The Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen 2022

As you invest in high-quality, super sharp knives, you also need to buy the best cutting boards. They are available in different designs, sizes, and materials, including wood, glass, and plastic. However, wooden boards are common in kitchens.

Cutting boards protect your countertops and plates from damage. You can also place hot pans and pots on the boards to protect surfaces in your kitchen. Whether you are carving a turkey or mincing herbs, there are large and small boards for these tasks. 

What Kind of Cutting Board is Used for Meat?

A quality plastic cutting board is the best for raw meat. It cleans more effectively and does not retain meat juices. In addition, plastic boards are dishwasher-safe and with its high-heat sanitizing mechanisms it gets rid of any bacteria and grime on the boards. Ensure that you buy a high-density plastic board, as it is non-porous and does not absorb any meat fluids. 

However, you can also use a wood cutting board for meat but ensure you clean it thoroughly before cutting other ingredients to avoid cross-contamination.

Alternatively, consider buying a separate wood cutting board for meat and poultry and another for fresh produce and other foods. That way, you do not have to worry about bacteria transferring from meat to other food in case the board is not thoroughly cleaned. 

Best Cutting Boards

How Do You Clean a Wooden Cutting Board after Meat?

If you prefer using a wooden chopping boards for meat, you need to clean it thoroughly to ensure you prepare safe meals. However, wood boards do not easily harbor bacteria or contaminate food. They are sturdy, durable, and with proper care, they can last. You should never soak your wood cutting board for longer than a few minutes or put it in the dishwasher. The high heat and water can cause warping and other forms of damage. 

The right way to clean a wooden cutting board after the meat is hand-washing. Use hot water, dish soap, and a sponge or a brush to clean the board and rinse using hot water. Hang the board in an upright position to allow it to drip water and dry properly. You can also dry the board using a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Wood is porous, but you have nothing to worry about regarding it accumulating harmful bacteria from raw meat.

Hardwood is naturally anti-microbial, preventing health hazards. Besides, wood pulls juices down into the boards and traps the bacteria, which die. That way, bacteria do not stay on the surface to multiply. Ensure you wash both sides of the board to ensure hygiene. 

Apart from daily, thorough hand-washing, deep cleaning, and disinfecting are vital after every few weeks. You can use coarse salt (like sea salt) and lemon for this. The method removes stains from cutting boards and ensures thorough cleaning. Sprinkle enough salt on the board and cut one lemon into two. Rub the juicy side of lemon on the board. Let the mixture rest on the board for around five minutes before rinsing it off with hot water. Allow the board to dry and continue enjoying its usefulness in your kitchen. 

You can also use vinegar to deep clean your wood cutting boards. Mix one part of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to four parts of water. Soak your board in the solution for a few minutes, then rinse and dry. If the board has stubborn stains, consider sprinkling baking soda on it and gently scrubbing.

Diluted bleach is also used to disinfect cutting boards and remove tough stains. Add one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water and soak your cutting board in the solution for a few minutes. Rinse and dry the board, and the bleach solution should remove the stains. 

What Should You Not Cut on a Wooden Cutting Board?

With proper cleaning and deep cleaning, you can cut various foods on a wooden cutting board, including raw meat. Proper washing gets rid of bacteria, oils, and dirt from the board. If you have had reservations about using wood boards for cutting raw meat and poultry, you have nothing to worry about. Wooden boards are popular among manufacturers, meaning they are safe for food preparation. Just ensure you buy a high-quality board. 

You can always have separate wooden boards for meat and other foods. If you still have concerns about wood-carrying bacteria from raw meat, you can always buy a plastic cutting board for meat and use the wooden type for other foods such as cheese, bread, fruits, and vegetables. 

Plastic Boards vs. Wood Boards  

Both plastic and wood cutting boards are great, but they also have downsides. The type of bard you choose depends on your preference. 

Plastic boards are easy to clean, considering they are dishwasher-safe. They do not hold food juices like wooden boards, and you can use them for all foods, including raw meat. However, scratches on a plastic board pile up with time and can provide a good breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned properly. The scuffs can also make the board unappealing. You will eventually have to buy a new plastic board. 

On the other hand, wooden boards cannot be cleaned using a dishwasher as the water and heat cause damage. However, these boards are stunning, and they come in various shapes, shades, and designs. Wood is porous, but it does not easily carry bacteria or contaminate food. With proper hand-washing, deep-cleaning, and oiling, wood boards are durable and excellent surfaces for food preparation.

Knives can cause scratches on wooden cutting boards, too, but wood can close back up around minor blade scratches. However, when the board has many deep grooves, it is probably time to replace it. Additionally, hardwood is antimicrobial, so you do not have to worry about cross-contamination of food from boards made from this material. 

Our Favorites: Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen 

Choosing the best cutting board should not be a challenge. Here are some of the best boards to consider purchasing for your kitchen. They are high-quality, elegant, and durable. 

1. Wild Wood Chef’s Beech Cutting Board Medium  

Wild Wood offers you a cutting board made from FSC-certified beech. It is high-quality and handcrafted from reclaimed wood and sustainable acacia. The medium wooden cutting board is made in Australia and provides you with adequate space to cut foods comfortably. The manufacturer utilizes natural wood to make the boards, which are glued using food-grade glue from Japan and finished with natural, food-safe mineral oil.

The cutting board is durable and elegant, adding to the stunning look of your kitchen. Wild Wood designs the board with a warm, full-rain finish of acacia wood. The brand takes its time to make high-quality, well-made boards for cutting tasks. You can also use the cutting board for serving foods like cheese, cakes, tapas, and pizzas. With proper care, it can last long and serve you excellently in the kitchen.

Wild Wood FSC Certified Medium Chef's Beech Board 38 x 30.5 x 4cm

2. Wild Woods Sorrento Small Cutting Board

Wild Woods offers the Sorrento small board, which has smooth corners that give it a different look. It is three centimeters thick and handmade with a lovely long-grain finish. This cutting board is stunning, durable, and made from acacia wood. It also has a warm appearance and suits every kitchen. Besides, the soft edges offer protection when handling the board.

Your kitchen deserves to have elegant cutting boards. Wild Woods’ Sorrento board is unique and adds style to your kitchen. Use it to cut various foods or as a serving platter. It looks spectacular on countertops and tables and comes in other sizes besides small. If you are buying housewarming gifts, this lovely cutting board would be a good surprise for your loved one.  It has a natural wood look that matches other wooden cutlery in your kitchen.

Wild Wood Sorrento Small Cutting & Serving Board 32 × 32 × 3cm

3. Tojiro Pro Kiri wood Medium Cutting Board

Tojiro is a leading knife manufacturer from Japan, and the brand also makes quality cutting boards to protect every blade in your kitchen.  The boards consist of selected Paulownia wood to give you eye-catching surfaces for cutting various food. They are also fine-grained and lightweight for easy carrying from the countertop. The cutting board is perfect for the fine-edged Japanese blades and other knives.

The type of wood used in making the board is warp-resistant to foster durability and quick-drying for convenience in the kitchen. It is also antibacterial to ensure you make safe meals for your family, guests, and yourself. You do not have to worry about bacteria lingering on the board, especially after cutting raw meat or poultry. With proper cleaning and maintenance, this board lasts long and ensures you make clean, safe dishes.

Tojiro Pro Kiri Wood Japanese Cutting Board Medium

4. Tojiro Pro Kiri Small Cutting Board

If you need a smaller Tojiro cutting board, the brand also offers small and extra small sizes. The small cutting board is perfect for cutting tiny ingredients like fruits and bread. You can buy the larger Tojiro boards for caving turkey and preparing other larger meals. The cutting board is made from Tojiro’s quality Paulownia wood that does not warp easily and dries fast.

Your knife edges are safe with this cutting board, which also has antimicrobial properties. Paulownia wood is not hard, helping maintain the sharpness of your blade for a while. Ensure you wash your Tojiro cutting board after use, wipe it, and allow it to dry. Besides, do not expose it to direct sunlight to prevent warping. Moreover, the light-colored look of this cutting board matches perfectly with any kitchen décor and other tools in the kitchen.

Tojiro Pro Kiri Wood Japanese Cutting Board Small

5. Wild Wood Bathurst Serving Paddle

As you buy cutting boards, paddles can also perform the same function and more. Wild Wood makes the Bathurst paddle from recycled timber, ensuring sustainable manufacturing. Use the rustic paddle for cutting and serving foods. The chocolate and golden highlights enhance the paddle’s unique look. It is perfect for serving appetizers, French breadsticks, and cheese.

The Bathurst Paddle stands out from the other Wild Wood paddles due to the wood used in making it. If you love a kitchen with rustic items, this cutting and serving board will perfectly match your style. It is simple to hold and carry around the kitchen. Even if you love modern cutting boards, this rustic paddle is a good purchase. It allows you to add sophistication to your space. Besides, it is high-grade, well-made, and feels comfortable in the hands. It also has rounded corners to protect you from scratches.

Wild Wood Bathurst Serving Paddle 48 x 20 x 3cm

6. Wild Wood Medium Curvo Serving and Pizza Paddle

Wild Wood also provides stunning paddles for serving and carrying foods. You can also use them to hold hot pots. Among the several paddles the brand provides, there is the round medium size paddle. It has a bright wood look that adds warmth to your space. Use it to serve pizza, starters, cheese, bread, and biscuits.

The paddle has a 30cm diameter and can fit several foods at a go to prevent more trips to the kitchen. It has a comfortable undercut handle that ensures ease of use in homes and restaurants. Like Wild Wood cutting boards, the paddles are made of quality acacia wood. They are also handcrafted and expertly made to give you value for your money.

Wild Wood Medium Curvo Serving & Pizza Paddle 30 × 1.3cm

7. Wild Wood Cooma Serving and Pizza Paddle

If you need a darker pizza paddle, Wild Wood has you in mind. Its Cooma serving and pizza paddle is available in that shade and looks elegant. It is round and ideal for serving pizza, cheese platters, and antipasto. You can also use it as a cutting board for various foods. It has a soft, ergonomic handle for easy handling. The handle design also allows you to hang the board easily for storage or drying after cleaning.

The paddle is large to accommodate more food and is made from acacia wood. It is also handcrafted, and its retro style looks stunning in every kitchen. As you buy cutlery for your new or remodeled kitchen, this cutting board is worth considering. It is high-quality, easy to carry, and versatile. Whether you are cutting foods or serving, this board will get the job done efficiently and elegantly.

Wild Wood Cooma Round Serving & Pizza Paddleboard 32 × 43.2 × 1.3cm

8. Wild Wood Balmoral Rectangle Serving Paddleboard

Paddleboards also take a rectangular shape, and Wild Wood offers them to ensure everyone gets to use a board design they prefer or mix up things in kitchen tools. Serve foods like appetizers, cheese, and biscuits on the board, which also functions as a cutting board. Like the other Wild Wood paddleboards, it has a comfortable grip for smooth food preparation and carrying.

Picking up the paddle is easy compared to a cutting board with no handle. The rectangular paddleboard is made from high-quality wood for durability and blade protection. It is also long to fit more foods and ingredients.  You can buy round and rectangular paddle boards for your kitchen to avoid the monotony of having a similar design of cutting boards.

 Wild Wood Balmoral Rectangle Serving Paddleboard 20 × 49.5 × 1.3cm

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Wild Wood Chef’s Large Beech Board

A large cutting board like what Wild Wood offers is vital for every kitchen. When carving turkey, you need a spacious work area for an easy time preparing food. A large board also allows you to prepare several ingredients on the same surface. The Wild Wood large board is eco-friendly and high-quality to prevent additional costs later. It is elegant, suitable for various foods, and made of durable wood.

The board also has an excellent thickness or easy lifting off the countertop. It provides a clean, safe surface for cutting, chopping, slicing, and mincing ingredients for chefs and home cooks. It is sturdy and stays put when in use to prevent slipping and accidents when making meals. Besides, it does not damage knife edges, keeping them in good working condition.

Wild Wood FSC Certified Large Beech Board 46 x 30.5 x 2cm

Best Value: Tojiro Pro Kiri Square Cutting Board

Apart from rectangular cutting boards, Tojiro also offers you a square board. It is made from the same high-quality wood that does not damage knife blades. The shape fits on smaller countertops and prevents slipping to prevent accidents when preparing food. The board’s lightweight design ensures portability and prevents fatigue on a busy day in the kitchen.

The cutting board is also a wonderful serving space for various sides. You can use both sides and enjoy the quality that Tojiro provides. The board allows effortless cutting of meat, fruits, vegetables, and cheese, among other foods. It is easy to clean and does not have a coating.  Besides, it also has a fine grain that looks stunning.

Tojiro Pro Kiri Wood Japanese Cutting Board Square

Why You Should Choose Wood 

Brands provide wooden, plastic, and glass cutting boards. However, glass boards dull knives fast, so it would be prudent to avoid them. Wood cutting boards are the best choice, and you should go for high-quality wooden boards. Such consists of antimicrobial, water-resistant wood that ensures no food contamination.

They are also durable and easy to clean with hot water and mild dish soap. Hardwoods such as maple are fine-grained, and fluid is pulled down into the wood, a process that traps bacteria, which are then killed as your wood board dries after washing. 

High-grade wood boards are sanitary and do not scratch easily. They do not retain odor or warp with time. In addition they do not dull knives quickly, thus maintaining blade sharpness for longer. Moreover, you can also use both sides of a wooden board for cutting and serving foods.

Wood boards come in different shades, depending on the type of wood used. They are a valuable addition to your kitchen, protecting countertops and plates. Whether you want a large cutting board for foods like meat and poultry or a smaller surface, leading brands provide different wood board sizes to match your needs.  

chopping boards

Long-term Testing Notes 

Unless you have had years of analyzing cutting boards, knowing how they perform over a long period is difficult. However, reviews like the one you are reading can help you identify quality boards that stand the test of time. Studies have shown that wood and plastic cutting boards are safe for food preparation, and efficiently cleaning either of them is not a problem.

You can test the quality of a cutting board by cutting various foods on it, including ripe tomatoes, fish, poultry, carrots, and vegetables. Test whether a board retains juices, how it handles had, slippery foods, and how easy it is to clean after cutting cheese on it. 

The best board can be used to cut a variety of foods without any struggle or inconvenience. It can also withstand many sharp cuts, does not retain odor, and even stubborn stains can be removed. For a wood board it should not warp or split easily. However, thin boards are more likely to warp easily, so ensure you go for thicker ones. Besides, boards with a canal to collect juices from food are helpful, as they prevent having a messy, grimy work surface.  

How to Maintain Wood Cutting Boards

You should also oil your wooden cutting boards once every month after thoroughly cleaning them. Oiling prevents wood from cracking, warping, and drying. Oil also makes the wood more moisture-resistant. Ensure you only use specially made oil for wood boards or food-grade mineral oil. Do not use animal fats or high-fat oils like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. Such can spoil your wooden board and make it attract bacteria and stink. 

Add a thin coat of the right oil on the whole board, back, sides, and front. Using a paper towel or soft cloth, rub the oil into the cutting board in circular motions. Let the oil soak for a few hours, and the board is good to go. Daily cleaning, deep cleaning, and oiling foster the durability of your wood cutting boards and ensure they stay in proper shape.

Final Thoughts 

Cutting boards are vital for every kitchen. Whether you prefer plastic or wooden boards, both types are good purchases. However, plastic boards are usually cheaper than wood, but affordable wood boards are also available. Whichever cutting board you choose, ensure it is high-quality and made from safe, durable materials. We have covered some of the best cutting boards to get you started if you do not have a quality board already or need a replacement. 

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