Yanagiba knives are among the unique blades on the market. If you love preparing raw fish dishes, you need a quality Yanagiba knife in your kitchen. The Japanese-style knife features a single bevel blade, is easy to utilize, and comes in handy for various cutting tasks.

The knife is long, slender, and super sharp for effortless cutting through fish and other foods. Its origin is the Kansai area, near Osaka, and it is sometimes referred to as Shobu due to the blade looking like the spear-shaped leaves of the Iris plant. Some sites online also use the short form Yanagi to refer to the knife.

The Yanagiba knife is available in a variety of steels, handles, and construction methods and the blade length can range from 210mm to 360mm, but popular sizes are 270mm, 300mm, and 330mm.

 Yanagiba Knives

What Is the Use of a Yanagiba Knife?

A Yanagiba knife is mainly used for slicing boneless fish fillets when preparing Sushi, Sashimi, and other meals. The blade can also be utilized for skinning fish and filleting medium-sized and small fish. The knife has a long blade that allows you to cut fish in one heel to tip, drawing motion. Moreover, the somewhat acute edge angle and narrow blade ensure effortless cutting of ingredients to give you an easy time in the kitchen. The Yanagiba knife is extremely sharp to prevent damage to food and retain fish flavor and texture.

A Yanagiba Knife

The knife features stunning Japanese craftsmanship and provides precise, thin cutting for raw fish. It does not tear flesh and ensures you make even shiny cuts. As mentioned earlier, the Yanagiba knife has a single bevel blade, which means it is sharp on one side only. Apart from cutting fish, the knife has found other uses in the kitchen. You can use it to cut clean, thin slices of raw boneless meat, including chicken. The bald can also cut fruits, bread, and cheese. Do not use the knife to cut through bone, as this will damage the edge. 

Best Yanagiba Knives

How Do You Sharpen a Yanagiba Knife?

You should sharpen a Yanagiba knife using a wet whetstone. You need to have sharpening skills to ensure a proper job, but you can always learn how to sharpen the blade correctly. Video tutorials can help you understand how to sharpen a Yanagiba knife properly. If you have a hard time sharpening the single bevel blade, a professional can help you instead of damaging your knife trying to sharpen it. That way, you get to use the knife in its best condition for paper-thin slicing and effortless cutting of ingredients.

Aside from sharpening, you should hand wash the knife and dry it well to prevent rusting. Do not put the blade in the dishwasher, as doing so will cause damage and corrosion. With proper cleaning and sharpening, a Yanagiba knife will last to give you value for your money.

What Is the Difference between Sujihiki and Yanagiba?

Sujihiki and Yanagiba knives serve a similar purpose but differ in several ways. For example, while Yanagiba has a single bevel blade, Sujihiki has a double bevel cutting edge. Besides, the latter easily cuts straight while the former does not really cut foods straight. Anyone can use a Sujihiki knife, but a Yanagiba requires some learning if you have not used it before. Furthermore, Yanagiba is a ‘handed blade,’ which means it has different construction for left and right-handed users. This is not the case with Sujihiki. A left and right-handed person can use the blade easily.

A Sujihiki Knife

Many Yanagiba knives are slightly heavier than Sujihiki, considering their thicker spine, but the edge remains thin. This design ensures less friction and little to no flesh tearing. A Yanagiba knife is also non-stick, allowing the easy release of ingredients, a benefit that Sujihiki knives lack. However, a Sujihiki knife is easier to utilize and sharpen than Yanagiba. It also has a stronger edge and is perfect for cutting straight, thin slices of meat and fish. You can also use it for carving various foods. You can always learn how to use and sharpen a Yanagiba knife the same way we learn other things. It is not that difficult. The blade is a vital item in the kitchen if you love preparing fish dishes.

Both Yanagiba and Sujihiki are helpful knives for the kitchen. They serve similar functions but differ in features, as discussed earlier. The knife you choose will depend on your preference. Yanagiba is ideal for professional chefs and easy to master for home cooks. It slices boneless fish, is used to fillet and skin fish, and cuts other foods as well, including fruits, bread, and cheese. On the other hand, a Sujihiki knife is useful for trimming fat from meat, finely slicing boneless fish and meat, and skinning and filleting fish.

Our Favorites

Here are some of the best Yanagiba knives to consider purchasing for your kitchen. They are stunning, high-quality, and well-made to offer top performance during meal preparation.

F Dick Red Spirit Yanagiba Carving Sushi Knife 24cm

F Dick offers an elegant Yanagiba knife with a lovely red handle.  Use this best blade for cutting fish and meat into thin slices. The special cutting edge and extraordinary sharpness allow precise, clean cutting of foods for proper cooking or presentation. The knife is made from alloyed stainless steel that fosters long edge retention. It is easy and comfortable to use with a perfectly balanced weight and user-friendly design.

The 24cm Yanagiba knife is high-quality, consisting of stainless steel heel and bolster. Its handle is non-slip to prevent accidents and is made from quality plastics for durability. It features a full tang that ensures longevity, and the edge is laser-tested and polished. The knife also has a round-shaped handle that feels fantastic in the hands and provides a proper grip. Prepare fish dishes, slice meat neatly, and enjoy the precision that the F Dick Yanagiba provides.

F DICK Red Spirit Yanagiba Carving Sushi Knife 24cm

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Left-Handed Sashimi Knife 21cm 

If you are left-handed, Tojiro provides a Yanagiba knife to suit your needs. It is a stunning 21cm blade that allows you to cut foods into thin, clean slices. It has a comfortable handle that ensures smooth food cutting at all times. Whether a chef or a home cooking enthusiast, this long, thin blade will help you slice flesh without tearing or pulling. Keep the texture and flavors of fish and treat your family, guests, or customers to expertly prepared meals. 

This best Yanagiba knife is handmade in Niigata, Japan, and has a stainless steel blade for superior functionality in the kitchen. The handle consists of magnolia wood, and the collar is durable plastic. The knife is simple to maintain and anti-rust to keep it looking as good as new for meal preparation. Besides, the manufacturer utilizes reinforced molybdenum-vanadium steel to make a high-quality, hand-polished blade for a marvelous finish. The 52 Rockwell hardness gives you a knife that will stand the test of time as you prepare different meals.

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Left Handed Sashimi Knife 21cm

Tojiro Traditional Right-Handed Pro Series Sashimi Knife 24cm

As you prepare raw fish meals, you need a quality, sharp knife for seamless cutting. As a right-handed user, Tojiro offers you a long, super-sharp Yanagiba knife to give you an easy time in the kitchen. It is handcrafted to give value, and the handle is made from magnolia wood. The knife is anti-rust to ensure elegance and safety in the kitchen and when preparing meals.

Tojiro utilizes alloyed steel to make a Yanagiba knife with top functionality. It has a good grip and feels comfortable in the palms. Whether you are a chef or a home cook, the knife will give you the performance you need when preparing boneless fish and meat for various dishes. Sharpen the knife to keep it in proper working condition and hand wash it to prevent damage. It is also a gorgeous gift for a loved one. Store it in a knife block or other proper storage spaces and watch the blade serve your needs effectively.
Tojiro Traditional Right-Handed Pro Series Sashimi Knife 24cm

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Right-Handed Sashimi Knife 21cm

Tojiro offers another Yanagiba knife for right-handed users with a 21cm blade length. It is a shorter version of the 24cm blade and offers you highly satisfactory functioning. Slice raw fish and seafood using this best Yanagiba knife. It does not pull or tear through flesh and has an ergonomic handle. The balanced weight distribution and comfortable grip prevent fatigue when preparing meals for a long while. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with a knife that is high-quality and well-made with high-quality components.

It consists of high-grade alloyed steel, which is hand polished for a stunning finish.  It is simple to use and made of quality material from the blade to the handle. Slice, fillet, and skin fish to make delicious meals. The knife is perfect for chefs and home cooking, providing superior performance for users. It is easy to use and sharpen, and the quality is worth the price.

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Right Handed Sashimi Knife 21cm

Variations of Yanagiba Knives

The Yanagiba knife is the commonly used blade for making Sushi and Sashimi. However, the market has other variations of the Yanagiba that you might have come across. They are used for specific tasks and include the following.

  • Kiritsuke: It has a similar profile to Yanagiba but features an angled tip often referred to as a clipped point or reverse tanto, which is helpful for precision cutting. It has a single bevel blade and is generally a bit heavier than the popular Yanagiba.
  • Takohiki: This version of Yanagiba is also called an octopus knife. It has a straight spine and blunt square tip to allow easy cutting through dense and tough food like an octopus. It typically has a single bevel blade and is thinner, flatter, and lighter than a Yanabiga knife.
  • Sakimaru Takohiki: It provides precise, clean cuts like a Yanagiba knife but has a slightly rounded tip that sets it apart from other single bevel blades. It also has a straight spine and a slightly curved edge that give it a unique design. The knife is useful in preparing octopus.
  • Fuguhiki: This knife has a narrower, thinner, and slightly more flexible blade for cutting thin slices of delicate flesh fish like Japanese blowfish. It is also called the Fugubiki knife.

Factors to Consider When Buying Yanagiba Knives

Purchasing a Yanagiba knife is an investment. You want to spend money on a high-quality blade with sturdy, durable construction.

For starters, the best Yanagiba knife on sale is made from alloyed steel. Carbon steel knives retain the sharp edge for longer, and sharpening them is easier, but they are vulnerable to stains and rust. They need regular oiling and proper maintenance. On the other hand, stainless steel blades are corrosion and rust-resistant, and tougher, but they do not retain sharpness and are harder to sharpen. Carbon steel is the best material, although it has downsides that can be managed.

Go for a knife with an ergonomic handle. It should have a good grip and feel comfortable in the hands. The market has Yanagiba knives with plastic or wood handles. The material you choose depends on your preference. The best knife is not only made from alloyed steel but also has a high-quality handle. Besides, full-tang knives are more durable.

An excellent Yanagiba knife on sale also has proper weight distribution. It has a good balance to ensure seamless cutting and prevent accidents in the kitchen. The blade length you choose depends on your preference as well. Yanagiba blades range from 210-360mm.

The knife is available at different prices, depending on the brand. It is possible to find a well-made, high-quality Yanagiba that fits your budget. Take your time to research different manufacturers before purchase to find a knife that does not leave a dent in your pocket.

Yanagiba Knives

Final Thoughts

A Yanagiba knife does more than just slicing, filleting, and skinning boneless fish. You can also use it to cut meat, chicken, cheese, fruits, and bread. It is simple to utilize and do not use it to cut through bone.

We have covered some Yanagiba knives on sale to consider buying for your kitchen. Go for sturdy, durable, comfortable knives made from high-quality materials to ensure you enjoy superior performance. 


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