Wusthof is one of the leading, popular knife manufacturers in the world, offering high-quality, well-built blades. The family-owned company based in Solingen; Germany has been around for over two centuries. It has garnered experience over the years to provide customers with superior knives that offer top-notch functionality.

Wusthof knives are sturdy, elegant, and the brand offers different types of blades to handle varying cutting tasks in the kitchen. The manufacturer makes knives for chefs and home cooks to give them an easy time preparing different foods.

Wusthof has a rich history, and with the years of experience, it is capable of providing some of the best blades in the knives industry. The company was founded in 1814 and still makes knives in Solingen, the City of Blades.

Johann Abraham Wusthof started the ‘Shears Factory, Steel and Iron Works’ in 1814, making scissors every day. The factory later grew with his three sons joining and learning from him. His son Eduard Wusthof later took over the company, which continued to grow and got to the point of producing more than 1,200 models of handmade vegetable, butcher’s, pocket, and bread knives.

Robert Wusthof was the other son, and he was in charge of business management. Working with an agent in Germany, he took a business trip to the U.S. in 1881, carrying two cases of pocket knives and scissors to sell and promote the Wusthof company overseas. However, the agent did not deliver on their plan, and Robert had to figure out what to do next on his own. After doing odd jobs like being a waiter and pot washer, he, fortunately, met another businessman who loved the Solingen knives and ordered twice the quantity Robert had carried. The new partnership led to the growth of Wusthof in the U.S., and business did well over the following decades.

Wusthof history

One of the first pictures of the trident factory. The production is still going on at the same location today.  

Business back in Germany was booming as well, leading to the establishment of a large factory called the Trident Works in Solingen, which became Wusthof headquarters to date. The industrialization era was in motion, and the company bought steam-powered equipment that expanded production. Nevertheless, the first and second world wars interrupted usual business, forcing the manufacturer to adjust to the war economy. However, after World War II, Trident Works was lucky to have been spared, considering Solingen was destroyed in the war. The company resumed the production of knives, cutlery scissors, and other items.

The efforts of Eduard Robert and Wolfgang Wusthof led to the opening of new sales regions, the building of new manufacturing facilities, and the modernization of production. Wusthof focused on making high-grade, forged knives for professional and home use.

The advancements made during this time led to the launch of the Wusthof Classis Series of blades, which are still made today. The milestones achieved also saw the founding of the Wusthof Trident of America Inc in 1987, which consolidated Wusthof knife distribution under one entity in the U.S. The Wusthof Trident of  America in 2009 relocated to Norwalk, Connecticut.

Currently, Wolfgang and Eduard Robert’s children, Viola and Harald Wusthof, run the Trident Works, who are among the most progressive knife makers in the world. They export Wusthof knives from Solingen to 80 countries around the globe, including locations like San Fransisco, Tokyo, Cape Town, and Reykjavik.

Wusthof boasts of unique craftsmanship and years of experience that sets it apart from other knife manufacturers. The company makes classic and innovative knives, offering new designs, artistry, and material. Today, over 60% of the knives Wusthof manufactures in its two factories in Solingen are sold in the U.S.

Wusthof changed the cutting edge of Wusthof knives in 2010 and began using the PEtec technology. PEtec stands for Precision Edge Technology. Wusthof’s cutlery has an edge created using precision lasers, which sharpen the blade to a degree angle of 28 (14 degrees per side). Earlier on, Wusthof knives were hand sharpened to a degree angle of 40 (20 degrees per side).

A narrower angle translates to a thinner, sharper blade that makes food preparation a breeze. That aside, Wusthof knives and cutlery have a lifetime warranty from Wusthof. In 2014, the manufacturer marked 200 years of business, from making scissors and steel items in the 1800s to providing renowned blades today.

Wusthof markers

Why Choose Wusthof Knives?

Wusthof knives are famous for being high-quality and functional. The manufacturer provides different types of blades to match the various cutting tasks. The knives are worth considering for the following reasons.

Superior Craftsmanship

Making a Wusthof knife is a 40-step process. The procedure involves turning Wusthof steel into a high-quality knife using a particular combination of materials.

Wusthof has a team of 400 employees that work together to ensure chefs and home cooks get sharp, durable, top-quality knives. However, heavy and precise work is done using the latest lasers and robotics.

Using innovative technology and highly skilled workers, Wusthof is able to make some of the best knives on the market, ensuring you get value for your money.

High-quality Materials

The manufacturer uses the Wusthof steel, which consists of chrome, molybdenum, carbon, stainless steel, and vanadium, to make quality knives. The unique steel material is corrosion-resistant, easy to sharpen, and lowers wear.

The knives are long-lasting and ensure a smooth time in the kitchen. Stainless steel is the primary material of Wusthof knives, while carbon provides hardness and sharpness to the knives.

On the other hand, chrome ensures a high rust resistance in the blades, molybdenum boosts strength and corrosion resistance of the blades, and vanadium increases knife toughness to reduce wear.

Years of Experience

Wusthof has been around for more than two centuries. The manufacturer has amassed experience and expertise over the decades, allowing employees to perfect the art of knife-making. This, in addition to the innovative technology the company utilizes, Wusthof knives come out as high-quality, sharp blades that every chef and home cook appreciates.

The knives are made in Solingen only, ensuring quality consistency. High-precision methods meet traditional craftsmanship to give customers the best blades to use in the kitchen. Additionally, the knives have the popular trident logo that gives them uniqueness in the industry.

A team of Professionals  

Wusthof has a highly-skilled, experienced workforce that ensures customers get quality knives. The employees use the 40-step process, superior materials, precision techniques, and the latest robotics and laser technology to make sharp, durable knives. The manufacturer does not use cheap production processes, and Wusthof knives are exported from Solingen only. They are also high-grade, well-made, and easy to sharpen. Besides, Wusthof has some of the world’s most skilled craftspeople and has spent over 200 years perfecting their knife-making techniques.

Informative Website

Wusthof has a neat, informative website that provides all the details you need to know about the knives and production processes. You can earn more about the knives available and other products from Wusthof. Navigating the website is easy, and information is laid out neatly for easy reading and access. You can also know more about the company’s history and other vital details to make your purchasing process a lot easier and more fun.


Wusthof Knives Available from House of Knives

Wusthof is a popular name in the knives industry. The brand provides quality knives to use in kitchens and at tables, giving customers, guests, and families a good time when preparing and having meals. House of Knives offers different Wusthof knives to choose from, including the following, and they are currently available at huge discounts.

1. Wusthof Classic Series- Chef Knife 20cm with Hollows

The 20cm chef’s knife with hollows is an elegant blade to have in your kitchen. It is ideal for chefs and those who love cooking at home and is usable for many tasks when preparing meals. The knife is sharp, well-balanced, and gives you an easy time when making meals. It is made from quality stainless steel, and sharpening it is simple.

You can use the knife for a while without feeling discomfort due to its ergonomic handle. This Classic Series knife is made from hardened material that fosters its durability. Its bolster shape provides balance, and you can use the entire blade length and sharpen it as well. That being said, the knife’s spine is smooth to prevent discomfort on your thumb, while the handle is triple-riveted for longevity.

Wusthof Classic Series Chef Knife with Hollows 20cm

2. Wusthof Classic Ikon- Black 23cm Chef Knife

The Wusthof Ikon 23-inch chef knife is a wonderful tool in the kitchen. It has an ergonomic handle that feels soft in your hands to ensure a proper grip at all times. The handle also has three rivets to keep it in the right shape and ensure durability. Nonetheless, the knife performs multiple tasks in food preparation, including cutting fruits and vegetables and mincing, chopping, and cutting meat and fish. 

The half bolster design lowers the knife’s weight for easier handling. Besides, the design allows you to sharpen the whole blade so you can cut more food at a go. Like other Wusthof blades, this chef’s knife is extremely sharp for smooth cutting and is made from alloyed stainless steel. It looks stunning in every kitchen and matches well with other blades. The manufacturer also provides an Ikon crème 16cm chef knife if you need a shorter blade in a different color.

 Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Chef Knife 23cm

3. Wusthof Classic Series- 14cm Tomato Knife

You want to cut your juicy tomatoes without squashing them but instead, keep the juices inside the slices. The Wusthof Classic Series tomato knife gives you such performance. You can also use it to cut fruits and cheese, thanks to the forked tip. Besides, the knife’s edge is finely serrated to cut smoothly through firm exteriors such as skin and crusts. Use the forked end to pick small slices and have an easy time preparing and serving foods.

The knife is sharp and made of high-grade materials, courtesy of Wusthof’s 40-step manufacturing procedure. Use the knife to cut different foods and enjoy preparing various dishes. It does a good job cutting fruits and vegetables for salads, and the forked tip comes in handy in several food-cutting tasks.

Wusthof Classic Series Tomato Knife 14cm

4. Wusthof Classic Series-14cm Sausage Knife

The Wusthof sausage knife is a spectacular blade. The blade length allows you to cut through foods easily with its serrated edge. It cuts through rolls cleanly, and you can also use the knife to cut vegetables and fruits. If you love sandwiches, this knife lets you cut different ingredients effortlessly. It is sharp, versatile, and feels comfortable in the palms.

The knife has good balance, and the rivets on the handle foster hygiene and durability. It boasts of being made from superior materials, and the extraordinary sharpness cuts food neatly. You get to prepare packed lunches and fruit servings quickly using a knife designed to make food preparation a pleasure.

Wusthof Classic Series Sausage Knife 14cm

5. Wusthof Classic Ikon- 12cm Black Utility Knife

The Wusthof Classic Ikon 12cm utility knife is a multipurpose blade. It is sharp, elegant, and versatile. It has a plain edge and a slim blade for cutting herbs and onions. You can also use it to slice cheese and cut mid-size vegetables and fruits. If you need to halve sandwiches or cut meat into tiny pieces, the knife can do that.

The utility knife has a pointed, sharp blade and can also function as a larding knife. Besides, if you are making treats for loved ones, you can use it to chop, clean, and decorate vegetables and fruits. It features a user-friendly design that also fosters hygiene and ease of use. The handle fits well in hands and is riveted.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Utility Knife 12cm

6. Wusthof Classic Ikon-16cm Black Carving Knife

If you are doing some precision cutting tasks, you need a carving knife like the Wusthof Classic Ikon 16cm blade. The long thin knife is ideal for cutting thin slices of meat and other foods. It is sharp and has a shape that easily cuts thin pieces of hard foods such as ham. You can also use it for fruits, vegetables, and carving roasts.

The knife is incredibly sharp, easy to use, and durable. It also has a beautiful design, and the thin blade helps you make precise cuts through various foods. Use the knife in food preparation as you make delicious meals for your family, guests, or customers.  It is high-quality, made from toughened material, and lasts long. The Ikon knife is also available in a 23cm-length option and a crème handle option with a 20cm blade length. However, the original Wusthof Classic Series also provides a 23cm carving knife.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Carving Knife 16cm

7. Wusthof Classic Series-16cm Fillet Knife

The fillet knife from the Wusthof Classic Series is another should-have blade for a professional chef and home cooking enthusiast. It is used for removing skin, bones, and cartilage from fish. Use it when preparing salmon, as it makes it easy to cut the meat into thin clean slices. Besides, the knife is sharp and flexible, making cutting tasks super simple and mess-free.

The 16cm fillet knife has depressions near the blade’s edge to prevent fish from sticking to the knife. It is made of quality stainless steel, and maintaining it is simple. The knife also has a comfortable handle to ensure smooth cutting and food preparation. Like other Wusthof knives, it has rivets on the handle for durability.  

Wusthof Classic Series Fillet Knife 16cm

8.  Wusthof Classic Ikon-20cm Cream Bread Knife

Whether you are making sandwiches or other meals that include bread, you need a knife that cuts through bread without deforming it. The Wusthof Classic Ikon range includes the 20cm bread knife with a stunning cream handle. It has a sharp, serrated blade that cuts smooth and hard foods. Apart from bread, you can also use the knife to slice tomatoes and for cutting roasts and hard-skinned fruits and vegetables.

The knife has an inwardly curved edge that functions like a fine saw that cuts easily through bread and hard crusts. The saw-like design ensures clean cuts and allows you to serve well-prepared meals. Whether you are a chef or enjoy cooking, this bread knife should be in your kitchen. It has a full tang, and the handle shell is made from synthetic material.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Crème Bread Knife 20cm

9.  Wusthof Classic Ikon 2pc Carving Knife Set

If you need a set of knives for your kitchen, Wusthof has several options to consider purchasing. The Classic Ikon set that carries a sandwich knife and a serving or carving fork is among them. The sandwich knife is ideal for cutting meat, vegetable, and fruit, while the fork provides a good hold on many foods. On dimensions, the knife has a 20cm blade while the fork is 16cm long.

Both the knife and fork are made from high-quality alloyed stainless steel that ensures long-lasting use. The knife is exceptionally sharp for clean cuts, and the fork can be used with various meals, fostering convenience. However, there is also the Wusthof Classic Series Carving Knife Set that comes with a 20cm carving blade and a 15cm meat fork.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Carving Knife 2 Pc Set

10.  Wusthof Classic Series 3pc Chef Bread Paring Knife Set 

If you need a larger cutlery set, the Wusthof Classic Series has a 3-piece option. It entails a 20cm bread knife, 20cm cook’s knife, and 9cm paring knife. The bread knife is sturdy and effortlessly slices soft and hard bread. On the other hand, every kitchen needs a cook’s knife. It slices, minces, and dices various foods and has a perfect balance. Use the paring knife for mincing herbs and onions and cutting and cleaning vegetables.

Wusthof makes the knives using the same high-grade hardened stainless steel to ensure top-notch functionality and durability. Maintaining the set is simple and is perfect for a chef and everyone who likes preparing meals at home. You can also purchase the 3-piece set as a gift for a loved one. The knives are sharp, high-quality, and look spectacular.

Wusthof Classic Series Chef Bread Paring Knife 3 Pc Set

How Do You Sharpen Wusthof?

Wusthof also engages in the sale of sharpening tools for their knives, including whetstones, sharpening rods, and honing steels.  Knives get dull over time due to repeated use and sometimes misuse. You need the right tools to keep your Wusthof knives extraordinarily sharp. If you have bought blades from Wusthof, it is only sensible that you purchase sharpening equipment from the brand too.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Knife Sharpener

Wusthof provides customers with a pull-through two-stage v-shaped knife sharpener. It has ceramic and tungsten steels and is perfect for users who are uncomfortable using whetstones or sharpening steels. Draw your knife through the guiding notches several times to keep your blades super sharp.

The tungsten steel is for coarse sharpening where blades are blunt, while the ceramic notch is for fine sharpening tasks. The latter is for moderately sharp blades or coarsely sharpened knives. Sharpening your knives using the tool is fast, so you can continue enjoying the efficiency and top performance that Wusthof provides.  

Wusthof also provides an electric knife sharpener, which is a simple tool to use. It has flexible grinding belts, duct suction, and blade and angle guides. The sharpener has three stages of honing, sharpening, and fine polishing. That way, you do have to buy coarse sharpening steels and fine whetstones separately. It is 3-in-1 sharpening equipment that keeps your knives in proper working condition.

Wusthof sharpeners

Sharpening Steel

Wusthof sharpening steel provides exceptional honing of blades. Stroking both sides of the knife on the sharpening steel keeps your knives sharp to ensure efficiency during food preparation. You can use ceramic or diamond steel from Wusthof to sharpen blunt knives. Sharpening steels are alternatives for knife sharpeners.

Wusthof Sharpening and Honing Whetstone

Apart from knife sharpeners and sharpening steels, you can also use Wusthof whetstones to keep your knives sharp at all times. The Wusthof whetstone consists of different, high-quality abrasive grits to give blades the needed sharpness. Besides, it is made of high-grade ceramic and has two sides, one with coarse grit and the other is fine. Use the fine side to sharpen and hone your knives and the rough side to smooth off unevenness on knives. Additionally, the whetstone holder provides more stability when sharpening knives.

Who Makes Wusthof?

Wusthof knives and accessories are made at the Trident Works factory in Solingen, Germany. The manufacturer exports high-quality knives from the location to other locations in the world.

Wusthof has highly skilled employees that utilize alloyed stainless steel to make some of the best knives on the market. Wusthof has been around for over two centuries. The experience the brand has accumulated over the years gives it an added advantage in the sale of knives and accessories. It also uses the latest technology and traditional artisanship to make toughened, durable, well-made knives that make food preparation a smooth experience. Wusthof is a family-owned business, and its seventh generation is currently leading the company.

Wusthof makes a variety of knives for chefs and home use. The blades come in elegant designs, and they are all made from top-quality stainless steel. You also get them in different lengths to suit your needs. You can buy shorter or longer knives and enjoy the efficiency of Wusthof knives.

The brand offers various paring, chef’s, utility, sausage, fillet, bread, and carving knives. They have riveted handles for durability and hygiene, and the handles can take black or crème shades, which look stunning in every kitchen and table.


Other Products from the Wusthof Knives Manufacturer

Aside from making premium knives and sharpeners, Wusthof provides other quality kitchen products. The list includes knife guards, knife blocks, cutting boards, forks, spatulas, in-drawer organizers, kitchen shears, turners, oyster openers, and fishbone tweezers. That way, you can furnish your kitchen with high-grade tools from one manufacturer known for making superior cutlery and other meal preparation equipment.

Blade guards protect your knives from scuffs and dulling. They ensure your blades remain in good working shape, and Wusthof also makes magnetic blade guards for secure closure. Knife blocks also safeguard blades from damage and are a safe storage area for knives. You can also buy Wusthof in-drawer knife organizers if you do not want your knives on the countertop. They prevent scuffs on your knives to ensure lasting sharpness and prevent damage.

That aside, if you need elegant, quality chopping boards, Wusthof has them along with the other vital kitchen tools we have mentioned above and more.

The Wusthof Book and Book App

Wusthof goes beyond the sale of high-quality knives, accessories, and other kitchen items. As mentioned earlier, the brand has a highly informative website with all the details you need to know about its products.

The company also offers the Wusthof book and book app. The book educates readers on the best way to prepare different foods and includes tips on knife skills, storage, and care. Using the book app, you get to understand which knife is ideal for preparing what ingredients. You can get your copy of the book from the Wusthof official website by clicking on the provided link.

Get to learn more besides knife types and care, including different vegetable chopping techniques, choosing the right cutting boards, and finding the perfect blade for different cutting tasks.

Closing Thoughts  

Wusthof is a popular name on the knives market. The manufacturer provides high-quality knives for chef and home use. It has a rich collection of well-made, stunning blades to choose from, and you can also buy a set of Wusthof knives. The company boasts of years of experience in the knife-making business, which puts it ahead in the industry. It makes knives from one location only, ensuring quality consistency through the years. Apart from knives, the brand also provides knife sharpeners, kitchen shears, forks, cutting boards, and knife blocks, among other products.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for top-notch knives and other kitchen tools, keep Wusthof in mind, and are available for purchase or more information here

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