What Makes F Dick Knives Special?

What Makes F Dick Knives Special?

More than 200 years ago, Friedr Dick started a file manufacturing company in Germany. Today, F Dick is an award-winning knife manufacturing company that distributes its professional cutlery products worldwide.

F Dick grew from a little shop to a global giant, making quality cutlery for professional and home kitchens. F Dick knives have a number of characteristics that make them one of the most sought after knife brands in the world.

Here are some of them.

F Dick Premier Plus Jagd Knife Set 3 Pc

F Dick Premier Plus Jagd Knife Set 3 Pc

The Blade

The blade is the most important part of the knife. F Dick knife blades have unique characteristics that make the knives ideal for both professional and home kitchens.

F Dick Steel

A good blade stays sharp for a long time and doesn't rust due to exposure to water or heat in the kitchen. F Dick Knife blades are made of high-quality stainless steel alloys which feature different elements for their unique characteristics:

  • Carbon - If a knife is too flexible, it won't cut anything. Carbon hardens the blade and makes it resistant to force. However, carbon tends to corrode and absorb strong flavors. To avoid having knives that smell perpetually of onions or other strongly flavored foods, the carbon is sandwiched between odor-free steel.

  • Chrome - The carbides in chrome keep the edge of the knife sharp for a longer time so that you don't have to keep sharpening the knife. When knives are sharpened too frequently, they wear out easily. You don't want your broad-bladed chef knife to end up looking like a ham knife! Chrome also enhances corrosion resistance.

  • Vanadium - Vanadium keeps the blade resistant to damage by heat. It also helps with edge retention.

  • Molybdenum - This reduces a type of corrosion that happens to steel called pitting corrosion. It happens when pits or cavities form on the surface of the steel and fill with corroded material. It's worse than the more well-known uniform corrosion because it is hard to detect and even harder to get rid of.

Blade Hardness

A blade has to be hard enough to withstand constant pressure without buckling.

The carbon in F Dick steel alloys guarantees strength and resistance to pressure. The knives are also hardened in a state-of-the-art ice-hardening process which produces a strong, durable blade with a sharp edge.

Non-Stick Blade

It's always annoying when ingredients keep sticking to the blade while cutting.

The designers of the Premier Worldchefs Series must have had this in mind when they designed the CeraEasyClean non-stick coating for knives in this series, such as the F Dick Premier WORLDCHEFS Boning Knife Flexible 15cm. This high quality non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the blade and makes it easy to clean the knives.  

F Dick Premier WORLDCHEFS Boning Knife Flexible 15cm

Forged Vs Stamped Blades

Knife blades are made by either stamping or forging. Most F Dick knives are forged, but some series feature stamped knives.

  • Stamped Blades:

A blade is stamped by cutting it out from a large sheet of metal and heating it for durability then honing it to make it sharp. Stamped knives are lighter, more flexible, and more affordable than forged knives.

Although most F Dick knives are forged, knives in the Superior Series such as F DICK Superior Series Utility Knife Serrated 11cm feature stamped blades.

F DICK Superior Series Utility Knife Serrated 11cm

  • Forged Blades:

A knife is forged by heating a single bar of steel and pounding it into shape. The pounding of the steel is believed to rearrange the molecules, making the blade stronger and harder than a stamped one. Forged knives also tend to be heavier.

They also have a bolster. More on this below.

The Bolster

A bolster is a thick band between the knife blade and the handle that gives a seamless transition from the blade to the handle. It acts as a finger-guard, gives balance, and makes the knife strong. Most F dick knives have a bolster because they are forged. Some F Dick knives like the F DICK ActiveCut Paring Knife 9cm have a half-bolster to allow you to sharpen the entire blade.

F DICK ActiveCut Paring Knife 9cm

The Tang

If you look carefully at a knife blade, you'll see that it doesn't end abruptly once it gets to the handle. It extends into the handle. This part of the blade that extends into the handle is the tang. F Dick knife handles have an integrated tang, where the bolster is integrated into the knife handle to create a seamless transition between the blade and the handle. An integrated tang gives great balance and is a feature of forged blades.

The Handle

A sharp knife won't do you much good if you can't handle it properly. The knife handle has to be comfortable and strong enough to prevent unnecessary fatigue when cutting ingredients.

F Dick knife handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and balance. They come in different types of material, from plastic to wood to mother-of-pearl. Here are some of their common characteristics.

  • Waterproof - F Dick knife handles are made of water-resistant materials like plastic that don't absorb and retain water. This is important for maintaining high levels of hygiene because a constantly damp knife handle is a magnet for germs.

  • Slip-proof - A handle should never be slippery as this could lead to unpleasant accidents. F Dick knife handles offer a firm, non-slip grip.

  • Seamless connection - For maximum hygiene, the connection between the handle and the knife blade should be as seamless as possible so that there are no gaps and dents that can trap bits of food. F Dick knife handles and blades are firmly secured together. The handle is not assembled. This ensures that no gaps remain which can trap food residues or moisture.

  • Rivets and rings - F Dick knife handles are securely connected to the blade with the typical three rivets, except those in the 1905 series such as the F DICK 1905 Series Santoku Kullenschliff 18cm, which have symmetrical coiled steel rings instead. They are inseparably molded into the handle using a unique process to create a hygienic gap-free handle.

F DICK 1905 Series Santoku Kullenschliff 18cm

Final Words

F Dick has been around for more than 200 years. If there's anyone who knows anything about high-quality knives, it's them. Why don't you take a look at our vast collection of F Dick Knives here?

F Dick Knives

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