Wusthof Kitchen Utensils – Tips, Features & Recommendations

Wusthof Kitchen Utensils – Tips, Features & Recommendations

The Wusthof knife holders, kitchen utensils, and sharpeners are just as good as their well-earned reputation in terms of excellence in craftsmanship and impressive expertise that has defined the past 200 years or so of kitchen utensils manufacturing.

It is worth mentioning that the company's brilliance and manufacturing specialty go beyond premium quality knives.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best products they offer in the market:

Wusthof In-Drawer Organizer 43x11x5cm

The Wusthof knife holder drawer gives you a central safe place to house all your knives. In the open, unsheathed knives get rusted, or they dull over time. This Knife holder is specially designed with slots for every knife size to protect the blades and keep them sharper for a long time.

Wusthof In-Drawer Organiser 43x11x5cm

This is an in-drawer knife organizer with horizontal slots as opposed to vertical slots. It makes it easy to draw out and replace the knives without generating unnecessary friction or wearing out the block slots. This also keeps the blade from blunting.

In this horizontal holder, your knives rest on the sides as opposed to their blades. This way, they get to remain dry and bacterial free.

Why Use a Knife Holder Drawer?

Safety at home: Children or guests may put their hands into the drawer to retrieve something only to end up grasping the unsheathed blade of a knife. This is a safety hazard. Using the in-drawer knife holder keeps the sharp knife blades away from direct contact.

Findability: The Wusthof knife holder in-drawer gives you a fixed place of the right size for storing all your knives. You will know where to find them when you need them. This saves time. It saves you the frustration of frequently misplacing your commonly used kitchen knives.

Modern convenience: An in-drawer knife holder is a space saver leading to a better-organized kitchen. It is easy to find a knife holder drawer that matches or accentuates your overall kitchen design. It is an elevation of standard.

  • Storage space for all kitchen cutlery

  • Saves valuable counter space

  • Sleek hardwood,

  • 14 knife slots for eight steak knives and six longer knives

  • Wave pattern design makes the knife handles easier to replace and remove.

  • Blades are totally covered in the slots to prevent dulling and accidental cuts

Wusthof kitchen utensils

Wusthof kitchen utensils include knife sets, spoon sets, and skimmer sets. You get to buy everything in one for cutting, cooking, baking, stirring, and serving.

Cooking becomes fast and enjoyable when you have the right type of knife, spoon, or pan. Each ingredient needs to be handled specially. Wusthof has diverse kitchen utensil sets to make life easier in the kitchen.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Knife 3 Pc Set

Wusthof Classic Ikon Black Knife 3 Pc Set

They are all designed for ergonomics, robustness, durability, and heat resistance. You get value for money. The Wusthof Kitchen Utensil Set includes a 14-inch cooking spoon, 14-inch ladle, 14-inch slotted spatula, a 14-inch skimmer, and a 14-inch Slotted cooking Spoon.

  • The ladle allows you to reach the base of the pot so you can scoop every last bit of your cooking. It has to pour spouts for a mess-free serving.

  • The cooking spoon has a long handle and a big scoop size for easy cooking, stirring, and serving.

  • The slotted spatula is excellent for draining fats away from food.

  • You can use the skimmer for removing shrimp from the wok or skimming fat from stock.

Wusthof Classic Series Knife 3 Pc Set

You need your own knife set, even if you are a regular DIY chef. Buying a premium knife set is a great chance to reduce costs and get everything you want at once. The obvious advantage is consistent performance -having too many brands in the kitchen can compromise the experience.

Wusthof Classic Series Knife 3 Pc Set

This knife set includes a paring knife, a cook’s knife, and a sandwich knife. It makes it easy to prepare all of your ingredients for cutting vegetables, fruits, or roots and mincing, slicing, and chopping meats.

Wusthof Scissor Sharpener

Some types of chopping and cutting are better left to a kitchen scissor. These include dried fruits, bacon, bread, and sprigs. Just like knives, your scissors have to be sharp and well maintained to deliver optimal performance in these tasks. It would help if you had a scissor sharpener.

If you have sharp kitchen scissors:

  • You can cut raw bacon effortlessly

  • You can easily remove leaves and twigs from fruits and veggies

  • It becomes easier to work with ginger and coconuts in the kitchen

  • You can split the chicken and lay it flat eagled on the grill

  • They save time and improve precision in cutting

Wusthof Ceramic Pull Knife Sharpener

The Wusthof Scissor Sharpener owes much of its uniqueness to its precision slots designed to position the scissor blades securely at an accurate angle against the abrasive ceramic discs.

The advantages of the Wusthof scissor sharpener:

  • Precisely placed ceramic discs improve sharpening performance

  • Sharpening is fast and easy -pull each scissor baled through the slots

  • A handguard improves safety during sharpening

  • A non-slip rubber foot helps with stability

During the sharpening process, all you have to do is pass each scissor blade through the slots in a pulling motion. You will need to regularly feel for a burr on the scissor blade to know when sharpening is complete.

Run your finger carefully across and not along the blade. If it feels jagged and rough, the sharpening was a success.

Wusthof Kitchen Utensils – Tips, Features & Recommendations

The sharpener will work on either right-hand or left-hand scissors without you having to disassemble them.

Before sharpening, identify the type of scissor; you have to inform positioning. Scissor types are either standard right-handed scissors, left-handed scissors, or knife-edge scissors.

Whatever types of scissors you have, either one of the two blades can be sharpened first. Place the Wusthof sharpener near the edge of a tabletop and slide on one blade at a time through the slots. You will want to hold the sharpener's handle tightly in your free hand during the pulling motion.

Apply only light pressure downward, sufficient to maintain solid contact between the edge being sharpened with the rotating ceramic discs. Continue the back and forth pulling motion until you feel a burr along the length of the scissor edge.

Final Words

Wusthof knife blocks, utensil sets, and scissor sharpeners can be a great addition to your kitchen. Shop now to experience the benefits!

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