Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holders are a convenient and easy way of storing knives. Most of the time, they're easy to mount, but in case you're having some trouble, check out these magnetic knife holder instructions on how and where to install them, and how to use them well.

Mounting the Magnetic Knife Holder

Pick a Spot

Kitchens have a personality of their own, and no two kitchens are exactly the same. Even something as basic as where your knife holder is located can give a certain mood to the kitchen.

Most people just mount them on a bare stretch of wall in the kitchen, but you'll be amazed at the variety of options available for your holder. More on this later.

X Mark the Spot

Using a pencil, mark the spot where you intend to install the holder. If you'll be having it horizontal, you can use a level to make sure it is mounted straight.

If you're adventurous and you have space, you can install the holder diagonally or even vertically. This will add certain flair to your kitchen.

Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

Prepare the Fixtures

After you've decided on the spot and marked it, you need to fix the strip onto the surface. There are two main types of fixtures for this.

  • Adhesives

Some kitchen walls are just too pretty to drill into. Fortunately, some brands of magnetic holders use adhesive material instead of screws to fix the holder to the wall.

Fix one adhesive at each end of the magnetic holder, and one in the middle for extra strength. Press the holder with the adhesive into the wall for about 30 seconds to make sure it sticks. Wait for at least an hour before hanging knives to make sure the holder is firm enough.

Make sure the adhesive is strong enough to support the knife holder plus all the knives you plan on keeping. Falling knife holders are a no-no in the kitchen.

The only drawback with adhesives is that some are too strong to remove, so if you decide to move house you may have to leave your magnetic knife holder behind.

  • Screws

If your strip comes with screws instead of adhesive, you'll have to drill into the kitchen wall. Measure the distance between the screw holes on the strip and mark out on the wall where you're gonna drill the holes.

Screw-in the magnetic strip using the screws provided. Ensure you tighten the screws properly to keep the rack securely in place. Although screwed in magnetic strips leave holes in the wall, they're easy to remove, so you don't have to leave them behind if you have to leave the house.

There are also fewer chances of a screwed in magnetic strip detaching and falling to the ground due to the weight of the knives.

Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

Hang Your Knives!

Your magnetic knife holder is ready to use! You can hang your knives in order of size for a nice, orderly look. Hang them with the blade facing upwards.

Where to Install a Magnetic Knife Holder

Above the Kitchen Sink

This is one of the most commonly used locations for a magnetic holder. Because it's kind of recessed, it's safe for little children who can't reach up over the sink, and even if a knife does fall, it will fall into the sink. At the same time, it's easy to reach when putting knives away after washing up.

Inside the Lower Cabinets

Another great place for hiding knives away! If you're uncomfortable with having all your knives out in the open, this is an excellent place to consider. This location is also suitable if you don't have enough wall space. The only drawback is that you'll have to keep bending to get knives and put them away after use.

Under the Cabinets

Most kitchens have that unused wall space in between the counter and the upper wall cabinets. You can mount your magnetic strip in this space. If you have very long knives, however, this might prove complicated.

On the Cabinet Sides

If you're still stuck about where to install your magnetic strip, try the sides of your wall cabinets. It's a commonly overlooked space but it can be put to excellent use. It's high enough to be child-friendly and it's more accessible than inside the cabinets.

A very important advantage of this space is that you won't have to drill into your beautiful kitchen tiles, and you can unscrew the strip if you're moving houses. It's easier to replace a cabinet than a wall section.

On the Window Frame

Suppose you have no spare wall space and no cabinets to mount your magnetic strip on. No problem. If your kitchen has a window, you can mount your strip on the window frame itself. You'll even save yourself the trouble of having to keep your holder straight as the work has been done for you.

The one drawback with this is that if you're short you'll have a hard time reaching up to the knives at the top of the strip.

Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

How to Use Magnetic Knife Holders

Additional magnetic knife holder instructions to take into consideration are how to use them without damaging the knives. Here are some key ideas.

  • Some magnetic knife holders consist only of magnetic metal, while others come with the magnet embedded in the wood. Metallic holders have more friction with knives than wood-coated holders, so they're more likely to damage the knife blade by scratching.

  • Avoid letting the edge of the knife come into contact with the magnetic strip. If this happens frequently, it could dull or even damage the blade.

  • To remove a knife, hold it firmly by the handle, twist the spine away from you and into the strip, and pull the knife off. This will prevent the edge of the knife from rubbing against the strip.

  • Don't crowd knives onto the holder. It will look messy and it isn't safe. If your knife collection grows beyond what your holder can manage, simply add another strip.

Final Words

With these simple magnetic knife holder instructions, mounting and using your knife holder should be easy as pie.

Instructions on how to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder

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