New to the Kitchen? Best Chef Knife Collection For All Your Needs

Cavemen had knives too. It was the first invention that gave our species a competitive advantage in the wilderness. More than 4000 years later, the knife is still essential. It is the utmost tool for our survival. Without having access to the best chef knife collection, forget dinner.

If you need to restock your kitchen, don't forget the knives. Even if you have world-class cooking skills, a bad knife can throw a spanner in the works. That is why all chefs are very uncompromising when it comes to kitchen knives. At House of Knives, we have the best chef knife for you in our diverse collections. Start browsing now foor your perfect match.

The Chef's Knife

In all the slicing, chopping, and mincing, the chef's knife is a sizeable design that makes things easy. It has a broad blade that curves upwards. If it is a well-designed knife, it will feel easier on your hands, facilitating faster back and forth motions when chopping meats and veggies.

The best chef's knife is about 10 inches long. It has a full tang. The bottom of the blade extends to the tip and the base of the knife. This design increases blade length for agile cutting.

When choosing a sharpener for their knives, great chefs think about the chef knife first. If it works well for the chef knife, it will probably work well for your other knives.

An ideal knife sharpener should have the ability to grind and reduce the knives' edge angle, regardless of whether they are forged or stamped.

The F DICK Red Spirit Knife Block 4 Pc is a kitchen knife set that includes a chef knife, a paring knife, a bread knife, and a santoku knife. You get every essential kitchen knife you need in one set. They are all made from stainless steel for durability, and they keep an edge for many years to come.

F DICK Red Spirit Knife Block 4 Pc

The Utility Knife

When it's time to chop onions, fruits, and other small food items, what you will need for the job is a utility knife. It is a tad smaller than the chef's knife. Its size is about 4 inches.

You cannot use the utility knife for chopping or cutting large items. Its narrow kerf and small tip make it an excellent knife for trimming and slicing.

When buying utility knives, pay close attention to the steel. Find a utility knife with a hard steel blade. It will retain sharpness for a long and promote a smoother experience in the kitchen.

The ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Pro Knife 3 Pc Set has a utility knife together with a chef's knife and a paring knife. These knives are one-piece precision-forged for ergonomics and efficiency. The carbon steel design makes them corrosion resistant and helps them keep an edge for a long.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Pro Knife 3 Pc Set

Kitchen Shears

Shears are fantastic to have in the kitchen. When you are dealing with nuts and shrimps or kales, you will appreciate the versatility of shears. They help with balance and comfort, making it easy to section octopus and prepare shrimp.

So even though they are not knives, they are a must-have. The best blade type to have for your kitchen shears is carbon steel. It can hold sharpness for longer. Some kitchen shears also come with detachable blades for effortless cleaning.

The Boning Knife

A boning knife is an essential kitchen tool for separating meat from the bone. Apart from filleting, these knives also serve as a chef's vegetable knife in slicing veggies and preparing salads.

A boning knife should ideally be between 3 and 8 inches long. Find a boning knife with stiff blades or a semi-Flexi design for precise and effortless filleting and slicing. You may also choose a boning knife with a slender tip for versatility in cutting cookie dough and carving cakes.

If you need something ergonomically designed for a better kitchen experience, consider the F Dick Pro-Dynamic Fishing Knife Set 2 Pc. This is a set of two boning knives that feel right in the hands. You get a 7-inch filleting knife and a 6-inch boning knife.

The Bread Knife

That old serrated knife is a crucial part of your breakfast table. As a civilized homeowner, you can't live without it. You need it for slicing bread and cakes without making a mess.

You may also find it handy at dinner time for slicing pork and fish. As a rule of thumb, your bread knife is serrated. When it comes to length, choose a size that is right for your hands. Big hands need big knives, but 8 inches is the ideal average length for this knife.

We have the Furi Pro Scalloped & Serrated Bread Knife 23cm, engineered for best performance and durability. This bread knife is 9 inches long, made from the sturdy Japanese stainless steel and a reverse-wedge handle for easy slicing.

Furi Pro Scalloped & Serrated Bread Knife 23cm

The Cleaver Knife

The cleaver knife gives you a butcher's versatility right in your kitchen. See the way it is big and heavy and sort of machete-designed? It is meant for cutting tough meats and slicing through bones.

Its broad belly and sharp edge make it a formidable ally for pulverizing meat and chopping coconut and garlic. When shopping for this bulky kitchen knife, buy the heaviest. And buy a model with a finger guard for safety.

Consider adding the Shun Kai Classic Meat Cleaver 18.7 cm to your cart. It is hand-crafted in Japan, heavy and designed for wall mounting. It features a VG-MAX a cutting core and 324 layers of the Damascus Steel. It can cut through tough meat bones like they are nothing.

Shun Kai Classic Meat Cleaver 18.7cm

The Paring Knife

Do you love making garnished cocktails? You need a paring knife for that. It is the only dedicated peeling knife in your kitchen so buy the right type. A design of 4 inches and a pointed tip, for example, promote precision and graceful peeling.

Consider a model with a curved edge. It should be lightweight as well for a fatigue-less peeling experience. If you can find a paring knife with a longer edge, you are in luck, because that improves versatility. You will be able to use the paring knife as a boning knife.

Choose the Tojiro Pro Flash 63 Layer Damascus Knife Gift Set C to get both a paring knife and a santoku knife at the price one. These knives feature a comfortable handle, and they are razor-sharp, sleek, and polished. They are also ambidextrous.

 Tojiro Pro Flash 63 Layer Damascus Knife Gift Set C

In Summary

We have the right chef knife for you. House of Knives is dedicated to quality kitchen knives designed for performance, durability, and ease of use. Buy kitchen knives from us to enjoy long term warranties, free shipping, and excellent customer service.

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