Professional S knives: Why they are the Best

Professional S by Zwilling J.A. Henckels is a popular German brand of stainless-steel kitchen knives. The knives, reputably, are forged from a single piece of steel.

One can always expect features such as a bolster for assured safety, laser-controlled sharpness, and an easy to clean ergonomic handle. Let's find out more.

Quality and consumer satisfaction

Henckels knives are a high performing type of kitchen knives. They have a traditionalist design and a three-rivet handle.

A proprietary forging formula leads to a safe and dependable set of knives. These knives are available in many designs to meet the most demanding food preparation requirements for chefs and cooking hobbyists.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Sharp Pro Sharpener & Honer Black

Keeping it traditional and classy

The Professional S is an embodiment of peak craftsmanship in Western traditional knife making. Here you have a kitchen knife that feels right and that you can apply to a dozen versatile functions.

Three things set the Professional S knives above its peers in the market.

Handle performance is a guarantee given the 3 rivets full tang design.

Cutting performance is leading-edge given the single-forged traditional ice-hardened blade.

When it comes to handling balance, it feels right in the hands.

Ergonomic handle

The Professional S is a safe knife to work with. The handle is an ergonomic polymer material perfectly blended to a full tang. The design minimizes fatigue and the risk of repetitive motion injuries from trauma.

When you buy the Zwilling Henckels knives, food preparation can instantly turn from a tedious experience to something you look forward to. A Professional S knife handle has a simple design that fits right and balances well in the chef's hands.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Pro Boning Knife 14cm

Agile performance

All Henckels knives handles are super comfortable and have a sturdy grip. The performance is consistent through both soft and hard textured food items. The full bolster and finger guard make it possible to work fast and seamlessly without worrying about the knife slipping out of the hands in the process. This leads to a safer kitchen experience.

Even when you have to use it the whole day, the Professional S knife still feels comfy to hold. This knife is valued by pro chefs and every other budding cooking enthusiast. There are no frills, just simple, practical design features.

What you have on Professional S knives are the handles that snuggly fit well in any hand for the control as well as precision in cutting. The long handles improve balance and agility. This reduces fatigue and the risk of musculoskeletal trauma.

You will feel like a real culinary specialist when you hold one of the Henckels knives. All the fingers of your hands partake in the grip. The slightly heavy handle improves control and speed when cutting.

There are no clumsily positioned finger grooves on a Professional S. The blade guard at the end of the knife can shield your hand from sliding onto the sharp blade of the edge. It is additionally a component of proficiency. Your hand won't slide off the rear of the blade when you are cutting thick meats and veggies.

When buying the Special S kitchen knives, choose a model that can work well for your hands' size. This premium brand has both small and large knives for culinary experts with big as well as small hands, respectively. Their models with short and long handles typically make it easier to work with the kitchen gloves.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Pro Bread Knife 20cm

The sharp blade

The Professional S blade is ice-hardened and can stay sharper for along with assured durability. The glittering Professional S knives are precision-forged from a single one-piece for agreeable aerodynamics and geometry. You get a knife that can facilitate accurate cutting and grinding.

Professional S cutting edges are among the most honed on the planet. The cutting edges are fashioned in a customary strategy where one stainless steel plate is forged, and laser sharpened, leading to superior cutting performance. These knives are precision-forged. They meet all the design requirements for accurate cutting tasks.

The ZWILLING HENCKELS J. A. blade special steel stands out with its optimum balance of carbon and chromium content. The bolster enables the right balance. Also, it functions as a fingerguard and prevents the fingers from slipping on the surface of the blade.

The blade has cutting edge retention that has been laser refined and taken through an ice-hardening process. This blade seamlessly combines high-quality flexibility and corrosion resistance. The high carbon substance of the edges causes them to remain sharp for longer.


The Professional S knives are forged and not stamped, as is the case for other knife brands in the market. Forged knives have stronger blades that can last through years of cutting cycles. Stamped knives are susceptible to wear and tear when sharpening or honing.

The Professional S chef knife has an impressive quality and design. It's a heavy knife with a 20 cm long blade that can help you cut and chop fresh herbs and vegetables. You can cut large and tough pieces of meat without much of a struggle.

The wider bolster on the end of the blade near the handle elevates balance. You will feel the weight of the knife near the center.

Many cooks appreciate the feel of the bolster. It makes for a firmer grip between the thumb and forefinger.

Key things to note about the Professional S knife:

  • The blades feature a V shape design that leads to a fine symmetrical edge of 15 degrees on either side
  • The Professional S is a one-piece precision forged knife. It is hardwearing and highly usable.
  • The ice-hardened blades promote durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention
  • The triple-riveted ergonomic handle leads to a firmer grip and a fatigue-free experience
  • These knives are dishwasher safe. However, the best performance is only guaranteed for hand washing recommended
  • The synthetic or plastic handles are moderately heavy, well balanced and comfortable to use all-day

In Conclusion

Finding a quality kitchen knife that checks right on ergonomics, operational efficiency, and durability may be a lengthy and costly undertaking. Zwilling makes things easier with the Professional S series of kitchen knives.

The Professional S knives are superbly designed and reasonably priced. Shop now for a knife that can perform better for longer.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Pro Knife 3 Pc Set

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