All About Knife Sharpening - Are They Worth The Investment? 

Whether you've got a new set of knives, or you're looking at bringing your old knives back to knife you'll need a knife sharpener. Sharp knives are safer and easier to work with. A well-maintained knife can you help slice, chop and dice like a pro.

The agility and predictability you need in the kitchen

A sharp knife is easier to control as it lands and slices through the food surface. It doesn't slip. You get to stay in control as you work through the meats and veggies, leading to precisely cut foods. A dull knife is a malediction. It can slip and cause you to chop your finger.

A fast and enjoyable food preparation experience

You can liken knives to machines. Inefficiency wastes time. It leads to exhaustion and can trigger motion injuries and stress in your hands. A sharper knife lets you work fast with minimal chances of fatigue.

Knife sharpening tools are a lifetime investment

Once upon a time, a knife sharpener would pass through the streets shouting for residents to bring out their knives for sharpening. He was unpredictable. He would show up once or twice a month, and you had to deal with long queues.

That's changed. Today there are many options to help you sharpen your knives at home. There are electric sharpeners, stone sharpeners, handheld sharpeners and honing steels, among others. When you buy a knife sharpener, care and maintenance for your knives become easy. You can get them sharp any time you want.

best knife sharpener australia

When you sharpen the knives yourself, they can last longer

Sharpening your knives at home gives you control. You can fine-tune the blade to match your food preparation needs for better usability.

By taking charge of your sharpening, you can keep your knives durable for long. For instance, utility knives for slicing ripe foods don't require finely polished edges. When you do it yourself, you can take the right precautions not to wear down the blade.

Sharpening knives is easy to learn

Don't put up with a blunt knife. Sharpening knives is easier than you think. The more you do it, the more you become better it. It beats taking your knives to the knife sharpener down the street. It saves time and saves money.

The only thing you have to do is exercise caution in the process. Even a small filleting knife can cause a big injury. Handle sharp knives with care. You can hone it, or you can sharpen it, leads to the same perfect results

When shopping for the best knife sharpener Australia you might come across a diverse range of tools including honing devices. Honing is not sharpening as such because it involves straightening the edge of the blade. Honing is often done before sharpening at a professional knife sharpener's shop.

The process of honing a knife requires a honing steel. They are steel rods with a coarse surface. You use that to scape your blade at a proper angle on both sides to straighten its edge. Knife sharpening, on the other hand, involves using stone and other tools to shave away bits of metal on the knife's edge.

Sharpen your knives with a Wusthof knife sharpener

You get a honing tool, a sharpening tool and a polishing tool all in one. The Wusthof Sharpening & Honing Whetstone #400/2000 makes life easy. It is suitable when you want to save time or when you don't have the energy to use a ceramic stone. The electric sharpener does everything for you-all you have to do is pass the knife through the honing and sharpening slots.

A sharpening stone for a particularly gentle way of honing and sharpening your knives. WÜSTHOF Whetstones consist of a combination of different high-quality, abrasive grits. 

The stones have two sides – one with fine grit and one coarse. The coarse side is used to smooth off any unevenness while the finer grit is used to hone and sharpen your knife. We recommend the Whetstone Holder, which guarantees even more stability, to accompany the Whetstone.

The Wusthof Ceramic Pull Knife Sharpener

The Wusthof Ceramic Pull Knife Sharpener is the easiest way to keep knives sharper for longer. Two rotating ceramic discs are mounted at precisely the right angle inside this knife sharpener to ensure fast, sharp results.

Equipped with a handguard and non-slip rubber feet, the knife sharpener also protects against injury or slipping. In contrast to the 2-stage Knife Sharpener, this Sharpener is for fine sharpening only (for knives that are already moderately sharp or that have already been coarsely sharpened.

Wusthof Ceramic Pull Knife Sharpener


If you were working with a whetstone, knife sharpening would require more effort on your part. You would have to manually apply pressure on the knife as you drag it on the ceramic stone. You would have to deal with friction on your hands. Also, fine sharpening and coarse sharpening all require manual control.

You don't have to use a ceramic cup

It's an old trick. If you have a blunt knife at home, you flip over a ceramic mug and use its base to sharpen the knife. You might successfully sharpen your knife, but you will break a sweat. You might break the mug too.

And if your knife is one of those hardy steel types, no mug can sharpen that. If you want to speed up your food preparation and reduce your frustrations in the kitchen, consider acquiring an electric sharpener. You will be one happy cook.

Don't just take our word for it. Shop now to put our theories to the test.

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