Advantages of Using Chef Knife Bags

You're off somewhere and you need to take your knives with you. Perhaps you're a stand-in chef in a restaurant, or you're just going on vacation and you need your knife set with you. How will you carry your knives? Packing them in your main bag is a no-no. What if the knives slice through your favorite bag? This is where the chef knife bag comes in.

It's also called a knife wallet. It's a specialized type of bag with different compartments that can fit different types of knives, protect their edges, and keep you safe while carrying them.

Knife bags can be made from leather, woven fabric, or synthetic material. They also have additional compartments for sharpeners and other knife accessories. Here is all you need to know about knife bags.

Why Knife Bags?

  • They protect the knives from rubbing against each other, as this can dull them.
  • To protect your bag and other items inside it.
  • For easy access to the knives. The sections are specialized so you can easily find a specific knife.
  • To protect yourself from injury while searching for a particular knife or carrying the knives.
  • To save time.
  • Most knife bags are roll-up, which saves space. You can carry lots of knives in a compact bag that doesn't occupy a lot of space.
  • To keep dirt, dust, and moisture away from your utility knives.

What to Consider When Buying a Chef Knife Bag


Chef bags come in different designs. Some are roll-up, while others come in form of a backpack that can also be used to carry other things. Some knife bags are strapless and are carried in the hand, while others come with a shoulder strap that you can sling on your shoulder.

The design you choose will depend on how you prefer to carry the knife bag, how many knives you have, and the price.


These bags come at different prices depending on the size, material, design, and manufacturer. For example, leather bags are more pricy than nylon bags. Often, one manufacturer will have both affordable and pricy knife bags to allow more people to access their bags.


Size is important when buying a knife bag. Get one that will allow you to carry all the knives you need at a go. If you know that you'll buy more knives in the future, you can buy a bag with more pockets to prepare for this.

In addition, before, buying a knife bag, make sure to measure your knives to avoid buying a bag that doesn't fit the knives.


These bags come in materials that differ in sturdiness, durability, and ease of cleaning. The bigger and heavier your knives are, the sturdier the material will need to be.

Leather and canvas are relatively sturdy and can take heavy knife sets. If you have small knives, a good polyester bag will do.

Types of Knife Bags

The Back-Pack

Sometimes you need to carry more than your knives and you don't want to carry two bags. Here's where the backpack comes in. This is simply a rucksack with pre-designed knife slots inside it for knives and additional space for other stuff.

For example, the Boldric Canvas Chef Knife Pack Blue is a uniquely designed handcrafted from natural canvas. Here are some of its features:

  • A padded body for extra protection.
  • A zippered compartment to keep tools separate from other stuff.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable for extra comfort.
  • Real buffalo leather details for durability.
  • It can carry a 15-inch laptop comfortably.
  • The tool compartment consists of 5 tool pockets, 2 pen slots, 3 business card holders, and a zippered pouch.
  • A leather utensil pocket.
  • The tool compartment is fold-out, which enables it to hold more tools.
  • Polished attractive brass buckles.


chef bag Boldric Canvas Chef Knife Pack Blue


The All-Purpose Bag

Some knife bags are multi-purpose and can be used to carry other cooking tools in addition to knives. They are therefore roomier than simple knife bags.

The Boldric Canvas All-Purpose Knife Bag Black is handcrafted from thick natural canvas and features a genuine leather bottom and details and brass feet to protect the bottom. Other features include:

  • A spacious duffle compartment.
  • Two side pockets.
  • A zippered interior pocket.
  • An overlapping exterior zipper which can be used with most locks.
  • Four exterior brass grommets for hanging additional oversized items.


chef bag Boldric Canvas All-Purpose Knife Bag Black


The Simple Roll-up Bag

Many knife bags come with a simple roll-up design that consists of a strong outer covering and an inner layer with pockets of different sizes. The bag is rolled out flat to access the knives and rolled shut to store the knives (or carry them). The great thing about roll-up bags is that they can hold a lot of knives while still occupying little space.

The Boldric Canvas Knife Bag 17 Pocket Navy, for example, has no less than 17 slots for knives, cutlery, and other utensils. It is sleek and attractive and comes in different colors. It features heavy-duty natural canvas, genuine water buffalo leather details, and polished brass accents. It is also spacious and can hold a 17-inch long knife.

When unrolled it measures 28'' x 20''. Its other features include:

  • An easy-snap leather handle.
  • A business card holder
  • A waterproof leather interior flap
  • An adjustable leather shoulder strap
  • Three loops that can be used for pens or markers.

Boldric Canvas Knife Bag 17 Pocket Navy

Some roll-up bags are small and can only carry a few knives, like the Boldric Canvas Knife Bag 6 Slot Red. It features only 6 pockets for knives, but can still hold a 17-inch knife. It measures 21.5'' x 19'' when unrolled. Its features include:

  • An exterior strap enclosure
  • A thick Velcro interior strap for extra security so your knives don't fall off.
  • Genuine water buffalo leather details.

Boldric Canvas Knife Bag 6 Slot Red

Final Words

If you like to move around with your knives, you no longer have to worry about how to carry them safely. There are lots of chef bags you can choose to keep all your knives and yourself safe. Check out the types discussed in this post and choose one that suits your requirements.

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