Knife Storage Blocks - Knowing Which to Choose

Knife Storage Blocks

Where do you keep your knives? Do you just pop them into a drawer when you're done with them? If you do, that's a no-no. Keeping knives haphazardly in a drawer is not only dangerous for you, but it will also dull the knives as well. This is because the constant friction between the knives and the other stuff in the drawer wears out the knife-edge faster. A knife storage block is one of the most convenient and safe ways of storing knives so they can last longer.

Designed with slots to hold different types of knives, they come in different styles and we'll look at some of them here.

In-Drawer Knife Blocks

If you don't have much space on the countertop, you can opt for an in-drawer knife block. These are simply flat blocks with slots for different knives that can fit into a drawer. You still keep your knives in a drawer but they're protected by the knife block.

knife storage block

Countertop Blocks

This is simply a standalone knife block that rests on the kitchen counter. Some are purchased with their own set of knives, while others come as standalone pieces.

Most are made of wood, like the Furi Pro Segmented Knife Block Set 6 Piece, which is made from bamboo and acacia. It has wide knife slots that ease the knife gently in without the edge unnecessarily rubbing against the block. It also has non-slip feet for a stable, slip-proof base.

Furi Pro Segmented Knife Block Set 6 Piece

Furi Pro Segmented Knife Block Set 6 Piece

Countertop blocks also come in different designs to suit different needs:

Slotless Blocks

If you're worried that the knives you already have won't fit into the slots of the knife block, you can purchase a universal slotless block.

This is a knife block with plastic or rubber rods attached to a base plate instead of individual slots for knives. With a slotless block, all you need to do is insert the knife into the rubber and it will fit there. The rubber adjusts to the size of the blade and goes back to its original shape after the knife is withdrawn.

Upright Blocks

Some blocks are designed to keep the knives in an upright, vertical position.

The Furi Pro Chamber Vertical 6pc Knife Block Set, for instance, is designed with slots that hold the knives upright. It is made from cedar wood with bamboo detailing. Upright blocks are best placed on the counter, where there is enough space to pull up the knives when withdrawing them from the slots.

Furi Pro Chamber Vertical 6pc Knife Block Set

Furi Pro Chamber Vertical 6pc Knife Block Set

Diagonal Blocks

Some blocks, like the Furi Pro Angular Knife Block 5 Pc Set, are designed to hold knives in a diagonal direction.

You don't have to lift the knife straight upwards to remove it. The knife block has an angular shape which makes it easy to select and withdraw knives. It also has non-slip feet to give extra stability.

Diagonal blocks are more suitable if you plan to keep your knife block in a cabinet where you won't have space to pull the knife straight upwards, or you need quick and easy access to all your knives. 

Furi Pro Angular Knife Block 5 Pc Set

Furi Pro Angular Knife Block 5 Pc Set

The Magnetized Block

A variety of countertop blocks have a strong magnet embedded under the wood. Instead of being inserted into slots, knives are simply placed on the wood to which the blade sticks.

The Zwilling Magnetic Bamboo Knife Block is a great example of a magnetized knife block. Made from natural bamboo, this knife block is naturally water and stain-resistant. Its hard surface also protects it from knife-scarring.

The slotless design allows you to store different types of knives and also prevents the accumulation of moisture. Magnetized blocks are easy to clean.

In addition, since all the knife blades are visible, you don't have to remove different knives in turn when looking for a particular one. Magnetized blocks keep knives sharp as there are no slots to keep rubbing against. Their main disadvantage is that the knives are exposed and could be a safety hazard in a house with children.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Magnetic Knife Block Slanted

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Magnetic Knife Block Slanted

Self-sharpening Blocks

Some knife blocks have knife sharpeners inside the slots. When the knife is withdrawn, it rubs against the knife sharpener and gets sharpened.

This helps maintain the knife-edge for longer. However, this kind of sharpening doesn't produce lasting results, and can actually wear the knife away.

Countertop Docks

These consist of a block of wood to which a clear Plexiglas sheet has been attached. The knife blades slide into the space between the Plexiglas and the block of wood.

This is useful as you can see the blades through the Plexiglas. you don't have to keep removing knives to find your knife of choice.

Advantages of Countertop Knife Blocks

Some countertop knife blocks have additional slots for other useful kitchen tools like a sharpening steel and kitchen shears.

Knife blocks keep the edges of the knives hidden, so they are safer to have in a house with children. They can also be locked away when not in use.

Having a stylish countertop knife block can add class to your kitchen, all your knives are conveniently within arm's reach are constantly visible

Disadvantages of Countertop Blocks

  • Although contemporary wooden knife blocks are often made from water-resistant wood, they are still a headache to clean. Moisture can build up inside the slots leading to the growth of fungi and bacteria. To avoid this, store the block away from moist areas and always make sure your knives are absolutely dry before returning them to the block.
  • Wooden knife blocks can sometimes lead to blunting of the knives due to the friction caused by the knife-edge rubbing against the slot. To avoid this, press the spine of the knife rather than the edge of the blade against the slot when you pull the knives out.

Final Words

Having high-quality knives in your kitchen is pointless if you don't have a proper, knife-friendly way of storing them. Knife storage blocks protect knife edges and provide a safe and convenient method of storing knives. They are a great option for housing all your knives. 

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