Here are 6 Different Types of Knife Holders – Which One is for You?

Here are 6 Different Types of Knife Holders – Which One is for You?

A knife holder is a kitchen instrument designed to store knives safely and protect them from damage and the best way to care for knives is to store them properly.

Knives should never be kept unprotected in a common drawer, as they could rub against other items and become dull. A culinary expert would know the importance of such a knife holder in their kitchen.

Here are some common knife holder designs to choose from.

Traditional Wooden Knife Block

After the kitchen drawer (unfortunately), this is the most common way people keep knives. It consists of a standalone wooden block with a number of slots in which knives are inserted. It is usually kept on the countertop. Some knife blocks come with an additional slot or two for a pair of kitchen shears and sharpening steel, like the F Dick Pro-Dynamic Wooden Knife Block 7 Pc Set.

Wooden knife blocks are sometimes unpopular because you can't get inside the slots to clean them. To avoid dirtying the slots, make sure the knives are thoroughly clean and dry before putting them in.

If a knife block has vertical slots, take care not to press the edge of the knife into the slot, as this will quickly dull the blade. To be on the safe side, always press the spine of the knife into the slot as you pull out the knife. This will ensure the edge does not come into contact with the wood.

F Dick Pro-Dynamic Wooden Knife Block 7 Pc Set

The Magnetic Strip

As the name suggests, this is a strip of magnetic material that can be mounted on any part of the kitchen wall. A magnetic strip can be made of plain magnetic metal, or it can be wooden, with the magnet embedded underneath. Either way, make sure the magnet is strong enough to prevent knives from falling off and getting damaged, ruining the floor, or hurting someone.

Magnetic strips save on counter space that you would have used for a knife block. They also keep your knives visible - no need to go rummaging in a drawer. They're also easier to clean; just wipe them down!

Carl Schmidt STAR Magnetic Bar Rack For Kitchen Knives

Carl Schmidt STAR Magnetic Bar Rack For Kitchen Knives

The Magnetic Block

This is a cross between a magnetic strip and a traditional wooden knife block. It's easier to clean than the traditional knife block, as it doesn't have slots which can trap dirt. It can also support other magnetic utensils that wouldn't traditionally fit into a knife block. Another advantage is that you can see all the knives clearly without having to keep pulling them out and in, as with a regular knife block.

A magnetic knife block can be made of wood, with the magnet embedded under the wood, like the ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Magnetic Knife Block Slanted, which is made of natural bamboo. The bamboo is water and stain-resistant and doesn't scratch the knives.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Magnetic Knife Block Slanted

Other magnetic blocks feature exposed magnetic strips attached to the wood, like the F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty).

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

The Clear Knife Holder

A common complaint about wooden knife blocks is that you can't see the knives, and you waste time pulling each out to get the one you want.

With a clear knife holder, you can say goodbye to this problem. This innovative design retains the idea of inserting knives into slots, but the block is transparent, so you can see all the knives. That way, you can also show off your beautiful blades.

The Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut & Black Knife Block 5 Pc Set is a good example of this. When it comes to being sleek and stylish, Furi has got it. This knife holder features a steel casing with a matte black finish and a top section made of black walnut. The front panel is made of clear acrylic so you can see all your knives at a go.

Furi Pro Limited Edition Walnut & Black Knife Block 5 Pc Set

The Universal Knife Block

Sometimes you think of knife storage after you've bought your knives. Oops. That means they may all not fit into a knife holder as the slots may not match the knives. Before you sink into the depths of despair, check out the Carl Schmidt Lychen Knives Fibre Block 6 Pc Set.

This is a universal knife block. It's a revolutionary type of knife holder that allows you to keep any type of knife. This is because instead of knife slots, it has plastic fibers in which you can put any type of knife regardless of its shape and size.

The fibers can accommodate knives of different materials like ceramic and steel knives. They can even hold the knives at any angle. What more could you ask for? Oh, wait. One major downside of traditional knife blocks is that you can't clean inside the slots.

With the universal knife holder, this isn't a problem. The plastic fibers can be taken out and washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Finally, the fibers hold the knives firmly so that if the block is tilted the knives won't fall out. So that's all your knife block problems solved.

Carl Schmidt Lychen Knives Fibre Block 6 Pc Set

The Knife Bag

If you're always on the go and you like to carry your knives with you, you need a knife bag. Can you imagine packing your knives unprotected in your luggage? Other than the uncanny rattling sound the knives would make, you may open the luggage to find all your clothes in shreds.

A knife bag has separate slots in which specific knives fit cozily so that they don't move around even when inside the bag. Knives should be kept as stationary as possible because if they move around too much they can get chipped or dull.

Knife bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like the Boldric Canvas All-Purpose Knife Bag Green, are roomy, duffle bags that can hold different types of culinary tools. Others are simple, roll-up bags like the Tojiro Soft Knife Bag 8pc Empty (max Blade 300mm), which can carry up to 8 knives.

Boldric Canvas All-Purpose Knife Bag Green

Final Words

A good knife holder keeps knives from getting damaged and keeps you and your loved ones safe. There are plenty of knife holder designs out there, so ditch the drawer andΒ check out your options here now!

knife holder design

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