Work Sharp Knife Sharpener: What You Should Know

Your kitchen should always have sharp knives, as dull ones are inefficient. You can use a traditional stone sharpener, but it requires more effort on your side to have your knives as sharp as new.

Consider investing in a modern model instead, such as the Work Sharp knife sharpener. It is simple to use and does the sharpening for you, as long as you master how to use it properly.

Work Sharp knife sharpener is a well-built, rigid tool. It has a sturdy construction that fosters efficiency and safety for users. You do not have to worry about the tool wobbling. Besides knives, you can also use it to sharpen other bladed tools, such as shears, scissors, and garden pruners. However, the equipment can be used as a handheld detail grinder.

Work Sharp Knife Sharpener: What You Should Know

 Features of the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp is a sharpener made of steel, which enhances durability. It offers you three grit types fine (6000), coarse (P80), and medium (P220), allowing you to sharpen your knives like a professional. Besides, it functions quickly and provides consistent results to ensure your knives work as they should.

It does not matter the type of knife that needs sharpening. This tool is usable for straight, curved, and serrated blades, so you do not have to buy separate sharpeners. Save that money and buy another kitchen tool.

Work Sharp's abrasive grit belts are easily replaceable.

The coarse, medium and fine belts meet different sharpening needs. However, they do not damage or burn blades, which enhances the longevity of your knives and keeps them in proper working shape.

That is not all. These belts are flexible, which increases convenience and top performance. The flexibility allows you to get a razor-sharp edge on the knives you are working on.

The sharpener comes with two precision guides that ensure quick, consistent, and repeatable sharpening. With the kitchen knife guide, it sharpens blades to a 40 degrees angle. It is also ideal for other thinner blades. On the other hand, the outdoor knife guide sharpens hunting knives and others to a 50 degrees. If you need to sharpen your scissors, you will need a scissors guide, which is set at 65 degrees.

How to Use Work Sharp Sharpener Properly

For starters, place your knife on the belt before you power on the sharpener. That way, you avoid over-grinding one part of the knife. Besides, the belt conforms to the shape of the blade, be it straight or curved.

Remember to stop the tip of the knife on the belt and keep the blade perpendicular to the edge of the knife.

Place your knife on the appropriate guide, and simultaneously power on the sharpener as you move the blade through the guide. Follow the blade's curve when sharpening your knives to maintain their factory profile, or say the manufacturing shape. Only apply little pressure on the knife when sharpening, as it gives you control over the entire process. Too much effort might cause you to drop the knife.

Work Sharp Knife Sharpener: What You Should Know

Ensure you achieve a burr on the edge when using the medium belt before you start the horning process. That way, you will end up with a well-sharpened knife. To know if you have a burr, run your fingertip down the knife's edge. You should feel a ridge on the edge when doing so. The burr should be throughout the entire blade. If it is not, do more strokes to ensure the burr is present along the whole edge.

If you have collectibles or highly polished knives, you need to be more careful to avoid causing scratches on them when sharpening. One way is to use masking tape to protect the polished blade and ensuring that the entire machine is clean.

The tape ensures that you only sharpen the edge and leave your knife looking elegant without altering its original look. Peel off the mask when done sharpening and enjoy the razor-sharp cutting efficiency.

In case you do not attain the sharpness you want, do a few more strokes on the sharpener and have your knife in a proper working condition. You can also sharpen a knife that is already sharp, which is called honing.  

Coarse grit is appropriate for damaged knives that have chips, for example. The medium grit sharpens dull knives, while fine-grit refines the edge of the knife.

The coarse grit is usually labeled less than a thousand, the medium is 1000-3000, and the fine grit is 4000-8000. However, some brands label their grit types differently. It all depends on the manufacturer from whom you are buying a knife sharpener.

While some sharpeners have two grit options, Work Sharp offers you three. It works fast, and your knife needs only a few pulls to get sharp, which saves you time. Besides, this model does not take up much space in your kitchen. It stores away neatly to keep your space looking elegant.

Remember always to clean the machine to remove any debris left behind after sharpening. This ensures you have a clean sharpening tool at all times to ensure efficiency. You can use a clean paintbrush to remove any particles left on the sharpener.

Work Sharp Knife Sharpener: What You Should Know


There are several other things to note about the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener.

  • It has different grit types
  • Comes with premium quality grit belts
  • Sharpens all types of knives
  • Works fast and is efficient
  • Offers almost effortless sharpening
  • Require you to plug it in a power source
  • Has interchangeable guides

Final Thought

The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener is a tool you should consider buying. It works fast and efficiently to make your knives sharp with a few strokes.

You do not have to spend minutes getting the edges in shape. Unlike brands that offer two grit types, Work Sharp offers you three coarse, medium, and fine.

The equipment is simple to utilize and has a sturdy construction. It is made from steel to ensure you get value for your money.

Apart from sharpening knives, you can also use it for other tools with edges. Get to sharpen different tools effortlessly. The sharpener is durable, high-quality, and most customers are satisfied with its performance.

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