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House of Knives is a leading online retailer offering premium-quality Australian kitchen knives from the top brands at competitive prices. Shop our range of Australian Knives today! 

Choosing a Kitchen Knife Online in Australia Made Simple

Do you need a new chef knife? The workhorse of the kitchen, chefs knives are one of the most essential tools you can have on hand. Whether you're looking for a heavy-duty blade that can handle multiple trips to the sharpener and daily heavy-duty use in a commercial kitchen or something more suited to the home enthusiast, trying to find the right knife can seem incredibly difficult. At House of Knives, however, we've taken that problematic task and turned it into something quick and easy with a straightforward online shopping experience.

What Sets House of Knives Apart When You Need a Chef Knife Set in Australia

How did we accomplish that? We did it by creating a business centred around clear core values and a keen sense of how to achieve our goals. We stand out by providing: 

  • A curated selection of knives pulled from the best manufacturers from around the world, with new items always coming into stock. We don't list anything on our page that we would not use ourselves; in fact, we rigorously test all our items before they even become available to your customers. Through these efforts, we know what we offer is a superb product.
  • Help when and how you need it. Want to give us a call? Our responsive customer service representatives can help you with questions about your order, specific knives, and even how to choose the right knife for the job. Prefer to send an email? We make every effort to respond to emails within the same business day.
  • We are a completely Australian-owned local business run by a family. Not only do we strive to offer chef knives to Australia that are of dependable quality, but we also work hard at maintaining our connection to local economies.

From our very beginning, we've aimed to provide our customers with service they can count on for everything.

Why You Should Buy a Kitchen Knife Block in Australia

Alongside knives and sets, we also offer a range of storage options suitable for use in many different kitchen environments. Why should you invest in a good knife block for your space?

  • Protect your knives from harm when not in use and keep dust and other contaminants away from the metal. Solid blocks do an excellent job at helping to safeguard blades and prolong edge sharpness. • Your kitchen may not have enough space for a magnetic rack; however, knife blocks are relatively compact and easily fit on a benchtop.
  • Always know that you have all your knives in the right place. When you keep knives loose or use other kinds of storage, it's easier to misplace a knife. With a block, you can see at a glance which knives you've pulled out for use and which ones you should return to storage.

About House of Knives

A fresh face in the world of kitchen tool supply, House of Knives aims to provide the most convenient online resource for kitting out your kitchen with the ideal cutlery for tackling even the toughest slicing and dicing tasks.

We’re here to give more Australians access to the best knives in the world. Responsive, friendly, and always here to help, we're excited to help you cook better meals.

Discover a range of kitchen knives online in Australia

Looking to fill your kitchen with the best knives in the world? You’ve come to the right place. Enhance your cooking experience with a premium chef’s knife you’ve bought right here at House of Knives. We’re proud to stock additions like butchers knives and more to make your food preparation more fun and easier. High quality knives are an investment, and they will last for years when properly cared for. They maintain their sharpness for longer and have the strength to cut through even the toughest vegetables.

What Sets House of Knives Apart Regarding Chef Knife Sets in Australia

At House of Knives we understand how critical a high-quality and dependable chef knife set is to the home or professional chef. As an online retailer, we:

  • Provide our customers with comprehensive information on all products. A set of kitchen knives is an investment, and something you will use every day. Our product listings include detailed information about the specific knife, the manufacturer and care instructions. This ensures you have the information you require to make an informed investment.
  • Stock premium brands and high-quality products from Australia, Germany and Japan. At House of Knives, we hand-pick products and test them to ensure they meet and exceed our expectations. By stocking high-quality brands and testing items ourselves, we ensure you are receiving products that perform well in the kitchen and will last through years of cooking.
  • Provide our customers with peace of mind. While we believe you will enjoy your new kitchen knife or cookware, we do have a thirty-day money-back guarantee. All products also come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, to ensure that if there is a performance issue, your investment is secure.

Our team stands behind the products we stock and will happily answer any of your questions as you consider your kitchen investment.

Related Knife Products and Services That We Provide

There is much more to a kitchen than knives. We also provide our customers with the following:

  • A premium knife sharpener is essential if you decide to maintain your knives yourself. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, from electric sharpeners to a traditional whetstone. Maintaining your own knives can enhance the cooking experience, as long as you have the knowledge and experience to sharpen them properly. If you are not comfortable sharpening your knives, we recommend having a professional sharpener maintain them for you.
  • We stock a range of knife and kitchen accessories that are essential in any kitchen. Starting with a place to store your knives - a kitchen knife block in Australia gives your knives a home. The block protects them from damage from other items in a drawer and maintains the blade’s sharpness for longer. Essential kitchen accessories we stock include kitchen scales and cleaning supplies for your cookware.
  • A kitchen isn’t complete without pots and pans. We stock pots and pans manufactured by brands such as Blacklock and Elo. A high-quality cast iron pan that has been triple seasoned, ensures a natural non-stick surface and you can begin cooking with your new pan immediately.

Why House of Knives?

We are a family-owned, Australian business that takes pride in providing our customers with high quality products. Our team is happy to assist by answering product-related questions about your order. We stock a variety of well-known kitchen brands, including Wusthof, Tojiro, Miyabi and many more. Whether you’re looking for Australian knives or Japanese knives, know that we can deliver. Contact us to have your kitchen knife or other gadget questions answered.

House of Knives is a leading online retailer offering premium-quality Australian kitchen knives from the top brands at competitive prices. Shop our range of Australian Knives today!