Everything You Need to Know about an F Dick Stuffer

Sausages are a great go-to meal for when you don't have a lot of time and energy to prepare and cook meat.

Did you know you can make your own homemade sausages with your preferred fillings and flavorings? All you need is a sausage stuffer, and with an F Dick stuffer, you can make all the sausages you want.

Check out why the F Dick stuffer would be a great addition to your kitchen.

How Do They Work?

Before we dive into F Dick stuffers, let's get to know how sausage stuffers work.

A sausage is a type of meat made out of ground (and maybe spiced) meat packed into a casing and cured. Traditionally, casings were made out of intestines, but now they can be made out of different materials.

A sausage stuffer is a kitchen implement that helps you pack the meat into the casing faster and in a more efficient manner. Here's how they work.

  • To make sausages, attach a filling tube to the mouth of the sausage stuffer (where the sausages will come out). Filling tubes come in different sizes.
  • Attach the casing to the filling tube.
  • Pack your ground meat into the cylinder.
  • Set the operating speed (if any), and operate the lever to push the meat out of the cylinder into the casing. Some levers have to be turned around while others are cranked up and down.
  • You can twist the rope of sausage at periodic intervals to create individual sausages, or leave it in a long rope.

Now that we know how sausage stuffers work, let's see some of the main features of the F Dick stuffer.

Everything You Need to Know about an F Dick Stuffer

Sturdy Steel

The F Dick stuffer is made of stainless steel, a stain, and corrosion resistant alloy of metals. Sausage stuffers usually require frequent, thorough cleaning, and constant contact with water and even wet meat shouldn't corrode the metal. The metal is also strong enough to carry the weight of all the meat stuffing that will eventually go into the sausages.


F Dick stuffers come in different sizes depending on how much meat they can hold.

The F Dick 9051200 Sausage Stuffer - 12 ltr/24 lb Stainless Steel F Dick Sausage Filler, for example, is a heavy-duty stuffer and can hold 24lb of meat. This is very helpful if you don't want to keep stopping so you can refill the cylinder.

If you're just making sausages for home use and you don't need such a big stuffer, the lightweight F Dick 9060600 6 ltr/12 lb Capacity Sausage Stuffer/Filler still has enough capacity to enable you to make a lot of sausages at a go.

Strong Base

The F Dick stuffers come with a wide, heavy, and stable base to ensure that the stuffer doesn't tip over and spill all your stuffing. That would be a disaster!

Easy to Clean

Raw, ground meat gets easily and quickly contaminated, so it's very important to clean sausage stuffers frequently.

One of the best things about making home-made sausages is that you can control how hygienic your sausages are. The F Dick stuffer can be easily taken apart for thorough cleaning and put back together when it's nice and fresh.

Multiple Sizes of Filling Tubes

A good sausage stuffer should allow you to make different sizes of sausages. F Dick stuffers come in three different sizes of filling tubes which you can attach and detach easily.

Everything You Need to Know about an F Dick Stuffer

Air Exhaust Valve

One of the most important things to consider when making sausages is keeping air out of them. The air in the stuffing will lead to weak sausages, whereas a sausage should be firm to the touch at all times. There's nothing as bad as a squishy sausage!

The F Dick stuffers come with an exhaust air valve to let the air out and prevent it from getting into the sausages and ruining them.

Different Operating Speeds

A good sausage filler should meet your speed requirements. It should be fast enough to allow you to make a good amount of sausages at a go, but not so fast that it leaves you out of breath after just one spin.

F Dick stuffers come with two different speeds which you can change depending on how fast you want to work.


F Dick stuffers have a vertically-oriented cylinder. Here are some reasons why that's a good thing.

Takes up Less Space

A vertical sausage stuffer takes up less space than a horizontal stuffer, especially if it's large capacity. You already have enough going on in your kitchen without having to worry about where to keep your tools.

You don't need a massive, horizontal stuffer taking up all the space too! With a vertical stuffer, you can fit more things on the same countertop, including where to arrange your sausages as they come out of the stuffer.

Wusthof Classic Series Sausage Knife 14cm

Wusthof Classic Series Sausage Knife 14cm

Works with Gravity

We've already seen that sausages should be compact and tightly packed in. There's no better and easier way to do this than to enlist the help of gravity. In a vertical cylinder, the vertical weight of the stuffing acts downward, keeping it compact and air-tight. That way, your sausages will come out delightfully firm.

No Need to Clamp It to the Bench

A wobbly stuffer takes the joy out of making sausages and could get messy if it spilled its contents onto the counter (or the floor).

Lightweight vertical stuffers can be held down with one hand while the other cranks the lever. A heavyweight vertical stuffer doesn't need holding down- it is sturdy enough to remain stable as it churns out the sausages.

A horizontal stuffer, however, needs to be clamped down onto the bench, as it doesn't have the advantage of gravity to keep it stable. This means that you'll probably have to get a permanent spot for it on the countertop, or you'll keep clamping it in and detaching it every time you make sausages.

Final Words

Making and eating homemade sausages is fun. All you need is an F Dick stuffer to make this dream come true! Take a look at our collection of F Dick products by clicking here!

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