The Best Steak Knife Sets to Buy in 2022

Steak knives are a vital part of the table knives collection. As you buy other types of blades for your kitchen, remember to look for high-quality steak knives as well. A steak knife cuts through meat easily without shredding it. The market has a variety of steak knives to consider purchasing. It is essential to settle for the best steak knife sets for durability and quality. Below is a guide on buying the best steak knives and brands to consider buying as you shop.

A steak knife is small with a 4-7-inch blade. The market has straight-edge and serrated steak knives to choose from, and aside from cutting steak, you can also use them to cut chicken. The knife can also cut other foods at your table. You can use it for cubing cheese, halving sandwiches, splitting tomatoes, coring apples, or trimming fat from meat. Nevertheless, the knife cannot be used for every kitchen task.

Steak knives are must-have blades for a professional chef and home cooks. The best steak knives consist of high-grade materials and are made with your comfort in mind. Some steak knife sets carry two steak knives, while others can have up to four blades. It is up to you to choose a set that meets your needs. What matters is buying razor-sharp, high-quality, well-made steak knives sets that give you an easy time at the table and do not shred meat when in use. However, you can also buy one steak knife if that is what you need.

Quality Steak Knife Sets to Consider Purchasing

The market has many steak knife brands to choose from. They vary in design, build, and material, but they all serve the same purpose. However, you want to spend money on high-grade, well-made steak knives that look spectacular on your table and last long. Here is a review of some of the best steak knife sets to consider buying.  

Wusthof 4pc Classic Steak Knife Set

Wusthof is a popular manufacturer of exceptional, high-quality blades. Whether you are a chef or love cooking, this brand offers some of the best knives in the industry. Its classic steak knife set consists of four 4.5-inch blades that exude style on your table. The knives are extra-sharp and great for cutting steak and other meat dishes. Wusthof utilizes specially toughened high carbon steel to make the blades, giving them superior strength.

The sharp blades are simple to maintain, and the alloyed stainless steel gives them a stunning look on plates. However, the knives have a full tang design and triple-riveted handles that ensure hygiene and durability. The handle consists of synthetic material, and Wusthof’s precision edge technology ensures you enjoy lasting extreme sharpness. Additionally, the entire blade length can be used and sharpened. The knife is also ergonomic and balanced weight distribution for effortless steak cutting.

Wusthof Classic Series Steak Knife 4 Pc Set

Shun Kai 4pc Classic Steak Knife Set

Shun Kai offers you a set of four lovely steak knives that come in an exquisite box for gifting. The blades are hand-sharpened, having a 16° edge on either side. They cut through steak quickly, keeping the juices inside to ensure you savor the delicious meat on your plate. The knives’ fine edges look fantastic, and the manufacturer uses 32-layer Damascus steel in making the blades.

As one of the best steak knife brands, Shun steak knives are handmade in Japan and feature D-shaped PakkaWood handles that feel comfortable in the hand and provide a good grip. The resin used on the handles makes them moisture resistant, fostering durability.

Shun has been making knives for years. The brand’s experience enables it to offer the best knives with the sharpness you need to cut through foods. The steak blades are lighter, thinner, sharp, and the cutting angle is long-lasting. Shun Kai advises that you only hand wash the blades using gentle kitchen soap.

Shun Kai Classic Steak Knife 4 Pc Set

Due Cigni 6-Piece 1896 Steak Knife Set

Due Cigni offers a larger steak knife set, having six blades. It is a perfect purchase for family dinners or when you have friends over. The knives glide through meat without squashing it, ensuring you enjoy the juices. The manufacturer uses stainless steel to make the blades, which have a satin coating.

The rivets are also made of stainless steel, fostering elegance and durability. However, the blades are 4.13-inch long and do not dish wash the knives. Hand washing is the right way to clean them.

Due Cigni is an Italian brand dedicated to making high-quality knives. The company utilizes high-grade steel, innovative style, and attention to detail to ensure customers get to use unique steak knives on their tables. Besides, a set has six knives, offering uniformity at the table. You can also buy the knife set for someone you value.

Due Cigni 1896 Walnut Handle Steak Knife 6 Pc Set

F Dick 2pc 1905 Series Steak Knife Set

Among the best steak knife sets, there is the F Dick 1905 Series 2pc Set. The knives precisely cut through steak, fillet, and roast. They have long-lasting cutting edges made of high-grade German chrome steel. The double sharpening and polishing used on the knives ensure proper sharpness. However, these easy-cutting slim blades are well-balanced to provide comfort, while the handles are made of quality polypropylene material.

F Dick also designs the handle to be gap-free, ensuring hygiene, as food particles have nowhere to hide. Additionally, the knife has a half-bolster finger guard that ensures easy sharpening. Friedr. Dick designed the 1905 series steak knives combining innovation and tradition to give users high-quality, precise-cutting blades.

The cutting edge is long-lasting, and the double sharpening process it undergoes gives it top-notch sharpness. Besides, the handle has steel rings that add to the stylish, unique design of the knives. If you are a chef, the F.Dick steak knife set should be in your kitchen. Nonetheless, these knives are also ideal for any home kitchen, and you can also get them in a 4-piece set.  

F DICK 1905 Series Steak Knife 12cm

F Dick Serrated ActiveCut Steak Knife

If you prefer serrated steak knives, F Dick offers the 12cm ActiveCut steak knife. Cut steak, fillet, or roast into bite-size pieces using the serrated edge. The handle is gap-free and consists of plastic material. The knife has a soft, comfortable grip and seamless connection between the handle and the blade promotes the knife’s durability.

F Dick uses quality steel alloy to make the blade. The material increases sharpness and resistance to wear and tear, which fosters the knife’s longevity. Besides, the double honing process provides exceptional sharpness, and the half-bolster allows you to sharpen the whole blade. The knife is also lightweight to prevent fatigue when enjoying steak. Hand wash it to maintain its elegance and sharpness for more uses.

F DICK ActiveCut Steak Knife Serrated Edge 12cm

What to Consider When Buying Steak Knives

Steak knives differ in quality and design. Brands utilize different materials and styles to make blades that stand out on the market. The best steak knife set is well-made, innovatively designed, and consists of durable material. Keep in mind the following factors when buying steak knives.


Quality steak knives are an investment, and you should settle for a knife set made of premium materials. Purchase knives made from hardened stainless steel, which is rust-resistant, durable, and provides extreme sharpness. Stainless steel is also rustproof. If a steak knife has a wooden handle, it should be designed to be water-resistant to ensure its longevity. The knife sets we have discussed above consist of quality stainless steel, making them worthwhile purchases.


Steak knives vary in length, as mentioned earlier, ranging from 4-7inches. You can buy short steak knives or go for longer ones, depending on your preference. However, controlling shorter blades is easier. They are also flexible and cut through meat perfectly. On the other hand, longer blades are great for display and may not function as well as short knives.

However, the best steak knives also feel comfortable in the hands. They have sturdy, soft, durable handles with an excellent grip to prevent slipping.


Every chef and home kitchen deserves to have elegant steak knives that appeal to users. Manufacturers provide steak knives with different styles to choose from. Stunning knives add to the beauty of your kitchen and make the people you serve steak feel fantastic. Besides, the best steak knives are also lightweight to ensure ease of use, and slender knives cut through meat quickly.

That aside, the best steak knife does not have a visible gap between the handle and the blade. The design keeps knives intact to ensure durability and fosters hygiene. Steak knife sets come in different sizes. While some carry two or three knives, others can have four or even six blades. The set you buy depends on your needs. Family dinners can use the six-piece set. However, if you like a brand that offers knives in a smaller set size, you can buy several sets.

Serrated or Straight-edge

You can buy serrated or straight-edge knives. Serrated knives work well on steaks with a tough exterior yet are juicy on the inside. The saw-like motion enables you to cut through rough exteriors of meat easily and fast. However, serrated knives need professional sharpening to prevent damaging the blade. You can also replace them if you like, as the serrated end tends to last longer due to the saw-like design.

On the other hand, straight edge steak knives are sharp to ensure one stroke cuts through meat easily. They do not tear at steak fibers, unlike serrated knives, which can shred overcooked steak. That aside, you need to sharpen the straight blades after every two weeks to ensure sharpness and effortless cutting at all times.


Steak knives vary in price, with others being costlier. However, the best steak knife for your home kitchen or chef needs does not have to be overly expensive. The market has quality steak blades that cost under $100.

Nonetheless, if you are budgeting for costlier knives, brands offer them as well. Shopping online exposes you to a wide range of steak knives to choose from. Apart from comparing the price ranges, check the material a manufacturer uses, the design of the knife, and the processes involved in making the blades. That way, it becomes easier to decide which knives to buy for your kitchen.


The knives industry has many leading companies like Wusthof and Shun Kai. They provide premium knives and have years of experience that gives them the added advantage in making high-quality blades. They combine their expertise, innovation, and technology to offer you superior, well-built knives. However, other brands also offer quality knives if you are looking for alternatives. Take your time to research them before making a purchasing decision.

Best Steak Knives

Steak Knives: Maintenance and Storage

It is recommended that you hand wash steak knives with water and gentle dish soap. Dishwater detergent can dull the blade ruining its cutting ability. Dry the knives immediately and allow them to air dry to keep them looking elegant and stain-free. Do not use steel, scouring pads, or gritty cleansers to wash knives.

Besides, do not utilize soap with bleach or citrus extract as they can cause corrosion. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning your knives. That way, you avoid damaging the blades and save yourself extra costs. Sharpen straight-edged knives or let a professional do it for you to keep them in proper working condition.

After washing and drying steak knives, store them safely in a knife block or on a magnetic strip. Having knives in contact with each other can damage the cutting edges. Besides, you might get accidental cuts. Properly organize your steak knives on a knife block that fits them properly. Knife blocks can take up space on your countertop if you have a small kitchen. You can use a magnetic strip instead, as it does not sit on your countertop and takes up little space in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Steak knives are essential in every kitchen. They effortlessly cut through meat, and you can use them for some small cutting tasks like coring an apple and splitting cherries. The knives are available in different designs and blade lengths to choose from. Settle for steak knives made of quality, reinforced steel, which promotes the durability of blades.

The market also has high-grade knives that are less costly to save you some money. Keep in mind the factors we have discussed to help you identify other best steak knives besides the brands we have reviewed above. 

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