Wooden Kitchen Block: Types, Benefits, and Its Place in Your Kitchen

As you furnish your kitchen, one of the things to purchase is a wooden kitchen block. They provide storage space for knives and come in different designs and styles.

Finding the right wooden kitchen block does not have to be difficult. The market provides various options to choose from. However, manufacturers make them differently, so you have to be keen during purchase to ensure you spend money on quality blocks.

Below is a guide on wooden blocks your kitchen needs.

Types of Wooden Blocks

There are different kinds of wooden kitchen blocks to consider buying. While some blocks come with knives, others do not. They offer different features, and whichever type you choose depends on your needs.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife Block 7 Pc Set

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four Star Knife Block 7 Pc Set

Upright Kitchen Blocks

These come with slots to fit different knives. To avoid frustration, if you purchase knives from a given brand, buy the wooden block from them as well.

That way, your blades fit perfectly in the openings with ease. Note that blocks can damage the cutting edges due to sliding them into and out of the slots.

The movement makes your blades dull, and you have to sharpen and hone them often. To reduce the damage, press the knife’s spine (not the blade) gently against the wood to prevent the cutting edge from making contact. 

Slotless Wooden Blocks

With slotless blocks, you do not have to worry about your knives not fitting in the openings. Instead of having pre-measured holes, this type has plastic and rubber rods in which you insert your knives.

It fits any blade size if that falls within the general dimensions. If your knife collection consists of knives from different manufacturers, the slotless block is ideal for you. You can remove the rods and dish-wash them.

Countertop Dock

The dock is a block of wood that has a sheet of plexiglass mounted to its face. You slip your knives into the area between the two surfaces. The openings might have predetermined slot spaces. However, some brands provide countertop top docks with no pre-measured slots.

Wooden Kitchen Block: Types, Benefits, and Its Place in Your Kitchen

Under-cabinet Wooden Block

When you have limited countertop space, the under-cabinet block comes in handy. While come models feature a rotating functionality with a swivel, others have a hinge.

If you need a knife from a rotating wooden block, it spins to let you reach the knife handle. Hinged blocks have a drawer-like design. Pull it down to open and access the blade you need.  

Do not put your wooden kitchen block in a dishwasher. The water and heat can dissolve the glue and wood, damage the finish, and crack the wood.

While wooden blocks are great, reaching deep down the slots to clean them can be a challenge. The openings can harbor moisture, bacteria, and particles. As you wipe the outer surface, remember to turn the bock upside down to get rid of any debris in the openings.

Furi Pro Segmented Knife Block 6 Pc Set

Furi Pro Segmented Knife Block 6 Pc Set

Benefits of Kitchen Blocks

The kitchen blocks come in different shapes and designs to match different customer preferences. They provide safe storage space for your knives to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Besides, they serve as display equipment. Manufacturers offer various stylish blocks that add beauty to your space. You can use them to showcase your rich collection of knives.

The blocks help you keep your knives organized instead of having them all over the place. You get to have all the blades you need in one place. You can easily reach the type you need and enjoy making different meals.

Under-cabinet blocks help you save countertop space. They are ideal for small kitchens, so you can cook freely without dropping any kitchen tools.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wooden Blocks

Companies provide a variety of kitchen blocks to choose from. With the following factors in mind, you can have an easier time deciding which one to purchase.

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

Type of Wood

While some brands use traditional wood in making blocks, others use bamboo wood, for example.

Bamboo is a renewable source and is harder than maple. It is also tough, non-porous, and offers different color variations for you to select. It does not absorb moisture, which enhances its durability and hygiene. 

Vertical vs. Diagonal Release

For some blocks, removing knives from them requires a straight, vertical lift. Therefore, ensure that you have adequate space to do so without hurting your hands. However, other blocks release knives diagonally. That way, you can have them under your cabinets.

Available Space

Upright and slotless wooden blocks take up space on your countertop. If you have limited room, consider buying under-cabinet blocks. That way, you can have your knives in a safe place without them being in your way when preparing food.

Besides, this type of block is safer when you have children around. It keeps blades away from them, unlike having upright blocks on your countertop.

Style and Stability

Whether you want a classic or modern wooden block, the market has what you need. Companies provide blocks with different finishing that look spectacular in your space.

Regarding stability, wooden blocks tend to be stable. Ensure that you purchase sturdy, durable blocks that can hold different knives, including heavy ones. Check the bottom of slotless and upright knives you buy to ensure it is anti-skid so it does not slip off a surface.

Wusthof In-Drawer Organiser 43x11x5cm

Wusthof In-Drawer Organiser 43x11x5cm

Your Knife Collection

If you have a collection of mixed knives, a block with pre-sized slots is not the right option. Consider buying a slotless model instead. That way, you are sure that your knives will fit in the openings.

Note that angled slots provide wide openings that lower the risk of damaging your blades when removing or inserting them a block.

Wooden kitchen blocks come in different shapes and designs. They provide a secure space to store your blades and protect them from damage. However, do not toss your wooden block in the dishwasher.

With the above factors in mind, you can easily identify the block you need for your kitchen.

Ensure that you purchase a stable, high-quality, durable block. If you have knives from different brands, invest in a slotless model.

When you have limited room on your countertop, under-cabinet blocks would be helpful. They allow you to save space and have a neat work surface as you make meals for your family or guests.

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