A Guide on How To Choose The Best Steak Cutting Knife

A Guide on How To Choose The Best Steak Cutting Knife

With the right tools and mastering the recipe, preparing delicious meals becomes easy. However, as you set the table, you need to have the correct cutlery for the meal. One of the things you should have in your kitchen is steak knives. You might not use them as often, but you need them. As you make purchases, only spend money on the best steak cutting knife set. It will ensure smooth, effortless cutting through the meat. However, steak knives are also usable for chicken, pork chops, broccoli, and cauliflower dishes.

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Types of Steak Knives

The market offers different types of steak knives suitable for professional chefs, restaurants, and household cooking.

  • Straight-edged: a straight-edged steak knife is a common type. Besides, it is easy to sharpen, and when well maintained, it can last long.
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  • Serrated: you can also buy a set of serrated steak knives. While some knives are double serrated, others have only one side serrated. However, this type of steak knife cannot be sharpened, but the serrated blade holds its sharpness for longer. Besides, the knife can withstand more abuse than a straight-edged knife and does not dull fast. Nonetheless, some people may not like the sawing motion as they eat steak. They prefer a straight blade that smoothly slices through the meat.
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Whether you need a straight-edged or serrated knife, your choice depends on your preference.

How to Choose the Best Steak Cutting Knife

You should take your time when buying steak knives to ensure you only purchase the best. The last thing you need is struggling to cut delicious steak. Using a bad steak knife is frustrating and can ruin your dining experience. Below are factors to keep in mind to ensure you spend money on only the best steak knives.

  • Performance: purchase a high-quality steak knife that smoothly cuts meat. It should be sharp enough to handle the toughest steak. That way, you do not have to buy another set of steak knives. The knife should also be ready for use right out of the box, so sharpening is unnecessary. Both serrated and non-serrated knives are worthwhile purchases.
  • Comfort: you want to enjoy your meal without worrying about your steak knife hurting your hands. Go for models with ergonomic handles that are soft and shaped to enhance comfort. They should also be well-balanced and anti-slip to prevent falling or hurting yourself.
  • Durability and Construction: choose a steak knife made from durable materials. Knives made from stainless steel are a good purchase. The knife should have sturdy construction to last long, so you do not have to keep buying new knives. It needs to have adequate rivets to keep the blade in place. Besides, it should be corrosion and rust-resistant to keep it looking as good as new.
  • Design: while some steak knives have a full tang, others have a partial tang. Whichever you opt for is up to you. A partial tang knife has a blade that does not run all the way through the handle, which is safer sometimes. A great steak knife is high-quality, durable, and cuts meat efficiently.
  • Appearance: a steak knife should also have some style. Depending on your taste, you can always find a knife that matches your liking. While some have a rustic design, others have a modern look, and they match various kitchen decors. You do not want to have knives that look out of place in your kitchen or dinner table. The market has a variety of brands to consider purchasing.
  • Price: a costly brand does not necessarily make it better than more affordable options. It is possible to find a cheaper steak knife set that performs just as well as a costlier one. This comes in handy, especially when you have a tight budget. Nonetheless, if you have enough money set aside, you can always buy costlier knives as long as they are high-quality, durable, and efficient. While some brands can cost as much as $60 and even higher, you can get a set available at $20.
  • Storage and Maintenance: some manufacturers pack steak knives in storage boxes, and others use block knives. Boxes provide elegant packaging if you are gifting a loved one. Nevertheless, you can always wrap up a knife block beautifully. While you can hand-wash or dish-wash some steak knives, others are not dishwasher-safe. Keep this in mind as you read about various steak knives. Some companies provide clear instructions about cleaning their knives. You can always contact a manufacturer for clarification if this aspect is not clear.
  • Warranty/return period: companies offer different return and warranty periods on their products. While one might offer a lifetime warranty, others allow 12 months. It depends on the manufacturer. Remember to check the return policy of the steak knife you are buying.
  • Brand Reputation and Experience: there are big names in the cutlery industry. They have been in business for decades providing high-quality, durable, user-friendly, efficient products, including steak knives. They also have years of experience and expertise. However, you might come across other brands that might not be as popular but provide some of the best steak cutting knives.

Our Recommendation

With the above factors in mind, it becomes easier identifying the best steak cutting knife. Carl Schmidt is one of the brands providing quality steak knives. The Carl Schmidt Premium Kitchen Steak Knife 14 cm is a product to consider having in your kitchen. It has a stunning, modern design, sturdy construction, and an ergonomic handle.

Besides, it is made in Germany and has a full tang stainless steel blade that is resistant to corrosion, rusting, and staining. Carl Schmidt utilizes the latest knife technology to make durable steak knives with sharp edges. It has years of experience, uses first-class artistry and material, and offers a 90-day hassle-free return policy.

Carl Schmidt Premium Kitchen Steak Knife 14 cm

Carl Schmidt Premium Kitchen Steak Knife 14 cm

Final Words

Steak-cutting knives are a should-have item in every kitchen. They are useful in restaurants, hotels, and homes. Not every steak knife you come across is worth buying. Purchase high-grade, sharp knives that ensure smooth cutting through meat. If you have a restaurant, you do not want your customers complaining about the knives. As you treat your family or guests to a nice steak meal, ensure you have excellent steak knives at the table. We have already discussed an example of the best steak knife to consider buying, and the market has more.

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