A Guide to Picking the Right Magnetic Knife Rack

A Guide to Picking the Right Magnetic Knife Rack

Once you have a couple of knives for a professional look in the kitchen, storage becomes an issue. Usually, you want to lessen the clattering, maintain kitchen safety, and protect the knives' edge from damage. One useful option to consider is the use of a magnetic knife rack. Here are some essential tips to guide you in this process.

Advantages of Magnetic Knife Racks

A magnetic knife rack offers more advantages as storage for your kitchen knives than the alternatives like knife blocks and knife drawers. The main setback for knife blocks is the countertop space they take and the risk of breeding bacteria when knives are stored while still moist. On the other hand, Knife drawers bring the risk of cuts while goings through a drawer full of sharp knives. The knives can also knock on each other, blunting or damaging their cutting edge. The main advantages of knife racks are;

  • They are space-saving

Unlike knife blocks, you do not lose any valuable countertop space. Even knife drawers take u sections that could have been used to store other precious items. A knife rack is mounted on the wall taking up little space.

knife rack

  • Knife racks are convenient.

You can mount your knife rack on any location on the wall around the kitchen. You, therefore, get the freedom to locate it close to your working space for easy reach. You also get the convenience of quickly picking the knife you want since you can see it easily.

  • Knife racks offer safety

A knife rack offers safety on two levels; personal safety and food safety. Hanging knives places them out of reach of any young children who might be present. A knife rack also protects you from potential cuts of dropping knives if the block falls from the countertop or while searching for a knife in the drawer. Knife racks also provide food safety since the blades hang out in an open area where they get to fully dry and carry no molds and bacteria to your food.

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  • Knife racks are affordable.

A knife rack is one of the most affordable options for knife storage. Even if you are going for pricier options to match your decor of high-quality material, you can still get excellent prices compared to their comparable alternatives.

  • Knife racks offer protection to your knives.

Excellent kitchen knives are a significant investment, and you need to care for them to increase their shelf life and maintain their optimum functionality. However, when they bang against each other in the drawers, they become dull, or even worse, the edge can be damaged. In a knife block, moisture risk can affect knives with high carbon content such as sushi knives, causing them to rust.

knife rack offer protection to your knives.

How to Pick a Magnetic Knife Rack

In your search for the right knife rack, there are several things you should consider. Here are the main ones.

knife rack features

1. Size of the rack

The overall length of the holder is crucial for two main reasons. First, it will determine whether the rack will fit in the space you want to mount it on. Secondly, it will determine the number of knives you can set on it comfortably without having the knives too close to each other. Magnetic knife racks are usually available in multiples of two, starting from 8 inches and going up to 36 inches. Measure the space you want to place the strip before going to shop for one and decide the number of knives you will be hanging on one.

2. The material used to make the knife rack

There are three materials used to make magnetic knife racks: plastic, wood, or stainless steel. When choosing your rack's material, you should consider aspects such as cost, the décor in the kitchen, and your preference. Plastic is the cheapest material though the quality and overall aesthetic appeal may be lesser than stainless steel or wood racks. A stainless-steel knife rack provides a modern look with its steel and clean look.

Wood is a more traditionalist choice and comes in different types of wood options. It works well with other décor made from wood in the kitchen or if you want a classic feel. Wood strips also offer a slight advantage of protecting the knife from any scratches.

2. Ease of installation

Different knife racks come with varying mechanisms of installation. First, pick only racks that come with the full installation accessories. You also need to check if you can easily install the piece by looking at reviews and the instructions accompanying the knife rack.

4. Strength of the magnets

A strong magnate is imperative to the performance of the knife rack. A weaker magnet will have larger and heavier knives falling off or limit the number of knives you can hang on the magnet strip. Weaker magnets reduce the rack's lifetime and pose safety risks to the knives and you when they drop. With all magnetic knife racks claiming to have a strong magnet, you can only rely on reviews from consumer sites and those from past buyers.

5. Ease of cleaning

Stainless-steel magnetic racks tend to dry much faster and are easy to clean. Plastic strips are also easier to clean, though, like wood-coated racks, they tend to attract and retain most dust. Wooden strips, however, dry up much slower.

The 3 Best Knife Racks to Consider

1. Carl Schmidt Magnetic Bar Rack for Kitchen Knives

The Carl Schmidt Magnetic bar rack offers multifunctional purposes along with durability. It can hold up knives and a whole other cutlery set, including spoons, scissors, and whisks. Its elegant look also ensures the strip is rustproof, and it is backed by a powerful magnet that will never lose its magnetism. Bets of all, it is an affordable rack that comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and a 90-day no-hassle return policy.


Knife rack Carl Schmidt Magnetic Bar Rack for Kitchen Knives


 Carl Schmidt Magnetic Bar Rack for Kitchen Knives

2. Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife 7pc Set.

The Furi Pro Rack knife 7-piece set measures 36 centimeters in length and comes with six other items, including a 7cm Santoku knife, a 23cm Chef's bread knife, a 15cm Asian vegetable chopper, a 15cm multipurpose serrated knife, a 9cm paring knife and diamond fingers knife sharpener.

The rack is silicon coated, making it scratch resistant and safe on the knives too. The rack can be mounted on tiles, bricks, and even wood. Its 25-year manufacturer warranty marks the durability of the rack. It comes with a 90-day moneyback return policy.


knife rack Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife 7pc Set.


Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife 7pc Set

3. Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Rack 36 cm

If you do not want the extra costs that come with the added knives and accessories of the 7-piece set, you can have this alternative rack. At 36 centimeters, it can hold six knives and still comes with Furi brand products' quality. It is silicon coated, so it is kind on the knives and scratch-resistant. It also has a 90-day hassle-free return policy and a 25-year warranty.


knife rack Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Rack 36cm


Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Knife Rack 36 cm

Final Words

The wall-mounted magnetic knife rack is an excellent way to store your knives safely and conveniently. As with any other product, you must find one that matches your needs and offers superior quality. User reviews and the knife rack features will let you know if you are getting top value for your investment. At House of Knives, we stock only the best knives and kitchen accessories, making your search easier with versatile options from leading brands worldwide. Shop with us today to find the best magnetic rack for your kitchen.

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