Best Method to Grate Ginger

Although you can traditionally get ginger in dried and powdered form for seasoning, grating your own fresh ginger is widely considered the best way to go. This is not only for the incredible and potent fresh taste of ginger, but also because fresh grated ginger contains many more health benefits than the packaged and powdered ginger you'll find on the seasoning isles. However, many people may be curious about the best method to grate ginger. In this article, we'll go over some reasons why you should grate your own ginger, as well as the best way to go about doing it!

Why Should You Grate Your Own Ginger?

The reasons that grating your own fresh ginger is preferable to buying powdered ginger are numerous. For one thing, the taste of powdered ginger you'll find on seasoning isles just can't compare to real, fresh ginger that you grate yourself. For another thing, grating your own ginger will save you money in the long-run, while also providing a better culinary experience at home. Lastly, fresh ginger has numerous health benefits that greatly exceed those offered by ginger in it's powdered form.

Fresh Grated Ginger Tastes Better

First things first, fresh grated ginger simply tastes better. If you're going through all of the trouble to put ginger in your food, you likely care about the way that it tastes. Grating your own fresh ginger is simple and easy to do, and will greatly increase the overall taste of your dishes.

Best Method to Grate Ginger

Grating Your Own Ginger Is More Economical

Most of the time, better taste and lesser cost don't go together. However, when it comes to grating your own fresh ginger, you're getting a better taste for a greatly reduced cost! Although buying powdered ginger might seem more convenient, the convenience is actually minimal once you realize how easy ginger is to grate. When you buy powdered ginger on the seasoning isle, you're paying for the convenience and packaging. When you buy fresh ginger in the produce section, you're only having to pay for the ginger itself!

Fresh Gingers Has Numerous Health Benefits

Finally, when it comes to eating ginger, the health benefits are hard to ignore. Even if you're only adding ginger to your food for taste, there are many health benefits that adding fresh grated ginger to your food can offer over it's packaged and powdered counterpart. The powdered ginger you'll typically find on the seasoning isle at your local grocery store will be made in a way that doesn't retain the many health benefits of real, fresh ginger. To experience the full health benefits that adding ginger to your food can offer, you'll want to always go with fresh grated ginger. Adding ginger to your food can help calm nausea, relieve indigestion, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and even relieve sore muscles.

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What Is the Best Method to Grate Ginger?

Of course, the main thing standing between every chef and fresh grated ginger is the act of grating itself. Even though grating ginger is an incredibly easy thing to do, most people simply don't know how to do it. The main reason for this is that grating ginger requires a special tool, with very fine teeth that can grate the ginger into a small enough form to season your food. These types of tools may also be called "zesters", and they are often used for grating lemon peels the same way. You can't simply use the fine end of your cheese grater, as those tools aren't made for the specialized kind of grating you'll need for grating fresh ginger. When it comes to grating ginger, it's always best to go with a tool that's specialized for the job.

You'll Need to Peel the Ginger Before Grating

Another important thing to remember about grating fresh ginger is that you'll need to peel the ginger before you start grating. This is a simple enough task, but you'll want to make sure that you have the right tool for the job. Luckily, many tools for grating ginger also double as peelers, meaning that you shouldn't have a hard time finding one tool that allows you to both peel and grate fresh ginger without much fuss.

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What Is the Best Tool for Grating Ginger?

As we've already discussed, the most important thing when grating fresh ginger is that the tool you are using has fine enough teeth. If you're using a tool that's made specifically for grating ginger, this shouldn't be a problem. As well, you may wish to get a tool that will also let you peel your fresh ginger. Some tools will do this separately, while other specialized tools will be able to do both functions without the need to switch. Here's an excellent option we like to recommend from KitchenIQ!

KitchenIQ™ Grate Ginger Tool

This ginger grating tool from KitchenIQ is all you need to turn whole, fresh ginger into a manageable form that you can add to your food. It allows you to peel, slice, grate, and even juice fresh ginger in it's whole form. The fact that you can do this all with one tool is incredible, and it's a high-quality product, to boot! It features a non-stick stainless steel blade that's super-sharp and won't get mucked up, as well as a separate blade for slicing. A peeling spoon is featured for peeling. It can be used to grate fresh ginger, as well as other things, such as garlic and horseradish. On top of it's non-stick blades, the tool can be washed in the dishwasher to guarantee that no small bits of whatever you're grating get stuck.

Best Method to Grate Ginger - KitchenIQ™ Grate Ginger Tool

KitchenIQ™ Grate Ginger Tool

Time to Get to Grating!

Hopefully, this article showed you just how easy it is to start adding fresh grated ginger to your recipes at home! When it comes to taste, powdered ginger really can't compare to the real thing. The many nutritional benefits of real, fresh ginger are simply an added bonus! As well, with the right tool, adding fresh ginger to your food can be simple, easy, and economical.

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