula
  • A grater

It can also carry other non-meal prep items like

  • Business cards
  • A pen and notebook
  • Band-Aids
  • Disposable gloves
  • Spices
  • Disposable pastry bags

chef knife bag

Types of Chef Knife Bags

Knife bags are available in three primary designs; a Knife roll bag, knife backpack, knife case, or knife carrier.  A knife roll bag is perfect for beginners and culinary students who do not have many knives to carry. It is also excellent if you are looking for something practical but non-flashy. They can also fit most of the common cleavers and knives.

The only downside is that they tend to be small in size, meaning you will not be carrying more than the standard set of knives. It may also be a challenge to take some customized or specialized knives as they may not fit.

A knife case or knife carriers are much larger and allow you to carry more knives and other kitchen accessories. They have different comparts with slots you access by flipping like a book. They are also designed to be opened by a zip like in a luggage case.

You should have no problem finding one that suits you since they come in both deluxe and standard size options. The only setback is the space it will take, especially in a kitchen setting which limited space.

A knife backpack looks like any other backpack, but inside it is designed to hold all your knives and other kitchen items. It zips open like an ordinary backpack, and you also wear it like any other bag pack. These design qualities give it two main advantages; first, it can fit in a wide range and number of knives and accessories. Secondly, it is convenient to carry around, and it also helps you get more for a competitive price point.

What is the best knife bag?

Finding the best knife bag requires you to consider several factors that influence which bag you choose. Here is what to look for;

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the knife bag you need will depend on your needs and preferences. If you are just starting or only carrying around a few of your knives, a smaller bag will serve you. Ideally, you should find a knife roll bag that fits all your knives and allows you to carry any other essential accessories. You should also check for the maximum knife length of the blade and be sure not to confuse the number of slots with the number of knives a chef knife bag can carry. The extra compartments could be for other items.

Style of the knife bag

As you have seen, the knife bags come in different styles. Each has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to reflect on how they will suit your circumstances. If you are looking for compactness, you may choose a knife roll bag, while a backpack offers more options for storage.

Accessories accompanying the bag

Unless you want a completely minimalist approach, it helps to get a chef knife bag that can carry more than just the essential knives. If possible, find one that lets you carry other tools like scissors and even spices. The more slots the knife has, the better. Accessories can also include stuff like extra padding, waxed surfaces for easy cleaning. It can also include handles and straps for easy carrying and storage.


Your budget will always dictate the kind of bag you can get. Often, it is dictated by aspects like the size of the bag, the number of knives it will carry the material, and added accessories. When thinking about the cost of the bag, consider the value you will be getting and whether you will be upgrading for another bag any time soon.


Finally, you have to consider the material for the bag. There are three primary materials used in making knife bags; leather, canvas, and ballistic nylon. Some bags may also have polyester or a mix of materials. Whatever material you pick, you should consider its durability, ease of washing, and how well it protects your knives while preventing them from tearing through.

leather knife bag

Leather knife bags

Leather is easily the best material you want for your knife bag. It has the apparent qualities of being stylish, timeless, weather-resistant, and highly durable. Leather also has the unique attribute of getting better with age. Leather gains a lot of character through the ages, which gives it exceptional quality.

It also has strength and flexibility, which help protect your knives. It is also semi-water-resistant, and as a result, you can use it in the kitchen settings, which tend to be moist, and there is plenty of water being poured around. It is also hygienic and easy to clean regularly as you only need to lightly wipe with a damp cloth. You will, however, need to clean it up periodically with a leather cleaner and apply a conditioner for its protection.

There are two types of leather you are most likely to encounter when choosing a chef knife bag. These are; Full-grain leather and Top Grain Leather. They are all excellent for a bag, but each has different qualities.

Full-grain leather comes with the top layer of the hide, and it is the one with the highest quality. It has a natural and unique grain that ages well and develops a patina character that is highly sought after. This patina quality cannot be replicated. The downside is that it is highly thick and can be hard to manipulate.

Top grain leather, on the other hand, comes with the outermost layer removed. It is the second-highest quality of leather. Because it lacks the outer layer, it is thinner and easier to manipulate. Removal of the top layer also takes away the natural grain to it is grain, so it is given an imitated grain print. It also affects the development of a natural patina and the leather ages based on the applied finish.

Best knife bags

Boldric Leather Knife Bag 17 Pocket Black

This chef knife bag is the ultimate solution for any professional or cooking enthusiast. It has the style and functionality to match any occasion. In case you have to carry or store several items at a go, its 17 pockets are bound to meet your needs. Its leather material assures you of durability and safe storage for your knives. It comes with a hand strap and detachable shoulder straps.

Boldric Leather Knife Bag 17 Pocket Black

F DICK ActiveCut Roll Bag Knife Starter Set 8 Pc

This is an excellent chef knife bag option for anyone looking for a compact option that will still carry a sizeable number of knives and accessories. It can easily fit in other bags, and it is still stylish and light enough for you to carry it on its own. The fabric is heavily padded to offer further protection, and it does not fade its color.

F DICK ActiveCut Knife Roll Bag Starter 8 Pc Set

Tojiro Soft Knife Bag 8pc

This chef knife bag from Tojiro feels like a pen knife enclosure in that it is lightweight but still allows you to carry several items. It also comes with detachable hand and shoulder straps adding to the flexibility of carrying the bag. It also has protection against water filtration and has a high resistance against abrasion.

Tojiro Soft Knife Bag 8pc Empty (max Blade 300mm)

In Conclusion

It helps if you do your chef knife bag shopping from one place where you are assured of finding genuine products from the manufacturers. House of Knives is such a place. We stock the best knife bag brands of all types, so you are guaranteed to find your pick. Whether you want leather knife bags or canvas ones, we have them covered. Visit our store today and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience with a range of professional quality knives and knives accessories.

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