Zwilling Kitchen Knives - Everything You Need To Know

Zwilling is a popular knife brand that offers high-quality, super-sharp kitchen knives. Founded in 1731, Zwilling is based in Solingen, Germany, and has grown to be available in other countries. Its international locations include the United States, Canada, France, Brazil, China, Japan, and Belgium. Zwilling kitchen knives are well-made using premium materials to ensure superior sharpness and edge retention.

They are also elegant and look stunning in home and chef kitchens. Zwilling offers different types of knives, including chef’s, paring, steak, utility, santoku, bread, slicing, and boning blades. They are easy to utilize, durable, and comfortable in the hand. You can also get the knives in sets.

Materials and Construction

Zwilling uses premium German steel to make its kitchen knives. Craftspeople forge the blades from one piece of carbon stainless steel to give users lightweight knives for light and heavy tasks in the kitchen. The full-tang design fosters the durability of Zwilling knives. The process of making Zwilling knives is rigorous.

The brand has been around for years, garnering experience and expertise along the way to give customers high-end knives for their kitchens. It utilizes ice-hardening to enhance blade sharpness and edge retention. Precision honing and laser-controlled edges ensure you get premium, razor-sharp knives for various jobs in the kitchen.

Zwilling uses innovative, advanced technology to give customers high-quality blades. The knives are sharpened at a 15° angle on each side. Apart from developing well-made blades, Zwilling also puts effort into making user-friendly handles. The company uses wood and polymer in making knife handles, which have an excellent grip.

Some of the handles are also riveted to enhance the durability of the knives. With properly made blades and handles, Zwilling is able to make sharp, well-balanced, comfortable knives for home cooks and chefs.

Is Zwilling a Good Brand?

Zwilling is a good knife brand. Whether you are a pro or a home cooking enthusiast, these knives are worth considering when looking for high-quality kitchen blades. The manufacturer has been around since 1731 providing premium products. Zwilling utilizes high-grade steel and up-to-date technology to make knives that provide superior performance in the kitchen.

Zwilling blades are hand-sharpened and hand-polished to give users razor-sharp, elegant knives for various cutting tasks in the kitchen. The edges retain a sharp edge for longer, saving you from frequent sharpening. The experience Zwilling has gathered through the years puts the brand at an advantage on the knife market. It is a leading knifemaker offering chefs and home cooks high-quality knives.

The company also invests time to ensure you get the best blades for preparing ingredients. The ice-hardening process ensures the blades are tough with a lasting edge. And the knives are easy to sharpen.

They are well-balanced and have comfortable handles with a non-slip grip. Zwilling also provides the knives in different blade lengths to ensure comfort for users. You are not stuck with one option. You can also choose serrated or straight blades, depending on your preference.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a wide range of knives. Whether you are a pro or someone who enjoys preparing meals at home, Zwilling has the knives you need. It offers chef’s, boning, paring, utility, filleting, carving, and slicing knives, among others. You can also buy Zwilling knives in sets and have uniformity in your kitchen.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

What Are the Different Levels of Zwilling Knives?

Zwilling offers kitchen knives in different series, including Four Star, Pure, and Professional ‘S’. They are all high-quality, well-balanced, razor-sharp, and ergonomic. However, the knife series may differ in price due to the processes involved in making them. The series you choose will depend on the qualities you are looking for in a kitchen knife and your preference as a pro or home cooking enthusiast.

  • Four Star: knives in this Zwilling range are extremely sharp, considering the laser-controlled method used in making them. They are also comfortable in the hand, and the seamless handle bolster design fosters ease of use and balance. The Four-Star Zwilling series is also popular and carries different types of knives.
  • Professional ‘S’: this series is ideal for chefs. It offers superior performance with blades that promote hygiene in the kitchen. The knives are comfortable in the hand and have hand guards for added safety when preparing different ingredients. They are sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Pure: Zwilling blades in this series feature a stunning, simple design. Like many other Zwilling knives, they are made from one piece of steel, and blades are ice-hardened for enhanced strength and edge retention. They also have a v-edge blade design that maximizes cutting performance. The curved hand guard ensures the secure cutting of different ingredients.
  • Zwilling Twin Fin II: knives in this range have a modern design and razor-sharp edges. Forged from Nitro60 stainless steel and is excellent against corrosion and keeps an ultra-sharp edge longer.

What Kind of Steel Does Zwilling Use?

Many Zwilling knives are made from the brand’s proprietary high-carbon stainless steel, Friodur steel. The manufacturer puts the steel through a heat treatment procedure where the material is heated and cooled down to -94 degrees. The low temperature ensures Zwilling makes tougher knives that are resistant to corrosion. The company utilizes an ice-hardening process to create harder, stronger, longer-lasting blades.

Zwilling knives are mainly made in Germany. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the guide, Zwilling is a global knife maker. Apart from Germany, the company has locations in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, and China. Some Zwilling knives are made of American, Japanese, and Swedish steel.  

Zwilling Kitchen Knives to Consider Purchasing

Zwilling provides a variety of knives to choose from, including the multi-purpose chef knife and blades for specific uses such as paring, carving, boning, and filleting. Below are some of the best Zwilling kitchen knives to consider buying.

  1. Zwilling Four Star Chef Knife 20cm

The Zwilling Four Star 20cm Chef Knife is an elegant kitchen knife for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing foods. It does a good job cutting meats, vegetables, and herbs. The one-piece, forged blade consists of high carbon stainless steel and is ice-hardened for enhanced durability and edge retention. The knife is hand-sharpened and polished to give you a gorgeous knife for various tasks in the kitchen. It has a hardness rating of 55-58 and a comfortable grip.

The polymer handle feels wonderful in the hands and fits properly in the palms. Get to mince, chop, dice, and disjoint large cuts with this razor-sharp, well-made chef knife. The knife is also well-balanced to boost comfort and efficiency when cutting different foods. You can also get this knife in 16cm and 26cm blade lengths.

ZWILLING Four Star Chef Knife 20cm

  1. Zwilling Professional ‘S’ Santoku Knife 18cm

The Santoku knife is the Japanese version of the western chef’s knife, although it is lighter, slimmer, and smaller. The Zwilling Professional ‘S’ 18cm Santoku knife is a blade to consider having. It provides a break from the broader chef knife. It is made from German high-carbon stainless steel using a single piece of steel.

The full tang structure fosters hygiene when preparing meals since food particles have no gap in which to hide. The knife is sharp and designed to give you an easy time in the kitchen. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, your kitchen can use this knife. It also has an ergonomic design for easy handling. The handle is non-slip for safety when making meals and has rivets for durability.

ZWILLING Professional 'S' Santoku Knife 18cm

  1. Zwilling Professional ‘S’ Boning Knife 14cm

The Zwilling 14cm Boning Knife of the Professional ‘S’ series is a blade to have if you love preparing fish, poultry, and meat. Use the knife to remove bones from the mentioned foods. It has a sharp point and a narrow blade to make your work easier. Like other Zwilling knives, it is made from quality high-carbon stainless steel from Germany using one-piece precision forging. It also features a full tang and superior sharpness to glide smoothly through foods. The blade is ice-hardened to ensure toughness and easy sharpening.

Additionally, the handle fits comfortably in the hand and has three rivets, which enhance durability and enhance the knife’s elegance. Remove bones from fish and poultry efficiently using this lovely boning knife. If you are a pro, your knife collection can use a high-quality boning knife like this.

ZWILLING Professional 'S' Boning Knife 14cm

  1. Zwilling Professional ‘S’ Bread Knife 20cm

 Zwilling provides a 20cm bread knife to ensure you cut bread and tomatoes without deforming them. The bread knife gives you clean cuts of smooth and hard foods thanks to the sharp, serrated blade. The manufacturer utilizes premium high-carbon steel to make superior blades that are ice-hardened for extra hardness and edge retention.

The knife features a full tang style, and its long blade cuts through bread and other foods in one motion. It is corrosion-resistant and durable to save you from buying knives frequently. The riveted handle has a proper grip and feels soft in the hands. The knife is a stunning addition to your collection. It can also be a thoughtful gift for a loved one who enjoys cooking.

ZWILLING Professional 'S' Bread Knife 20cm

  1. Zwilling Pure Slicing Knife 20cm

The Zwilling Pure 20cm Slicing Knife is a valuable addition to your knife block. The flexible blade is ideal for cutting thinner slices of vegetables, roast, and fruits. It has a stable blade and smooth cutting edge that quickly cuts through foods. You can also use the 20cm blade length for carving larger meat pieces. It is extremely sharp and retains its edge for longer, promoting efficiency in the kitchen.

The knife is corrosion-resistant and has an ergonomic handle. The plastic handle fits properly in hands, allowing effortless food cutting. Use this slicing knife to prepare different ingredients and serve your guests or family neatly cut foods. It is elegant, high-quality, and super sharp.  

ZWILLING Pure Slicing Knife 20cm

  1. Zwilling Four Star Serrated Utility Knife 13cm

The Zwilling 13cm Serrated Utility Knife is a quality, sharp blade for slicing cheese, cutting mid-sized vegetables and fruits, and making small cuts of sandwiches and meat. A utility knife is usually shorter and smaller than a chef’s knife. The serrated blade is made from a single piece of high-carbon German stainless steel. The ice-hardening process enhances knife strength and edge retention, giving users a utility knife with top performance.

The comfortable black handle matches elegantly with the stainless steel, giving you a gorgeous knife for your kitchen. The handle also features a slim design, ensuring comfort, especially for users with small hands. As you buy the multi-purpose chef knife, a utility knife is another blade to consider having. The shorter length promotes efficiency when cutting mid-sized foods.

ZWILLING Four Star Serrated Utility Knife 13cm

  1. Zwilling Professional ‘S’ Paring Knife 10cm

Your kitchen can also use a nice paring knife after buying the multi-use blades. The Zwilling Professional ‘S’ 10cm Paring Knife provides a razor-sharp edge for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. You can also use it for delicate tasks in the kitchen, such as slicing one garlic clove or making shapes in foods.

A paring knife is essential for a chef, but home cooking lovers can also find it helpful. Zwilling utilizes German steel to make the 10cm paring knife and utilizes ice-hardening to give users the best knife performance. The knife is hand-polished and has a full tang design. It also has a comfortable handle with rivets for durability. It fits well in the hands, giving you an easy time cutting and peeling different ingredients.

ZWILLING Professional 'S 'Paring Knife 10cm

  1. Zwilling Professional ‘S’ Utility Knife 16cm

The previous Zwilling utility knife is serrated, but this one has a straight edge. It is also longer by 3cm. The Zwilling Professional ‘S’ 16cm utility knife helps with cutting larger vegetables and slicing sandwiches and cheese. Zwilling utilizes high-quality carbon steel to make the blade, which is hand-sharpened on each side and polished to reveal a stunning utility knife.

The manufacturer includes a riveted handle on the knife, which has a proper grip to prevent slipping. Use the knife to prepare different foods and enjoy the sharpness, lasting edge retention, and elegance. You can also use the utility knife instead of a chef’s knife for some tasks.

ZWILLING Professional 'S' Utility Knife 16cm

  1. Zwilling Four Star Filleting Knife 18cm

The Zwilling Four Star 18cm Filleting Knife is designed for removing skin, bone, and cartilage from meat. It has a slender, flexible blade that easily navigates around joints and bones, allowing you to cut meat at the intended spot. The knife is made from quality steel that makes it sturdy and flexible enough to remove skin and bone from foods.

It is extremely sharp, durable, and easy to utilize. The handle fits comfortably in your hands, allowing you to cut food comfortably. If you tend to prepare dishes with meat, fish, and poultry, consider having this filleting knife. It makes your work a lot easier in the kitchen with its flexibility and narrow blade. It moves easily through meat, saving you time in the kitchen. It is ideal for both home cooks and pro users.

ZWILLING Four Star Filleting Knife 18cm

  1. Zwilling Four Star Knife 3 Pc Set

Zwilling also provides knives in sets. The Four Star 3-piece Set consists of a 20cm chef’s knife, 10cm paring knife, and 13cm utility knife. The knives are made from German high-carbon stainless steel, and the blades are ice-hardened to enhance quality and durability. If you are stocking up on kitchen knives, these three blades will perform many cutting tasks.

A chef’s knife is multi-purpose, a utility knife cuts mid-sized fruits and vegetables, and a paring knife is for peeling fruits and precision tasks. The knife set comes in lovely packaging. The knives are extraordinarily sharp, made from lasting materials, and have great edge retention. Zwilling also provides 2-piece and 7-piece knife sets to suit your needs.

ZWILLING Four Star Knife 3 Pc Set

  1. Zwilling Four Star Carving Knife 2 Pc Set

The Zwilling 2-piece Carving Set comes with a 20cm slicing knife and an 18cm carving fork. The knife enables you to portion and trim raw and cooked meat and fish. The blade also makes long slicing motions, saving time and ensuring efficiency when cutting larger foods.

The carving fork is used to hold food in place and keeps your hands safe from sharp blades when preparing meals. The fork and knife are made from high-quality materials like other Zwilling blades, giving you superior performance in the kitchen. When you love cooking meat and fish dishes, a carving set is something you want on your knife block.

ZWILLING Four Star Carving Knife 2 Pc Set

How Do You Sharpen a Zwilling Knife?

You can sharpen a Zwilling knife using a whetstone, sharpening steel, or a pull-through sharpener. Zwilling provides these sharpening tools to keep your knives sharp for effortless cutting. Whetstones come in different abrasive levels coarse, medium, and fine.

A coarse whetstone is for repairing chips and reshaping blades, medium grit is for edge maintenance, and fine grit is for polishing and honing knives for a razor-sharp finish. Ensure you utilize a whetstone properly. Soak it in water for ten minutes before using it to sharpen your knife.

You can also use a sharpening steel or a pull-through sharpener to keep your blades in excellent working condition. However, sharpening steel can be inflexible, and you only use one hand for sharpening, which limits your control over the process.

As for a pull-through sharpener, it is faster than a whetstone but removes much metal from blades, lowering their lifespan. You can hire a professional to sharpen your Zwilling knives if you have a hard time doing it.

Zwilling Sharpening

Zwilling Knife Maintenance

Handwash Zwilling knives to protect the blades and ensure lasting use. Using a dishwasher can damage the blades and handles. Use gentle dish soap to clean the knives to prevent blade corrosion. Dry them using a clean towel and allow them to air dry before storage.

Zwilling provides stunning knife blocks to keep your knives and prevent damage to the blades. You can also use a magnetic strip to store and display your knives for safety and easy access in the kitchen. In-drawer knife organizers and sheaths also provide great storage spaces for knives.

What Matters When Buying Knives

Purchasing kitchen knives is an investment. You do not want to spend money on poorly made blades. For starters, the best kitchen knife is made from strong, durable materials. That way, it stays put when cutting soft and hard foods and sharpening is a breeze.

Well-made knives are also well-balanced. They feel excellent in the hands and allow users to cut foods without fatigue.

The best kitchen knife is also razor-sharp right out of the box. You can use it for a while before resharpening. It retains a sharp edge for a while and effortlessly cuts through foods to give you an easy time in the kitchen.

A high-quality knife is also ergonomic. It has a comfortable, soft handle with a proper grip. It fits well in hands and does not slip, fostering safety in the kitchen. A full-tang design is excellent, as it fosters hygiene in the kitchen. Food particles have nowhere to hide. If a brand uses wooden handles, they should have a protective film for durability and to prevent food contamination.

Your kitchen also deserves elegant knives. The market provides classic and modern styles to consider buying. The design you choose depends on your preference. Who does not want an elegant knife on their knife block or magnetic strip? The best knife brands also offer different types of knives, which come in various blade lengths.

Closing Thoughts  

Zwilling is a leading knife brand with locations in other countries besides Germany. The company makes knives from high-quality steel using superior manufacturing processes. It provides various knife types in different lengths to ensure chefs and home cooks get the blades they need. Zwilling knives are well-balanced, comfortable in the hand, and durable.

They are extremely sharp and worth considering for your kitchen. Hand washing is the recommended way to clean the blades before proper storage. Whether you are a chef or love home cooking, Zwilling has knife varieties that match your needs. 

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