Knife Collection Storage Ideas

So you have this diverse collection of kitchen knives. Where do you keep them? In the drawer? Collecting knives is fun but without proper storage, the knives can get scratched, damaged, or dull. Knife storage is important because it protects the knives from damage, and also protects you from accidental injury due to poorly stored knives. So without further ado, here are some knife collection storage ideas you can adopt to keep your knives (and yourself) safe.

The Knife Case

A knife case is basically a briefcase specifically designed to hold knives. Knife cases are particularly useful to chefs who are constantly on the road and need to take their knives along with them.

Some knife cases have magnetic interiors so they can hold knives securely in place. The F DICK Magnetic Knife Case (empty) is one such case. The case comes empty and has a capacity of six knives. It also comes with a strong handle and two snap-lock catches to make sure it stays closed for safety.

F DICK Magnetic Knife Case (empty)

The Knife Roll

This is a convenient and space-saving way of storing knives. Most knife rolls consist of a piece of heavy-duty material like leather, canvas, vinyl or heavy polyester with a soft inner lining in which knives are arranged. When not in use, it is kept rolled up. Knife rolls are great if you have very little storage space, or if you need to move around with your knives.

The Boldric Leather Knife Roll 9 Pockets Tan is a good example of a knife roll. It has 9 slots for knives and simple roll-up design. It can carry knives as long as 16 inches. Some of its key features include:

  • Real waterproof water buffalo leather
  • A thick waterproof interior flap made of canvas for extra security.
  • An adjustable leather-made shoulder strap
  • Polished brass-made buckles and straps.
  • Comes with no knives

Boldric Leather Knife Roll 9 Pockets Tan

The Magnetic Strip

The Magnetic strip is one of the most popular knife collection storage ideas. This is an elongated rectangular strip of magnetized metal which is often mounted on the wall to hold knives. It can also hold other metallic objects like kitchen scissors. Magnetic strips have a number of advantages over other knife storage methods:

  • They are open and easy to clean.
  • You can see all the knives at a single glance, which saves time.
  • You can store other metallic objects on the strip other than knives.
  • You can get additional strips to add to the original if your knife collection grows beyond the capacity of the first one.
  • They can be mounted anywhere on the kitchen wall.
  • They protect the blade, as it doesn't rub against the strip.

They also have a number of disadvantages:

  • They won't work for non-magnetic knives like ceramic or titanium blades.
  • If the magnet isn't strong enough, they can be risky as the knives could fall.
  • Sometimes the knife-edge scrapes or slaps the magnetic surface. This eventually dulls the blade. To avoid this, touch the spine of the blade to the strip gently first then let the knife attach itself to the magnet.

Furi Pro Magnetic Wall Mounted Rack Knife Set 7 Pc

Knife Blocks

A knife block is a standalone block of wood with slots for different knives. It is also a popular knife collection storage idea, because most of the times it sits on the countertop within reach. Some knife blocks come with their own set of knives, while some are sold without knives. Knife blocks are convenient but they also come with drawbacks:

  • The slots are difficult to clean and can be a breeding ground for dust and germs.
  • Wooden knife blocks can't be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Knife blocks can actually dull knives because the knife edge is constantly rubbed when the knife is being pulled out. This can be prevented by pressing the spine of the knife against the edge of the slot to reduce friction on the knife edge.
  • Blocks with pre-sized slots are limiting if you have a mixed set of knives from different manufacturers.

The problem of knives not fitting into slots can be solved if you have a magnetized knife block, which has magnetic strips on its face instead of slots. So instead of sliding knives into slots, you just place the knife on the magnetized block.

For example, the F Dick Premier Plus Magnetic Wooden Knife Block 5 Pc Set has strong magnetic strips attached on both sides of the block. The block also has holes on top to store sharpening steel and kitchen shears. The block is angled for a contemporary look.

F Dick Premier Plus Magnetic Wooden Knife Block 5 Pc Set

Some magnetized knife blocks like the Tojiro Wooden Knife 10 Pc Block with Magnet (Empty) have the magnet underneath the wood, so you have a plain wooden face on which knives are stuck. It also has slots for knives on the other side of the block. It can take 6 knives in the slots and two on the magnet.

On top of all that, it also has a slot for kitchen shears. Talk about multi-purpose. The block is made of knife-friendly natural wood and has rubber feet for extra stability.

Tojiro Wooden Knife 10 Pc Block with Magnet (Empty)

If you like knife blocks but don't like the fact that you can't recognize the different types of knives when they're slotted in, you could go for a countertop dock. This is a normal knife block but with a clear glass sheet attached to the block face.

For instance, the F DICK Red Spirit Knife Block 4 Pc is made from acrylic glass, and it has a magnetic strip in between the glass sheets. The knife blades are slipped into space between and they stick to the magnetic strip. This type of knife block has two advantages:

  • You can recognize the different types of knives.
  • The blades are still concealed, so it is safer than a plain magnetic strip.

F DICK Red Spirit Knife Block 4 Pc

Final Words

If you have a big collection of kitchen knives and have been wondering how to store them, these simple knife collection storage ideas should give you a hint on how to go about it. Shop our range of knife blocks, magnetic strips, knife rolls and more now at House of Knives.

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