Investing in a quality knife set will count for nothing if you do not have the best storage space in your kitchen. It is recommended that you store your knives separately from the rest of the utensils and cutlery. Doing so prevents the other kitchen items from knocking on the knives and either chipping or blunting them. The best storage option in the kitchen also adds safety for you and your family reducing the risks of cuts when picking the knives for use. There are a couple of storage options in the market, and one of the best ones is a magnetic knife set. 

What is a Magnetic Knife Set?

As the name suggests, a magnetic knife set is a storage option that uses an inbuilt magnet's power to hold a set of knives in place. By their design, they prevent the knives from coming in contact with each other, and they can hold several knives on one holder. These qualities make them excellent space savers and best for maintaining your knives' blades' condition. 

There are three options for a magnetic knife set;

Wall-mounted magnetic rack 

The wall-mounted magnetic knife rack set is the most common of all magnetic knife holders. It is a strip of a magnetic material that you mount on any surface in the kitchen though it is usually the wall. The magnet is often inside, covering material like wood, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. It is an excellent choice when you are looking for an affordable storage solution and one that saves space.  

Magnetic knife block 

A magnetic knife block has the same look as most of the usual knife blocks. The difference, in this case, is that the magnetic knife block does not have pockets for the knives but rather hang on the outside. This design ensures they do not have moisture while you are storing them. It also makes cleaning the board easier. You should buy a magnetic knife block if you have space on your countertop, want much easier accessibility, and want to add to the décor in the kitchen. 

Magnetic knife Case  

This storage option is not as common as the first two. Part of this is because of its cost and also because it needs drawer storage. However, it is a quality storage option for already dried knives, and besides storing knives in the house, it provides an excellent way to carry them while on the move. Often, the cases come with their own knife sets. There is little risk of drops or accidents as they offer far better secure storage than block or rack options. 

magnetic knife rack

Advantages of Buying Magnetic Knife Holders 

When you buy a magnetic knife holder, you enjoy the following advantages;

  • They are excellent space savers, especially the wall racks, which you can mount anywhere.
  • Their magnetic qualities allow you to store other metallic cutlery like shears.
  • They are more hygienic than the non-magnetic knife blocks as you can access all the spaces and clean them. The slots in the traditional knife blocks provide breeding grounds for germs.
  • The lack of slots also gives you much flexibility on the knives you can store on the magnetic knife holder. You can often store knives of varying lengths and all kinds of blade shapes and sizes without worrying if they fit the space and shape of the available slots. 
  • The whole surface of the magnetic knife holder is exposed to air, which ensures it dried up fast, and even moisture or water from the knives is not trapped inside. With knife blocks or drawer storage, you lack this ability which creates dampness that makes the storage unhygienic. It can also be harmful to the knives, making them susceptible to rust, especially Japanese knives. 
  • Magnetic knife holders provide safety both for you and your knives. You will not get cuts from sharp knives as you rummage through drawers. The racks provide knife storage away from other kitchen utensils and items. There are no risks of falls, and the knife blades are safe from chipping. 

The Best Magnetic Knife Case 

F DICK Magnetic Knife Case

If you are looking for a sturdy and professional chef-quality option for transporting your knives, this is the solution. It can hold up to six knives, with the two snap-lock catches providing secure storage. The case measures 60 x 430 x 320mm, which should make it long enough for most of your kitchen knives. It also weighs 2.4 kg, and since it comes empty, it allows you to pack any of your favorite knives. The case has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

F DICK Magnetic Knife Case (empty)

F Dick Premier Plus Chef's Bistrol Knife Case 12 Pc Set

On the other hand, if you want a magnetic case with all the knives and tools you will ever need, this is the right option. The case is excellently partitioned, so there is no risk of the knives falling off. The magnet holds the knives in place securely, and the case is sturdy enough to withstand any shocks and drops. The knives guarantee you professional chef quality with long edge retention. The items in the case include

  • A sharpening steel
  • Serrated edge utility knife 
  • Boning knife 
  • Spatula 
  • A decorating knife with an angled handle 
  • A forged meat fork
  • A chef’s knife 
  • Two carving knives
  • A paring knife 
  • A santoku
  • A filleting knife 

F Dick Premier Plus Chef's Bistrol Knife Case 12 Pc Set

The Best Magnetic Knife Block Set 

Furi Pro Magnetic Hexagonal Knife Block

Block sets are big on looks, and accessibility and the Furi Pro Magnetic Hexagonal Knife Block does both excellently. It can store up to 12 knives on the inside, giving you plenty of flexibility on the arrangement configuration. The block is made from carbonized Acacia wood giving it durability and appeal. The slots are universally sized to fit most of the kitchen knives, with the maximum length being 23cm.

The block requires little maintenance, and you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. It allows for air to hit all surfaces, so it dried up quickly. The knife block is highly compact, so it does not take up much f the kitchen countertop space. As a mark of its quality, it comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. 

Furi Pro Magnetic Hexagonal Knife Block

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

If you use the Friedr Dick 1905 Exclusive Series, you will find this knife block an excellent addition. You can also use it with other knife sets. Its angled look makes for a modern shape with powerful symmetrical magnetic bands running on the two wide faces. It also has slots for kitchen sears and a sharpening rod. The knife block is made from hardwood, and with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, you are sure to be using it for several years down the line. 

F DICK Design Magnetic Knife Block (Empty)

F Dick Magnetic Knife Block 4Knife

Elegant is the one word to describe this ingenious magnetic knife block from F Dick. It does not come with any knives, but its intelligent design ensures it can hold several of your usual kitchen knives. It is made from high-quality acrylic glass and features a locking system.

It is the most space-saving knife block solution in the market, especially if you need quick access to say about four knives you use regularly. The knife block comes with a lifetime warranty and needs no extra maintenance beyond the occasional wiping with a damp cloth. 

F Dick Magnetic Knife Block 4Knife (Empty)

The Best Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Magnetic Knife Set

Furi Pro Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Rack 36cm

The Furi Pro Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Rack features a powerful magnet that will hold up to 6 knives regardless of their weight. The rack features a black silicone coating, which is resistant to scratching while at the same time protecting the knives from chipping or blunting. There is little maintenance needed besides cleaning with a damp cloth. The rack comes with all the setup accessories, including screws and wall plugs. It also has a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

Furi Pro Wall Mounted Rack Magnetic Knife 7 Pc Set

This mounted rack from Furi comes complete with knives and other kitchen accessories. On top of the 36cm rack, the package includes; 

  • A 17cm Santoku knife 
  • A 23cm Chef’s bread knife 
  • A 15cm Asian Vegetable Chopper 
  • 15cm multipurpose serrated knife 
  • 9cm paring knife 
  • Diamond fingers knife sharpener 

You can mount this rack on a variety of surfaces, including tile, brick, and wood. The company uses Japanese stainless steel to make the knives. The package also comes with all you need for mounting, including wall plugs and screws. 

Furi Pro Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Rack 36cm

How to Pick the Best Magnetic Knife Holder 


The size of the magnetic holder is important for two reasons. It determines the space you will need for its placement and, secondly, the number of knives it can hold. Measure the lengths of your knives to have a rough idea of the size of holder you will need. For wall racks, the size of space available on the intended mount location will determine the length you buy. 

Material for the knife holder 

There are different materials used for making knife racks, each with its properties and qualities. The most common materials for magnetic knife holders are fiberglass, steel, hardwood, and plastic. Plastic makes for the cheapest kind of magnetic knife holder.

It also offers varied color options, but it is not very durable. Steel, hardwood, and fiberglass make the most durable kind of holders. Wood has an advantage on aesthetic appeal, and it is also the gentlest material on your knives, posing no risk for scratching. 

Strength of the magnet 

The strength of the magnet determines the holder's performance and for how long it will perform its function. A weak magnet will not hold heavy knives, and it will pose a risk of the knives falling. It will also shorten the lifespan of the magnetic knife holder.

You also do not want too powerful a magnet that will require you to wrench the knives just to access them. One of the best magnets is the neodymium magnet which is not only strong but maintains its power over a long period. 

Ease of cleaning 

The ease of maintaining the magnetic holder is also an essential consideration. Much of the maintenance comes down to cleaning. Stainless steel material makes for easy cleaning and dries up faster compared to plastic and wood. Wood may require extra maintenance to maintain its top quality. It also dries up the longest and, along with plastic, tends to get dusty. 

Ease of installation 

Magnetic knife cases and blocks are the easiest to set up as no installation or fixing is required. The racks require mounting, and you should only pick ones that have a simple setup process. Also, ensure the unit comes with all the installation accessories. If you live in a rented room or do not want to drill the walls, then the best option is to have either a magnetic knife block or a case. 

Design and feel 

You should settle on an option that matches your preferences, needs, and the rest of the kitchen décor. You may prefer the aesthetic appeal of blocks compared to the simplicity of racks. You could also prefer to have your expensive set of knives securely locked in their case and not exposed outside, whether on strips or in blocks. The design also influences the ease of cleaning and the size of knives the holder can store. 

As any chef will tell you, part of caring for your knife is good storage, and nothing does that better than an excellent magnetic knife holder. It provides a safe and secure way to store your knives, and depending on the kind of holder you choose, it can add to the kitchen aesthetics.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best magnetic knife holder, then House of Knives is the best place for you. We provide a wide range of selections from the biggest brands in the world. We offer a manufacturer's guarantee and sell only genuine products. Visit us today and enjoy a seamless shopping experience of knives, magnetic knife holders and accessories. 

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