The Best Paring Knife: Blades to Consider and a Buyer’s Guide

A kitchen needs different types of knives to ensure an easy time preparing various foods. Some knives are must-haves for professional chefs and might not be required for every home kitchen. However, paring knives are blades that every kitchen should have, considering how versatile they are. The market has a variety of paring knives to choose from, and below is a guide to help you buy the best paring knife for your kitchen.

What Is a Paring Knife Used for?

A paring knife is a blade with a small, sharp cutting edge. It is also called a peeling knife, and the blade area measures 3-4 inches (8-10cm) long. It looks like a short chef’s knife and fits snugly in hand. You can use it on a chopping board or off-board. Paring knives used on cutting boards have longer blades, while off-board types are shorter and ideal for tasks like peeling fruits.

A paring knife is used for peeling, trimming, cutting, and slicing foods. It is designed for precise cutting and comes in handy when cutting tiny ingredients like garlic. Use it to cut and peel fruits and vegetables or segment citrus fruits. A paring knife is also used for filleting small fish, deveining prawns, carving poultry, scoring meat, trimming meat fat meat, and testing the tenderness of the meat.

Our Picks: The Best Paring Knife

Choosing the best paring knife should not be difficult. There are various brands to choose from but ensure that you go for the best blades, which are made of high-grade materials. Here are some of the best paring knives to consider buying for your kitchen.

1. Wusthof 3.5’’ Paring Knife Classic Ikon

Wusthof is a respected name on the knives market. The German brand is known for making high-quality, well-made knives for chefs and home users. The Wusthof paring knife 3.5-inch is an elegant piece that looks spectacular in every cooking area. It is high-quality and performs various small cutting tasks, such as peeling fruits, mincing garlic, deveining shrimp, and carving unique patterns on vegetables and fruits. This Wusthof paring knife has a POM handle and is usable with a flexible cutting board. To keep it sharp, use a ceramic sharpening steel.

The company also offers the Wusthof Amici 3.5-inch paring knife. It is perfect for coring apples and other small cutting tasks. It has a thick section between the handle and blade to prevent cutting your fingers. Additionally, the handle is made from olive wood, which is water-resistant and antibacterial, fostering durability and hygiene when making foods.

This Wusthof paring knife is also double riveted, has a good grip, and feels comfortable in the hands of all sizes. However, Wusthof also provides 2.5’’, 3’’, and 4’’ paring knives. Choose the length that matches your needs and enjoy cutting small foods easily and quickly


Best Paring Knives of 2022


2. Furi Pro 9cm Paring Knife

As the best paring knife to consider buying, the Furi Pro 9cm blade is a stunning knife for peeling, coring, and slicing fruits and vegetables. It consists of Japanese stainless steel and has a reverse-wedge grip that feels nice in the palms. Use the knife to quickly cut through garlic, fruits, and other small foods in the kitchen. Wash the paring knife in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly to keep it sparkling at all times.

Furi designs its knives with a seamless finish and a perfectly polished design that speaks of style and elegance. The paring knife fits perfectly in your collection of knives. It is small and will take up little space in your storage space. The blade is a smooth surface that cuts seamlessly into foods and is ready for use right out of the box. Besides, the knife is high-quality and will make precision cutting a breeze. 

Furi Pro Paring Knife 9cm

 3. Tojiro Pro Flash 9cm Paring Knife

The 9cm Tojiro Pro Flash paring knife is one of the best paring knives to consider buying. It has a plain blade for delicate work like slicing a garlic clove and cutting shapes into dough. It is also perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables. The knife is razor-sharp and handcrafted in Niigata, Japan. The manufacturer utilizes 63 layers of Damascus steel, which is hand polished to provide a spectacular finish on the paring knife.

Paring knives in the Tojiro Pro Flash line are top-quality Damascus steel. The brand also incorporates a thin layer of VG-10 steel at the center that allows the blade to remain flexible and strong yet being sharp and hard. Apart from the 9cm paring knife, the Pro Flash Series also has 10cm and 13cm paring blades if you need a longer paring knife. The Micarta handles on the knives are beautiful and made from synthetic resin and linen, which undergo processing to ensure durability. Japan is known for making the world’s sharpest, hardest, most refined blades. However, Tojiro knives are the leading brand for professionals in Japan.

Tojiro Pro Flash Paring Knife 9cm

4. Shun Kai Classic Chef Utility Paring Knife 3 Pc Set

Shun Kai offers you a set with a chef, utility, and paring knife. The paring blade is 10cm long and makes peeling, trimming, and slicing easy and quick. The set is available in a gorgeous box for gift-giving and storage. The paring knife features a hammered finish that releases food easily when in use. It is made of Damascus stainless steel with 34 layers on every side. Besides, the blade is handcrafted in Japan and has a comfortable, contoured Pakkawood handle.

Shun Kai combines its 100 years of experience with the latest technology and high-grade materials to make exceptional knives that are durable, sharp, and corrosion-resistant. The paring knife has thinner, lighter edges that cut precisely and efficiently. The walnut-colored handle adds to the blade's beauty, which also has an imprinted end cap that adds balance to the knife.

Shun Kai Classic Chef Utility Paring Knife 3 Pc Set

5. Miyabi 5000MCD 3pc Set Santoku Utility Paring Knife

The set carries a Santoku, utility, and 9cm paring knife. The manufacturer utilizes high-grade materials, traditional Japanese artistry, and advanced hardening technology to make one of the best paring knives on the market. The blade has a patterned look that makes the knife even more stunning. It is also hardened using a specially crafted ice-hardening method that ensures extreme hardness and a durable, sharp knife.

The blade consists of SG2 super steel material and goes through a rigorous ice-hardening process to ensure durability and quality. The beautiful wood Birch handle is a creative addition to the knife, as it has a mosaic pin, steel end cap, and red space accents. The handle is also D-shaped to ensure comfort. However, you should only hand wash the knife to safeguard the blade. The knife should be sharpened using a professional sharpening stone, considering its hard steel and the fine Honbazuke honing.

Miyabi 5000MCD 3pc Set Santoku Utility Paring Knife

Miyabi 5000MCD Paring Utility Santoku Knife 3 Pc Set

How Do I Choose a Paring Knife?

Choosing the best paring knife should not be challenging. With particular factors in mind, you should have an easy time identifying the peeling knife you need for your small cutting needs. Below are aspects to keep in mind when choosing a paring knife.


An excellent paring knife is made from high-grade materials that undergo processing to ensure durability and sharpness. The best paring knife consists of quality stainless steel, and the blade is razor-sharp for precise, seamless cutting, slicing, and trimming. A well-made paring knife also fosters your safety and serves you well in the kitchen. It lasts long, so you do not have to buy a new knife sooner.


You want to purchase a paring knife with an elegant, comfortable design and a good grip. It should also be lightweight for effortless use off-board and flexible. Manufacturers provide knives in various styles, and they all look great depending on your taste. A quality blade also has an ergonomically shaped handle with an excellent grip to prevent slipping.

The market has paring knives wooden handles that are water-resistant to foster durability, and brands use other materials on the handles. If you have big hands, you should go for a paring knife that fits snugly in your palms. Large paring knives have large handles that fit well in big hands to ensure comfort.


The knives industry has many brands offering paring knives and other blades. What matters is quality, high-grade materials, and comfort. However, some knife manufacturers are well known among professional chefs, as they offer the best blades with super sharp edges, quality materials, and durability. These companies also have years of experience in making knives and have made a name for themselves for offering sturdy, well-made blades.

Some of these brands include Wusthof from Germany and Tojiro from Japan. Nevertheless, the market has other brands that provide quality knives made using high-strength, durable materials, and superior craftsmanship. That being said, the best brand also provides paring blades in different lengths to ensure every user gets what they need.

Blade Length

As mentioned earlier, paring knives vary in blade length 8-10cm. Smaller blades are great for tiny foods like garlic cloves and small cutting tasks like carving shapes in the dough. They ensure precise, easy cutting. However, longer blades suit larger fruits and vegetables and other foods, as they have more coverage.

Besides, the shorter the knife, the more precise the cutting. If you shop from a physical shop, you can hold the knives to ascertain the grip and comfort in your hands. Nonetheless, a paring knife in the 8-10cm range should give you the accuracy you need in small cutting jobs. 


Paring knives come at different prices, with some being costlier than others. Check the quality of the best paring knife you come across, the material used, blade length, and design to ascertain if it suits your needs. Compare the price of top products and decide which one fits your budget. Aside from popular names like Wusthof, Tojiro, and Shun Kai, the industry has other brands that also provide high-quality, well-crafted paring blades for your kitchen.

You can buy the best paring knife online or from a reliable physical store. However, shopping online exposes you to a wide range of paring knives to choose from, and the price also varies. That way, it is easier to find a quality blade that matches the price range you have in mind.

If you come across a brand you have not bought before, ensure you research it first to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision. Spend money on the best paring knife that will last and provide efficiency and top precision when cutting foods.

Are Paring Knives Serrated?

Some paring knives are serrated while others are not, depending on the brand. Serrated knives are great for cutting foods with a hard exterior and soft on the inside like tomatoes to prevent squishing them. They are also perfect for slicing citrus and cutting bread. Nonetheless, non-serrated paring knives are also great, as they are razor sharp and cut through flesh fast without deforming it.

Is a Paring Knife Necessary?

A paring knife is the second most important blade in every kitchen. Peeling, slicing, and cutting are part of everyday food preparation tasks. A paring knife is small, sharp, and ideal for small cutting jobs. Cutting garlic cloves into tiny pieces or skinning mushrooms using a chef’s knife can be tricky.

A paring knife does such jobs accurately and quickly, giving you an easy time in the kitchen. It has many other uses, including scoring meat, filleting small fish, and deveining prawns. It also does a good job peeling fruits,  mincing herbs, and removing seeds from fruits.

Final Thoughts

A paring knife is a should-have blade in the kitchen. It has many uses, including cutting, slicing, trimming, and peeling foods. Paring knives are available in different blade lengths and designs to match varying user needs. We have reviewed some of the best paring knives to consider buying. They are high-quality, sturdy, ergonomic, and made from hardened, durable stainless steel. The market has many other paring knives to keep in mind when shopping. 

We have discussed the factors to consider when making purchases to ensure you spend money on a high-grade, well-made, razor-sharp, precise-cutting paring knife. If you do not have a paring knife in your kitchen, it is time you bought one, considering its many uses in food preparation.  

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