Knives, indispensable tools throughout history, have played a vital role in myriad human endeavours - from hunting and cooking to crafting and self-defence. As tokens of practicality and artisanal prowess, they have long been deemed perfect gifts. Yet, gifting knives is shrouded in superstition, stirring fears of ill-fate and fractured bonds. At House of Knives, we empathise with these concerns, and thus, wish to unveil a time-honoured custom to allay such apprehensions: the addition of a coin to your knife gift.

The Numismatic Twist in Tradition

In eras preceding contemporary scientific thinking, gifting a knife was thought to invite misfortune or even sever the connection between giver and receiver. To thwart this belief, a custom emerged: attaching a coin to the blade or enclosing it within the gift. Symbolically purchasing the knife, the recipient would "pay" the giver with the coin, safeguarding their relationship.

In antiquity, stumbling upon metal was seen as a divine gift, a harbinger of good fortune. Thus, including a coin with a knife gift served to counterbalance the purported negativity associated with the blade. This practise, both quaint and endearing, has survived the test of time and still dispels superstitions surrounding knife gifts.

To Coin or Not to Coin: That is the Question

Seasoned knife aficionados recognise the unparalleled value of a well-crafted blade. The House of Knives team is poised to guide you in selecting the perfect gift. In our eyes, knives bear no ill-omen; they are simply practical, thoughtful presents for the right individual. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the existence of superstitious sentiments.

Should your intended recipient harbour a penchant for superstition—or if the prospect of recounting the beguiling coin-and-knife tale entices you—feel free to incorporate a penny or alternative coin into your gift. Doing so may render your already exceptional offering all the more unforgettable.


At House of Knives, we aim to assist you in discovering the ideal gift while honouring the beliefs and customs of your cherished ones. Adding a coin to your knife offering not only respects an age-old practise, but also imbues your present with an additional layer of thoughtfulness and allure. Explore our vast array of exquisite knives today and bestow the gift of fortune upon a special someone. And, always bear in mind: it is not merely the knife, but the narrative it carries, that truly matters.

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