Best Knives for Cutting Vegetables

Vegetables are a vital part of a diet, providing our bodies with essential nutrients. A vegetable knife is a blade designed specifically for cutting vegetables. It has a wide blade for slicing, chopping, and dicing different vegetables, small and large.  An excellent vegetable knife cuts ingredients swiftly while preserving the nutrients in the foods. It glides efficiently through green onions, coleslaw, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, ginger, and garlic, among other ingredients. A vegetable knife can have a 5–7-inch blade.

There are also longer blades for home cooks and chefs who need longer knives. When vegetables are a significant part of your diet, you need a nice vegetable knife that allows you to cut all types of vegetables efficiently.

Vegetable Knife Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best vegetable knife for you should not be difficult.  Brands differ in price ranges, material, and blade lengths but high-quality vegetable knives have several common features. Here are aspects to keep in mind when looking at different vegetable knives. 


Knifemakers utilize different materials in making vegetable knives. You want to spend money on a durable, well-made vegetable knife that gives you an easy time in the kitchen. Stainless steel is sturdy, long-lasting, and does not require much maintenance. Carbon steel is more durable, stronger, and retains a sharp edge for longer but rusts easily.

The other material knife companies use Damascus steel, which consists of stainless steel and high carbon steel. It is sturdy and flexible to give you superior functionality. However, Damascus steel can be costly. Vegetable knives vary in price, and material is one factor that causes the discrepancy. It is possible to find a good vegetable knife that fits your budget. 

Weight and Balance

A more lightweight vegetable knife limits hand fatigue, especially when cooking for hours. You want a vegetable knife that is not heavy but still sturdy to stand the vegetable cutting tasks in your kitchen.

The market has a variety of such brands. The best vegetable knife is also well-balanced to foster comfort. You get to prepare soup, stew, and other dishes with ease when a knife feels great in your hand.


The best vegetable knife ranges from 5-7inches, allowing you to cut through foods effortlessly. Longer blades can be difficult to handle and cause fatigue. Nonetheless, if you need a longer vegetable knife, the market has various options. A shorter vegetable knife gives you an easy time cutting different ingredients, including small vegetables like garlic and ginger.

The Handle

Apart from knife material, size, and balance, you also need a vegetable knife with a comfortable handle. It should fit properly in your palm and have a luxurious feel. While some brands use plastic handles on their knives, others choose wood. The handle type you choose will depend on your preference. Wood handles add a rustic touch to knives, while plastic gives blades a modern look.

Overall Look

Every kitchen needs functional, quality knives. A knife’s overall appearance also matters. Who does not want an elegant blade on their knife block or magnetic strip? Some users care more about having a super-sharp knife that does its job and looks are not that vital. Nevertheless, it will not hurt to have a high-quality, functional vegetable knife that also looks stunning. Many knife brands offer spectacular vegetable knives with lovely blade and handle designs. Choose what suits your taste.

vegetable knives

Which Is More Important on a Vegetable Knife-The Blade or the Handle?

Both the blade and handle are important on a vegetable knife. What is the point of having a sturdy, extremely sharp, balanced blade with an uncomfortable handle or an ergonomic handle on a flimsy, poorly balanced blade?

The blade and handle are essential parts of every knife.  They both need to be well-made to ensure effortless cutting of ingredients and comfort while doing it. Ensure you check the two features before buying any vegetable knife.

Which Knife Is Best for Cutting Potatoes

A sharp vegetable knife does a great job cutting potatoes. The flat edge moves through potatoes easily, providing neat pieces for various dishes. You can also use a chef’s knife to cut potatoes. It is a multi-purpose blade for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing ingredients. It is used for cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits, making it a useful blade in the kitchen. It is efficient for chopping firm vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.

How Is a Vegetable Knife Used?

A vegetable knife is easy to use. Hold it against vegetables, ensuring that the edge touches the food first. Move the blade down, then forward in a single motion, and pull back. Repeat the steps until you finish cutting your vegetables, be it onions, tomatoes, lettuce, or onions. The Nakiri vegetable knife is known for its mill chopping technique, where you gently tap the sharp blade on a pile of herbs. It allows you to quickly yet gently chop herbs to get fine, dry pieces.

Do not use a dull vegetable knife, as it causes you to use much force that ruins your herbs. Note that the Nakiri knife is a popular Japanese-style vegetable knife.

It is made specifically for cutting vegetables and not meat, bread, or other foods. Western cooks use a chef’s knife or paring knife to cut vegetables, and it would be a prudent idea to try the Nakiri knife, whose popularity in western kitchens continues to grow.

The Best Vegetable Knives to Consider Buying: Our Favorites

Vegetable knives come in various sizes, designs, and materials. Below is a review of some of the best vegetable knives to keep in mind when shopping.

1. Musashi VG-10 Steel Mahogany Handle Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Musashi provides an elegant 16.5cm vegetable knife with patterns that enhance its visual appeal. It cuts through vegetables quickly without needing a horizontal push and pull. It has a double bevel blade and is useful for home cooking enthusiasts. It is great for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables. The manufacturer utilizes VG-10 stainless steel in making it, providing stability and durability.

The knife has a Damascus finish with improved edge retention. The hammer dents on the blade not only add beauty to the knife but also prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade. You get to enjoy making different meals involving vegetables using a high-quality knife with superior sharpness. The knife is hand-made to give users unique blades. It also has a sturdy, luxurious mahogany handle with an excellent grip.

Musashi VG-10 Steel Mahogany Handle Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

2.  F Dick Premier Plus Usuba Vegetable Knife 18cm 

 F Dick’s Premier Plus range includes the 18cm Usuba Vegetable Knife. It is a high-quality vegetable knife for precise cutting tasks and delicate jobs in the kitchen. If you are a chef, this vegetable blade would be a valuable addition to your knife collection. The properly sharpened blade and narrow spine provide a knife that performs its role to your satisfaction. It is sharp on one side, allowing use for both right and left-handed people.

It provides clean cuts of vegetables and retains an edge for longer. F Dick utilizes alloyed steel that undergoes ice-hardening to give customers a stable, durable, sharp knife. It has a quality plastic handle that connects seamlessly to the tang, fostering hygienic food preparation and high knife stability. The handle is also triple riveted for longevity.

F Dick Premier Plus Usuba Vegetable Knife 18cm

3. F Dick Red Spirit Usuba Vegetable Knife 18cm

The F Dick Red Spirit Usuba 18cm Vegetable Knife is also ideal for chefs. It features a single bevel that needs skill to use properly. It allows a chef to make lovely thin, precise vegetable cuts. One can also use it for delicate cutting tasks. It has an extremely sharp blade that glides smoothly and fast through vegetables. The single bevel design means the knife is sharp on one side, fostering flexibility so right and left-handed people can use it easily.

It has a full tang design and does a wonderful job cutting different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The manufacturer utilizes a highly alloyed stainless-steel material that provides longer-lasting edge retention. The heel and bolster consist of stainless steel. Moreover, the knife is perfectly balanced, ensuring comfort in the kitchen. It has a non-slip, comfortable handle made from high-grade plastic.    

F DICK Red Spirit Usuba Vegetable Knife 18cm

4. Miyabi 5000FCD Nakiri Knife 17cm

The Miyabi 5000FCD 17cm Nakiri Knife is a beautiful blade for cutting vegetables. It has a straight edge, allowing you to cut through ingredients easily and fast. The handle and bolster have no space in between, a feature that promotes knife longevity and hygienic meal preparation. The knife has a gorgeous handmade finish and provides a comfortable grip. The hand-forging process ensures that each Miyabi vegetable knife is unique and high-quality.

The blade is well-balanced and gives you precise, fine cuts of vegetables. Moreover, it has a premium Rockwell hardness of 61, and the pakka wood handle looks stunning. It is extremely sharp with 48 layers of Damask steel, which is high-quality and durable. The floral finish on the blade looks spectacular with the beautiful, D-shaped black handle that fits comfortably in hand.

Miyabi 5000FCD Nakiri Knife 17cm

5. Musashi VG-10 Steel Yaki-Urushi Handle Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Musashi offers another 16.5cm vegetable knife with a Yaki-Urushi handle. It cuts smoothly through vegetables, giving users an easy time chopping and mincing ingredients. It is made from VG-10 stainless steel, a durable, high-quality type of steel with better edge retention. The knife also has a Damascus finish and a double-edge blade, providing top-notch sharpness for enhanced cutting performance. It is hand-forged and has hammer dents to prove it.

The lovely dents also prevent food from sticking to the knife, saving you time and effort. You get to prepare various vegetables with ease while enjoying the efficiency of the knife. Musashi utilizes oak wood in making the handle, which has a smooth, anti-bacterial coating. The coating reduces food contamination and gives the handle a soft, comfortable feel.

Musashi VG-10 Steel Yaki-Urushi Handle Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

6. Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Nakiri Chopping Knife 16cm

Tojiro is another brand in the review offering a vegetable knife. The Pro Series 16cm Nakiri knife is an elegant creation with a stunning blade and handle. Chop different vegetables with a stylish, functional, razor-sharp knife. It has a straight edge and easily moves through foods for various cutting tasks, mincing, dicing, and chopping.

It is handmade using an alloyed steel blade and has a double-bevel edge. Additionally, the knife is rust-resistant and has a magnolia wood handle with a lasting plastic collar. It has a Rockwell hardness of 52 and provides the sharpness you need for cutting vegetables effortlessly. It has a good balance, and the handle fits comfortably in hand, offering a snug grip to prevent slipping.

Tojiro Traditional Pro Series Nakiri Chopping Knife 16cm

7. Tojiro Shippu Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

The Tojiro Shippu 16.5cm Nakiri Knife offers premium sharpness and quality. As one of the best vegetable knives for a chef and home cook, it consists of high-quality materials. Its core is made from VG10 steel, while its outer layers are carbon stainless steel. Moreover, it is handcrafted and has a magnolia wood handle that looks gorgeous with the blade.

The wood is smooth for a comfortable grip and has a good water resistance that fosters durability. The knife also has a water buffalo ferrule, which prevents the blade from rattling and coming off. Use it to make clean, neat cuts of onions, tomatoes, garlic, and lettuce. Whether you are preparing salads, soup, or stew, the vegetable knife will help you cut ingredients quickly and efficiently.

The knife market provides a wide range of vegetable knives to consider purchasing. Choosing high-quality, well-made, balanced knives gives you an easy time in the kitchen as a chef or home cook. They come in various blade lengths and designs to suit every user’s needs. Remember to store your vegetable knives properly in a knife block, magnetic strip, or in-drawer organizer after proper cleaning and drying.

Tojiro Shippu Nakiri Knife 16.5cm

Final Thoughts 

Your kitchen can use a high-quality vegetable knife. Even though a chef’s knife or paring blade can chop vegetables, a knife specifically made for vegetables allows you to cut ingredients in whichever way you prefer, including mill chopping. The above guide has a review of the best vegetable knives to consider buying for your kitchen as a chef or home cooking enthusiast. They are premium blades made from quality steel and have a balanced blade and good grip, providing efficiency and superior performance.


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